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You want your music to sound great even from a portable radio which is why we have gathered information from expert reviews, feedback from consumers, social media activity, and compared sales figures, value for your money, price and brand quality to find the best boombox. In our extensive research we found that the Sony CFDS50 quickly stood out from the competition as the best portable boombox due to its compact and lightweight construction, ability to run on battery power for up to 19 hours, and it can even play cassettes, CDs and radio stations. While this is the top product we realize that it might not be readily available at all times or priced to fit everyone’s budget which is why we also recommend taking a look at the Sony CFDS05. Similar to the top model this boombox is still portable, capable of playing cassettes, CDs along with  picking up AM and FM stations, and will also produce the high quality sound Sony is known for. If you are looking for a boombox that is affordable and don’t mind giving up a few functions, this might be exactly what you are looking for.


Top boomboxes in 2016


Some of us still remember the old days and the technologies that were around back then. The boombox was the thing to have in the late 80`s and 90`s, taking it with you so you could listen to the hottest tracks. Well if you still want to bring back that feeling of a boombox on your shoulder and a cassette being played you can buy a reliable boombox even today. Read the best boombox reviews to choose the one that you like and fits your style the most.


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ProductPower source typeWeightPriceOur ratingFind more info:
Sony ZSH10CP Boombox Speaker System
Best Boombox reviews
AC & Battery7 lbs$$$$$A+Full review
Sony CFDS05 CD Cassette Recorder Boombox
AC & Battery6 lbs$$$AFull review
Naxa NPB-250 Portable MP3/CD Player
DC Battery Power & AC Adaptor UL/ETL Approved4 lbs$$BFull review
Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable Boombox
AC & Battery8 lbs$$$$B+Full review
RCA RCD175i iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock
AC & Battery (6D)<6 lbs$$$CFull review



Sony CFDS50


Sony CFDS50There are several reasons why the CFDS50 is considered to be the best CD boombox that include its portable design, ability to produce high quality sound, and the fact that you can listen to cassettes, CDs and AM/FM stations. It is also designed to be easy to program, and you love being able to choose between battery and electric power.




If you own a boombox chances are you want to be able to take it with you, and the CFDS50 from Sony is designed to be easily portable. The convenient handle makes it easy to carry, and can be folded down when it is not being used. The included adapter allows you to plug into the nearest 120v outlet, and it can also use battery power when you are away from home. Capable of providing you with up to 19 hours of continuous play, you don’t have to worry about running out of music with this boombox.


The speakers are designed to produce deep bass, and you can easily enhance the sound with the press of a button. Along with the sound enhancing circuitry this boombox also comes with its speakers encased in a bass reflex enclosure that will prevent any interference from ruining the sound.


Not only can you program up to 30 AM/FM radio stations you can also play CDs and cassette tapes. The tape deck will also let you record from the radio or disc player, which is even compatible with personally recorded CDs.



Some consumers have mentioned that it would be nice if they could also record from the CD player, but this does not affect its performance.


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Sony CFDS05


While this may be a second option the CFDS05 is still manufactured by Sony, which means it is still capable of producing high quality sound. The boombox is easy to operate and will play CDs, cassettes, along with AM and FM radio stations. With its affordable price and easy to operate design, this boombox might be what you are looking for.




Like all Sony products the CFDS05 is capable of producing high quality sounds. The speakers are housed in a bass reflex enclosure that prevents any disturbance from interfering with lower notes. It also comes with “Mega Bass” capabilities that helps enhance the overall sound.


You will appreciate the large buttons that make this boombox incredibly easy to operate. Each one is clearly labeled so you can quickly create playlists and shuffle through favorite songs. The large buttons also make this boom easy to control at night when it can be difficult to see what you are doing.


Not only can you easily tune in AM and FM stations, but this boombox will also play cassettes and CDs. It will even play self recorded CDs, and you can also record your favorite songs and make a new mix tape.



It has been noted that this boombox does not play CDs from MP3 players and while this is a nice function to have, its affordable price makes up for its lack of extra features.


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Sony ZSH10CP


Best Boombox reviewsThis Boombox from Sony manages to deliver excellent quality sound and a look to turn some heads with its stunning red design. It doesn`t play cassetts but it does play CDs so you have the possibility to listen to your favorite tracks when going to the beach. The bar which helps you carry it around has a double role, it provides a good handhold and also protection from falling debris. The top boombox reviews recommend the ZSH10CP for its funky style and great audio performance.


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Naxa NPB-250


The Naxa NPB-250 is another excellent choice for a boombox, one which won`t take too much money out of your pocket, being quite cheap actually. It can play even mp3 tracks from a CD, a USB memory drive thanks to its built-in USB port and it even comes with a SD card slot which is SD/MMC card compatible. The bright display shows which song is playing and other useful information, while the battery lasts for several hours once you have unplugged it from its power source.


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Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500


Very few modern day boomboxes are as reliable as the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 with its top quality sound and its great audio performance. The most innovative characteristic of this boombox is its 7 inch crystal clear LCD TFT dispaly, which means that when you are playing your favorite songs you can also watch the videos in excellent quality. Other top features include a SD/SDHC card slot, a 2.0 USB port, a remote control and a built-in karaoke function. The best boombox reviews are right for holding the MAG-MDVD500 in such high regard.


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The RCA RCD175i in combination with your  iPhone helps you bring back those old boombox days. It is extremely light so you can take it to the beach, to the park and on hiking trips whenever you feel like listening to some good music with that little bit of extra volume. At the same time it also functions as a CD player so you don’t always need your iPhone to provide the tunes. While you are using it in your home and it is plugged into a power source it won`t consume too much power because it is Energy Star certified.


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