Top washer and dryers in 2015


When it comes to cleaning clothes people are very attentive with the products they use. The industry offers a lot of washers and dryers, from various brands and with countless features that need to be taken into consideration. Reading some of the best washer and dryers reviews represents an important step in discovering which model will deliver precise results. It’s time to use a professional washer and dryer that saves you the trouble of having to go to a laundry room and then dryer service! How? You have to use a machine that has both washing and drying features and let it do all the dirty work for you!


Haier HWD1600BW


Best Washer and Dryers reviewsPrecision, durability and silent operating system represent the primary traits that Haier HWD1600BW washer and dryer offers to anyone using it. Designed with a solid 1.8 cu. Ft and a Ventless dryer, this machine will certainly take care of all the dirty clothes you have, without even breaking a sweat. The model has a high efficiency wash technology which diminishes the usage of water and energy, taking in with precision loads by up to an impressive 13lbs. You will also find an LCD display with status LEDs that point out the state of the program, duration and other wash options.

“A washer dryer can make all the difference in a small apartment like mine when it comes to space. I got this one for the purpose of saving space and I am extremely happy with what it is able to do. My clothes are nice and clean, plus dried in a safe environment for them.” Trish Marsh

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Haier HWD1000


The current best washer and dryers reviews pointed out, in technical details, that Haier Combo model will clean and dry with precision any type of clothes. This model has 3 phases of wash and dry cycles, designed to save money and water. The LCD display will show you the state of the machine, and also permit you to control fully the cleaning options, three of number. You should also know that this dryer and washer, has a pro efficient sterilization system which makes the washing cycles even more efficient. With a 1.8 cu. Ft. capacity, Haier Combo comes with 6 wash cycles and 4 wash/ rinse temperature selections that clean with precision any fabric.

“I thought about getting a washer-dryer for a long time and finally I decided to get this Haier model. I couldn`t have made a better choice and I can`t understand why it took me such a long time to decide in whether to get it or not.” Christine Jones

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GE always released high quality products and GTUP270GMWW respects the fine principle set out since the first washer and dryer release. Designed with two considerations in mind during the washing and drying cycles: protect the fabric and texture of the clothes and clean those with keen precision, this model will never disappoint you. In addition to the modern design, this model has 9 wash cycles, 5 powerful wash and rinse temperatures, 3 wash and spin speed combinations that fully clean any type of material. The washer/dryer also incorporates special dispensers for bleach and fabric softeners to be placed and used without problems.

“I save up a lot of room in my bathroom with this machine and plus my clothes are cleaned and dryed in the best way possible with it. As a very satisfied customer I have to recommend it to other people who might be intrested in purchasing it.Penny Hughes

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The majority of the current best washer and dryers reviews, written in order to offer a clear insight on the functionality of the top models, underline the efficiency of LG WM3455HW. This 24” washer and dryer is ideal for all those that want to avoid going to the laundry room and clean and dry their homes with ease in the comfort of their home. The model from LG  has a 2.7 cu. ft. capacity and maintains an powerful 1300 RPM Spin speed during each washing cycle. One of the most important aspects of the washer/dryer is the Ventless condensing drying technology which allows you to expect dry clothes within a short period of time.

“Wasing and drying my clothes in the right way is very important for me and with this machine I can do both actions in the right way so that my clothes, feel and look like new for a longer period of time. Its functionality has really impressed me since I got it a couple of months back.” Anne White

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Haier HWD1000


Are you searching for a professional washer and dryer? If your answer is yes, then it’s better to take a closer look on the functionality of Haier HWD1000, a model very popular, appreciated for its precise operating system. Ideal for apartments, cabins, small homes, RVs and also boats, this washer and dryer allows you to safely wash your clothes and dry them as well. The clothes will always get out fresh, clean and smelling like new. Some of the key options of the machine include: self-lock door, auto wash and rinse temperatures and customizable levelling legs for extra stability, day after day.

“Its big front load is what convinced me in getting it and after cleaning my family`s clothes with its aid for some time, I can say it is a solid choice for any home. Plus also the price is decent and I find its qualities to be worth more than that.” Rachel Peterson