Top crossbows in 2015


Hunting is one activity most people in the U.S engage in. Aside from the ability and expertise to hunt, it is best to be equipped with gadgets that can prove useful. There are lots of crossbows offered in the market but by analyzing the best crossbows reviews you can find the one suited for you.


Barnett Buck Commander CRT crossbow


Best Crossbows reviewsOne thing about the Barnett Buck Commander CRT crossbow package that most people love are the Barnsdale laminated limbs. This technology is very useful for every hunter since it has the ability to diminish noise which distracts the pray. The compact Crosswire strings and cables, whiplash cams and solid aluminum flight rail are capable to give hunters a precise shoot. In the latest surveys, this Barnett Buck crossbow got positive feedbacks from its customers.

“The first thing impressing at this crossbow is the sighting scope. It’s easy to aim at your target. The 14 inch arrows can easily get down any pray. I used it on deer and boar. Also I could get replacement parts from the Barnett website. They have a great customer support service.” Charles V. Lou

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Barnett Ghost 350 CRT crossbow


Some use the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT crossbow whenever they are in the field. Aside from the efficiency offered by the product, it has a light weight as most hunters prefer. It can be worn out anywhere in the hunting area with ease since it only has a 7.5 pound weight. This is because of the Carbon Riser technology which diminishes the end weight. Instead, the weight was transferred to the back of the crossbow. The powerful anti-dry fire metal injection, whiplash cams and crosswire string designs make the crossbow more classy and fashionable.

“I’m a professional bowhunter. I have 9 years of experience and throughout this time you can imagine that I’ve tried several bows. Mostly they do the same thing the one suitable for me instead is this Barnett Ghost model. It’s light, fast and has the precision to offer me some great shots while in standing position.” Nicholas Monger

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Horton Vision 175 Scope crossbow


The Horton Vision 175 scope model is one of the most used crossbows in the U.S. Because of the reliability it provided for its users, this product is considered a key competitor in the best crossbows reviews list. It has a Reverse Draw limb design which allows the user to experience a better hunting experience because of its balance, speed and strength. The professional CNC machined riser, Frontal String technology and 4 x 32 multi-a-range scope are only some of the additional features of the crossbow which really pays off.

“This compact version of the Horton Vision crossbow is my choice for this season. In the past I’ve used others but this seems light and quite enough to confer me the right buck. I could also replace some parts and be able to tune it nicely. All in all is a good recommendation for pro’s or newbies.” Fred Macaw

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Excalibur Vixen II Varizone crossbow


For every woman who loves hunting, the pink version of the Excalibur Vixen II crossbow Varizone is a must-have. It has a shooting speed of 285 FPS which can capture small and medium sized animals. The “Realtree Hardwoods” camouflage system, 4 Firebolt carbon arrows, 4 arrow quiver, solid scope mount and Varizone multi-range scope are all included in the package of this Excalibur model. Furthermore, it has the ability to precisely shoot any kind of animals’ disregard of the distance.

“I use his bow for my recreational parts of the season when I’m scattering around the field looking for a good pray. At first shots you can observe that it is a reliable piece. It has great accuracy and makes it easy to mark targets at great range thanks to its scope.” Wolfgang Wirth 

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Barnett Jackal crossbow


The modernity and functionality featured by the Barnett Jackal crossbow package are really visible. Compared to other crossbows, this one can also be used for hunting medium and small sized animals. The premium red dot sight, 3-20-inch arrows and fast-detach were all included in this Barnett Jackal model. It has durable strings and a military style which are really reliable and perfect for hunting activities. This piece can shoot up to 315 feet per second. It has also 50-pound draw weight which perfectly blends with the speed.

“The price of this bow sustains the needs of any beginner like me. You can train yourself on this piece before turning pro. The package includes quad limbs, an AVI foot stirrup, AVI bolt retainer, Picatinny rail and so on. It is also adjustable so you can replace parts as they brake down.” Phillip Neumann   

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