Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC Weather Radio Review


What Is the Best Weather Radio from Ambient Weather


1. Ambient Weather WR-111BBenefits

Excellent extra features make this weather radio an ideal choice radio for a good emergency kit.

This product uses a long life lithium-ion battery that allows it to function for hours without interruptions.

It comes with five different charging modes, including two off-grid options.

The frame is resistant and durable, perfect for an emergency radio system.

It can charge your smartphone during a power blackout.



After intensive testing, we found this weather radio to be the best weather radio with flashlight we have ever used. There is however a small mention to add and it is about the weather alert scan mode and its power drain. We acknowledge that this problem is common to all devices using this feature, and we recommend using this option only when the radio is plugged in.


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Benefits explained

– The Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC radio comes with plenty of additional emergency features, which makes it one of the best weather radio models you can have with you during a power outage or an unfortunate severe weather event. Besides its radio function, this model is equipped with an excellent LED flashlight, a digital weather band receiver, and a digital watch. The smartphone recharge function is also handy.

2. Ambient Weather WR-111B

– Using its powerful 800mAh lithium-ion battery, this weather radio can recharge itself just like a regular laptop or smartphone. Capable of running off grid for hours and hours, this weather radio is perfect for any off-grid situations, whether during a camping trip or a power outage.


– Having a long life battery is great, but keeping it alive and recharging it when needed is also extremely important during an emergency situation. With its five different recharging options, this weather radio system assures that it will never run out of energy when needed. Besides using the regular AC recharger, the Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC can recharge itself from the car charger, laptop or computer USB, or using its excellent off-grid manual crack or solar power recharge modes.


– With its hardened case and durable construction, this weather radio model is guaranteed to resist during an emergency. An extra rubber finish keeps it safe, allowing it to provide the much needed light and radio reception, making it the best weather radio from Ambient Weather.


– One of the most innovative and useful functions of this weather radio is its smartphone / tablet recharge feature. Loved by all the Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC weather radio reviews, this feature gives it the ability to recharge any portable device that uses a micro, mini or classic USB. Using its hand crack recharge mode and this feature, the Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC can effectively turn itself into an indispensable asset during a long lasting weather emergency.



Designed to be as useful as possible during an unfortunate event, this portable weather radio is one of the best models anyone can purchase for its safety kit. The Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC offers its users the capability to recharge phones, listen to weather stations, light out its surroundings and keep an eye on the emergency broadcast. Compact, durable and resistant, this weather radio is an essential component of any good survival kit.


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