AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse Review


Find the Best Wireless Mouse from AmazonBasics


1. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse Benefits

This mouse uses a plug-and play nano USB receiver, allowing it to become fully functional within minutes.

This wireless mouse is praised by all for its comfortable shape and excellent precision that surpass even really expensive wired models.

It boasts excellent and reliable radio connectivity.

This model is compact and lightweight, capable of storing its receiver inside when not in use.



With so many positive reviews and pleased customers praising the AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse, it is extremely hard to find something bad to say about it. Our only complaint is quite superficial and it is about its battery insertion mode. Due to its compact design, the batteries must be inserted at a steep angle, making it a bit tricky to get it right first time. Except for this minor inconvenient, this wireless mouse is by far the best 3 button mouse we have tested this year.


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Benefits explained

  • Unlike other complex models, this simple to use wireless mouse can be installed and ready to go in no time due to its smart plug-and play USB radio receiver. All that you have to do it is to insert two triple-A batteries inside the mouse and place its nano receiver into an USB port of a computer or laptop. Everything else is automatic and within a couple of seconds, your mouse will be ready to work just like a regular mouse.

2. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

  • This model earns top marks from all the AmazonBasics wireless mouse reviews for its design and comfort. Liked by all its users for its comfortable use, this mouse is capable of replacing any other models regardless of its intended usage. Perfect for office work, gaming or home use, this wireless mouse can be used in any possible environment. Exceeding the performance of many wired models, the AmazonBasics Wireless is a perfect choice for anyone who values mobility, comfort and precision.


  • When it comes to wireless models, the radio signal connectivity is extremely important. The AmazonBasics Wireless mouse always stays in full contact with its radio receiver, sending all movement data with extreme accuracy. With almost zero delays, this wireless model is one of the few that can guarantee smooth operation even during intense real-time gaming sessions.


  • One of the most important features of a good wireless mouse is portability. Unlike traditional wired models, a wireless mouse must be easy to carry, hold and use. The AmazonBasics mouse is extremely light and compact, making it ideal for laptop, tablet or multiple desktop computer usage. Capable of storing its own receiver inside its frame during transportation, this wireless mouse is one of the most portable and simple to deploy models from the market.



Designed to deliver maximum accuracy, this wireless mouse gives its user the flexibility and adaptability of a wireless model together with the precision and reliability of a classic type. Regarded by many to be the best wireless mouse from AmazonBasics¸ this model has impressed all its users with its compact frame and comfortable design. Praised by reviewers and loved by its users, this wireless mouse is one of the most popular and reliable models money can buy right now.

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