Best Ski Helmets reviews


Top ski helmets in 2015


In any skiing activity, it is a prerequisite to wear a reliable helmet in order to help and protect you whenever there from unwanted damages. There are lots of ski helmets out in the market but you must choose the one that is most durable and safe. In this post, you can learn everything in the best ski helmets reviews.


Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet


Best Ski Helmets reviewsMany men and women are now in love with the functionality of the Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt snow sports helmet. The helmet has the dual regulator ventilation providing more comfort to each of its users because it can manipulate the rear and front portion of venting. During winters or any other situations, you can easily customize the pad whenever you want to feel warm or cold. This is possible with the pull-on closure that can adapt in any kind of weather. The Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt snow sports helmet has a fashionable design that can suit to any of its users, may it be a man or woman.

“Bought this helmet to pair it with my Atomic snowboard. It has a low weight and it is comfortable enough for my head size. Has a breathy interior and saved me a couple of times from some big impacts. It remained in one piece. Ever since I used it I felt secure on my board.” Frances Edly

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Giro Slingshot Snow Helmet


Children who are just at their beginnings to learn the sport of skiing is best recommended with the Giro Slingshot snow helmet. With the fashionable design, the product is really accommodating and applicable in any situation. The compact and strong structure of the helmet made it so reliable. The durability of this snow helmet can perfectly protect each of its users. Aside from that, it is still recommended to maintain and secure proper precautions and guidance to avoid harmful incidents to happen. You can also adjust and modify the helmet for a more comfortable use.

“Safety first that’s my motto and my advice is that anyone should take it into account. Using one Giro pink model I can say that besides the good security level, I am the main attraction on the skiing slope. Wasn’t hard to buy it from the internet and received it in a week or so just before the season began.” Janet Jolliff

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Products that are no longer available


Smith Optics Variant Brim snow helmets


Being one of the slickest and comfortable models presented such by the best ski helmets reviews this year, the Smith Optics Variant Brim snow helmet has been the leading choice of ski lovers for their skiing activities. The product has a low profile regulator and 22 vents that can be customized in order for you to adapt in any weather changes allowing the player to be comfortable. As a result, a more precise and perfect stunt can be made. Furthermore, the finishing and hybrid shell construction of this snow helmet makes the product more attractive and useful in offering its performances.

“Love the way the cushion works on my hair and keeps my head airy during my rides. It has a solid construction and comes in various colors. I picked the one that wears with my costume. Thank God that it was not necessary to test it till now.” Silas West


Smith Optics Unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet


The quality of features provided by the Smith Optics unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet made it one of the best ski helmets this year. Along with the features is the ability of the product to accommodate youngsters who love the sport. It can provide a safe and secured activity because of the compact structures this helmet shows. The secret that lies within the helmet is its modernized installment making your play more efficient. As a result, more and more positive feedbacks are being received for this product.

“Smith Optics is a well known snow helmet provider. I’ve always used their products and can say that they if they worked for me they will work for everyone else. I consider myself an advanced rider and in consequence to that I put safety first whenever I’m on the track.” Manuel Hobbard


Giro Ricochet snow helmet


Many people all over the U.S have proven the efficiency of this snow helmet when it comes to skiing. The product can really suit your head circumference from 21.85 to 22.8 inches. Many professional skiers are happy and satisfied using the product. Your child’s protection is really secured and protected so there is no room for you to doubt the reliability of the Giro Ricochet snow helmet. For extra protection, the product is equipped with polycarbonate outer shell linked for a more compact structured.

“After surveying some reviews about snow gear I got to this page and got my mind set on this helmet model. Heard about the Giro brand and handed my trust on them. I can now say that I feel comfortable yet safe while skiing. Give it a try and convince yourself too!” Tommy McKin