3 surprising things about online bingo



Back in 2016, The Mirror published an article about the profile of a bingo player. How do you think a typical bingo player looks like and what are their pastimes, hobbies, and professional activities. It used to be that everybody thought those who played bingo are old ladies like our grandmothers.


Things have changed a lot over the years. While in some locations in the world, such as the U.S., bingo is still popular with the elderly and people still play it in so-called real life, in other countries, it has won over the internet. According to some studies, it appears that about a third of all online bingo players fall within the twenty-five to thirty-four age bracket.

What’s even more surprising, 75% of all players are female. While other activities involving gambling might be less popular with this gender, it appears that bingo has managed to win the hearts of women. Around half of those who engage in this pastime say that it relaxes them, whether they are men or women. And in a way, that’s entirely understandable. What more could you wish for other than sit in the front of your laptop and have a good time for just about a half an hour or sixty minutes after you’ve come home tired from work?

Under one-quarter of those who like online bingo say that they do it for the thrill. In the end, though, we were surprised to find out that most users say they do it simply because they don’t have to get out of the house. As some say, online bingo has become a hobby.

The phenomenon has taken such a turn that scientific papers are now being published on the topic. In an extensive study focused on determining what the appeal of bingo really is, a participant switched to playing online despite being a great aficionado of traditional bingo halls for many years. The woman had four reasons for her decision. On the one hand, she got more value for the money, which is to say that her pennies lasted for a longer amount of time online than they would in a bingo hall.

Next, there was the flexibility and variety ensured by the online bingo service. She found that she could play at anytime she liked, which wasn’t the case with bingo halls, what with their strict opening hours. Moreover, in case she lost interest in a game due to her not winning, she could always switch to something else. In addition to all of this, the website usually offered her the freedom to review the game so as to give her two cents about whether or not it is worth playing.

Playing bingo online is a singular and personal experience, which is to say that Helen always had the choice to pick a day of the week when she could play for several hours, enjoy one or two glasses of wine, and even indulge in a snack.

The fourth reason was by far the most surprising one, mainly because it was part of the stimulus that has brought people to traditional bingo halls for decades. The social contact and the ability to get in touch with other players like herself was, in the end, the crucial motive that Helen continued playing bingo online.


Based on the research that we have undertaken, it appears that some of the most trustworthy bingo sites out there are Virgin Games, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, William Hill, Jackpotjoy, and Heart Bingo. To make the most of your money, you could always get a code promo Heart Bingo, or for any other of the websites that we’ve mentioned above. Most of such codes are available only to new members. Usually, such websites can offer you cashback of up to forty pounds and even more. Some will, however, condition you to deposit more than ten pounds when signing up; otherwise, you will not receive the free money.

To sum up, online bingo is becoming more and more popular, and for a variety of good reasons, too. It’s just as social as the ‘real’ one, it costs less, and your money lasts for a bit more time. It’s flexible and convenient, and most of the services you’ll find online will allow you to switch games if you’re bored or simply not winning.