Are wireless routers bad for your health?


Effects of Wireless Routers on Your Health


With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle has become very convenient. We have now grown accustomed to things that provide us convenience and simple pleasures. The internet, for example, has subconsciously become a very important part of our lifestyle. However, it cannot be denied that with all this convenience, we are actually putting a greater risk to our health and lives as the price to pay for our unbiased intentions. Without even noticing it, there are certain things and forces that affect our health. The radiation that wireless routers emit, for example, is one of the things that we should be concerned about. The human body is not designed to detect electromagnetic radiation that is actually pumping all around our homes – unless, of course it is produced in very great amounts. It takes on the form of radio waves and it is actually coming from the wireless router and wireless adaptor. The most popular wireless routers reviews have divided opinions about this issue. Now let’s take on different views from different medium.




According to a group in Britain called ElectroSensitivityUK, there are people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation. The group believes that wireless signals at home make them become ill. In fact, there are symptoms that apparently represent the serious damage of electromagnetic radiation coming from wireless routers such as nausea, exhaustion, headaches, sleeplessness, upset stomach, tinnitus, and even short-term memory loss. These have been mentioned in some of the most popular wireless routers reviews.


From a scientific point of view, the answer to the question, ‘Are wireless routers bad for your health?’ is No – although researchers cannot provide conclusive evidence regarding the effect of electromagnetic fields on human health. Basing on exposure standards though, there are certain degrees of exposure that can render you safe or unsafe especially in terms of phenomena such as electromagnetic radiation. To better understand this, you must become informed about the types of radiation.


There are two categories for Radiation: Ionizing and non-ionizing. The kind that strips electrons off your body is called Ionizing radiation, and this is the dangerous kind. In fact, ionizing radiation is very dangerous. Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, is considered sort of safe. This does not strip away electrons off your body. There are different forms of radiation that we encounter every day and you may or may not be aware of it. Things like grill, x-ray machine, toasters, and other electronic devices. The best part is, the wireless signals in your home are considered as non-ionizing radiation. Therefore you should not be concerned about it if you buy the best wireless routers in 2017.


To summarize the answer to the question, ‘Are wireless routers bad for your health?’ it is actually a draw between Yes or No. however, there are studies conducted to provide evidence regarding the effect of this non-ionizing radiation caused by wireless routers at home. Unless you are one of the hypersensitives, you shouldn’t be too worried about it.