American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet Review


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1.American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Two- Piece ToiletAs stated in the American Standard H2Option Siphonic toilet reviews this model is certified for low water usage with each flush.

This round two piece toilet features an elegant and quiet design that is simple to install.

You have the advantage of the siphonic action that not only helps conserve water, but keeps the bowl sparkling like new.

With its antibacterial treated surface, it is easy to see why this is the best toilet from American Standard.



While this is the best dual flush toilet it should be noted that the seat is not included with the bowl and tank, but this simply gives you the chance to customize its appearance.


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Benefits Explained

  • This toilet features siphonic technology that ensures an efficient flush while helping to conserve water. Certified for its efficient and water saving design you will love how effective this toilet is at removing liquid and solid waste. Liquids can be removed with a lighter flush that only uses one gallon of water, while 1.6 gallons will effectively wash away heavier solids. Use 25 percent less water with this toilet than other models, and enjoy saving money on your utility bills.

2.American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Two- Piece Toilet

  • Not only will the siphonic technology conserve water, but it also helps to reduce noise. With the dual flushing system you have the advantage of choosing from a half or full flush, and since you are using less water you don’t have to worry about the loud noise disturbing others. This two piece toilet is also incredibly easy to assemble and install, and you will appreciate having all of the small parts pre threaded. Not only does this make installation easier, but also noticeably faster.


  • You will love the elegant design of this two piece toilet that looks great in any bathroom. This toilet is also easy to clean and maintain, which is always a welcome benefit. The rim of the bowl is pressurized to help scrub stains and bacteria away with each flush. You also have the advantage of the jet action which helps to maintain water pressure during each flush. This helps to ensure that all waste is removed from the bowl, so you can enjoy a sparkling clean toilet every time you sit down.


  • This dual flush toilet is also resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, which are common problems in many bathrooms. This toilet features an antibacterial coating inside and outside of the bowl and tank to help keep your bathroom clean and sanitized. The coating also helps to prevent stains and odors from forming in and around the bowl, which can be an occasional problem with some two piece toilets.


This two piece toilet is designed to look great in any bathroom, and you will love how easy it is to install. What really sets this toilet apart from other models is its quiet and efficient dual flush design. Conserve water and save money on your utility bills, and enjoy having a toilet that will also help keep itself clean.


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