Best Yoga Gloves Reviews

How to Buy the Best Yoga Gloves


Many people don’t consider all of the advantages of having a pair of yoga gloves, especially if you are new to the class. There are hundreds of poses associated with yoga, and some can be extremely difficult to perform without slipping and sliding. Yoga gloves can give you the extra traction and support you need for some of the more complicated poses, and many are designed to work in other exercises classes as well. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best yoga gloves in 2017.

Best Yoga gloves


As stated in the best yoga gloves reviews you want to choose a pair that has a style and design you are comfortable wearing. This will include the color, and many athletes prefer a pair of yoga gloves that match or compliment their outfits. Since it is important that you are completely comfortable during your yoga classes, wearing a pair of gloves that you are embarrassed to be seen in can make it difficult to concentrate and focus on holding the various poses for the required amount of time.



The best yoga gloves reviews also recommend choosing a pair that fit and feel comfortable so you are not distracted during class. It should also be noted if the gloves are not comfortable you are less likely to wear them, and the pair will probably end up in your locker gathering dirt and dust. You want the gloves to fit comfortably on your hands, without chaffing or cutting off the circulation around your fingers and wrist. Most yoga gloves are designed to fit all hand sizes which can make it easier to find a comfortable pair.



The gloves should be designed to provide plenty of support and traction during your hand and head poses. Non slip patterns and nubs can prevent your arms from slipping out from underneath you when you are on the mat. Most yoga gloves are also designed to be worn on and off the mat, which gives you the added advantage of being able to use them almost anywhere. You will also want to consider if you want the gloves to be fingerless or cover your entire hand, and this will often be determined by where your yoga class is held.



There are a few extra features you might want to consider that can include the added bonus of matching socks. The socks are generally designed to be slip proof, and can give you added support and stability when you are holding the different poses. Moisture wicking fabric is also appreciated, especially if you are working through the positions in hot weather. Some yoga gloves also include a money back guarantee, which is always an advantage.


Top Yoga Gloves in 2017


While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can show you the top rated yoga gloves of 2017. Designed to be supportive, stylish, and to prevent slipping, maybe one of these pairs of yoga gloves is exactly what you need to successfully hold all of the poses.




1.YogaAddict Yoga GlovesThese matching yoga gloves and socks are designed to keep you cool and comfortable, while also providing plenty of support and traction. The gloves are designed to fit all hand sizes, while the socks can be ordered to your specifications. These gloves are designed to cover your entire hand, including your fingers for complete traction on and off the mat. The sleek black style is designed to compliment any set of workout clothes, and the comfortable nubs provide plenty of traction through all of your poses.

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Mata & Hash Grip


2.Mata & Hash Yoga GlovesConstructed from blended cotton, spandex, and polyester these fingerless gloves are designed to be cool and supportive, while providing plenty of traction. The subdued colors won’t distract you from holding your pose, and the comfortable material is designed to fit your hands without bunching. The fabric is also breathable to prevent slippery palms, and the soft nubs ensure plenty of traction on your exercise mat or gym floor. These gloves will help you achieve and hold some of the more advanced yoga poses, and you can also wear this pair in your Pilates class. You have the added advantage of being able to include the matching socks with your purchase of these comfortable yoga gloves.

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Gaiam Super Grippy


3.Gaiam Yoga GlovesFeaturing a durable and comfortable construction that is designed to fit most hand sizes, it’s not hard to see why these gloves are popular at yoga classes. The fingerless design won’t constrict or pinch your wrist or fingers, and you will love how comfortable the blended cotton, nylon, and elastane fabric is. The gloves are also breathable and will help prevent palms from becoming slippery due to sweat and moisture. As an added advantage these stylish gloves are also machine washable.

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PurSabino Gloves


4.PurSabino Yoga GlovesThere are several reasons why these yoga gloves are popular with consumers, including its comfortable and durable construction. The fingerless gloves are designed to provide plenty of traction on and off the mat, and you will appreciate the slip resistant design. The small nubs provide the traction and stability you need for some of the more advanced poses, and these gloves are designed to stay on your hands without bunching or slipping around. The soft material won’t irritate sensitive skin, and you will also appreciate being able to toss these gloves in the washing machine for a quick cleaning.

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Koyto Sports Yoga Gloves – no longer available


5.Koyto Sports Yoga GlovesThese fingerless yoga gloves are designed for comfort and traction, along with the matching socks. The cotton and spandex material feels comfortable against your skin, and fits securely without rubbing or irritation. You will also appreciate the environmentally friendly nubs that provide all of the traction you need on and off the mat. Perfect for use at home or in the gym, this set of non slip yoga gloves and matching socks also includes a 90 day warranty if you are not completely happy with the look and feel.