Andis 64850 Professional Ceramic Hair Clippers Review


Highest Rated Cordless Clippers from Andis


1. Andis 64850Benefits

According to the Andis 64850 Professional ceramic hair clippers reviews it features a powerful and compact design.

You have the advantage of the rechargeable battery and convenient charging station.

Considered the best cordless clippers from Andis, it includes everything you need to stay well groomed.

Not only are these clippers easy to use, you also have the advantage of the innovative safety features.



It should be noted that the power cord for the recharger is not compatible with all electrical outlets, which should be taken into consideration if you frequently travel outside of the United States.


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Benefits Explained

  • These are often considered the most powerful clippers with a rotary motor, which is always an advantage if you are dealing with thick or coarse facial hair. The clippers are designed to fit comfortably and securely in your hand, and since it is battery powered your movements are not restricted by a cord. The charging station fits easily on most bathroom counters without taking up a lot of extra space.

2. Andis 64850

  • One of the advantages to these clippers is its long lasting rechargeable battery. It is capable of running continuously up to an hour, which gives you plenty of time to shave off or trim a full beard. It can also be fully recharged in 60 minutes, so you can shave whenever you need to. The lights on the charger will also indicate when the battery is ready to go, along with letting you know that it is properly charging.


  • Everything you need to stay trimmed and well groomed is included with these versatile clippers. Along with the included #000 ceramic edge blade for a smooth close shave, there are also several combs that can be attached for a variety of different styles. The small 4 oz. bottle of oil will help keep the clippers running smoothly, and the included protective case is perfect for storage. The removable blades also make cleaning quick and easy, which is always an advantage on hectic mornings.


  • These clippers are easy and safe to use. The power switch is conveniently placed on the front for easy access while you are trimming, and the warning light will indicate when the battery is running low so you are never stuck with a face that is only half shaved. You will also appreciate the ceramic edge on the blades, which is designed to stay cooler reducing your risk of irritating your skin.


Whether you have a full beard or just want to keep a light covering of facial neat and trimmed, these might be the perfect clippers for you. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and features a rotary motor that is able to power the blades through the thickest facial hair. You will love the cooler ceramic edge on the blades that is designed to soothe and prevent embarrassing skin irritation. Able to hold a charge up to an hour and featuring a convenient cordless design, this might be exactly what you need to always look your best.


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