Ace Evert 8011S Market Umbrella Review


Most Appreciated Patio Umbrella from Ace Evert


1. Ace Evert Market Umbrella 8011SBenefits

This patio umbrella offers 9 feet of coverage, so it can be successfully used for your backyard or by the pool, depending on your preferences.

The crank system makes it easy to open and close the umbrella whenever you want.

The fabric of the canopy is polyester and it holds very well, regardless of weather conditions, even having some water repellant properties.

Besides being the best patio umbrella from Ace Evert, this is also a very affordable item, a reason why it is praised so much by its buyers.

The pole and frame are made of coated metal, so it resists rust and weather elements, helping you enjoy your patio umbrella for a long time.



One mention that has to be noted is that a separate base must be purchased with this item. Users mention that a really sturdy base is needed, because this patio umbrella is quite large. So make sure that the base you intend to buy is a good fit for this umbrella, since it doesn’t come equipped with its own. However, it must be said that it is not a rule for patio umbrellas to be sold with their own base, and the Ace Evert 8011S Market Umbrella is no exception.



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Benefits explained

One of the first things you need in a good patio umbrella is proper coverage. The Ace Evert 8011S Market Umbrella has 9 feet of coverage, which is enough for having the entire family enjoy a great time outside. In case you want to install this patio umbrella by the pool, you will easily be able to cover for a few beach chairs, so that anyone can enjoy a good time.

2. Ace Evert Market Umbrella 8011S

The opening and closing mechanism is very important when purchasing a patio umbrella. This model comes equipped with a standard crank mechanism that is very easy to handle, even if you are not a particularly strong individual. Many of the Ace Evert 8011S market umbrella reviews mention the ease with which this model can be installed anywhere you want and then opened for providing the necessary shade against UV rays.


When it comes to the fabric of the canopy, what you need is reliability and sturdiness. The polyester the canopy of this model is made of offers proper coverage, and it also dries quickly in the sun, in case it suddenly starts raining. You can leave this umbrella outside without fearing that the fabric will wear down. While patio umbrellas are not usually made to last, this one is better than the average lot, and it lets you enjoy it without easily showing signs of wear and tear.


When you go shopping for a patio umbrella, you most probably don’t want to spend a fortune on one. The Ace Evert 8011S Market Umbrella is really affordable and dependable at the same time.


Besides the canopy, you need a sturdy pole, and the frame of this model is made of coated metal, to prevent the appearance of rust.



If you are looking for a good polyester patio umbrella, the Ace Evert 8011S Market Umbrella is a great choice. Providing superior coverage and built more sturdily than other similar models, it is an all around good buy.



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