Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Ice Hockey Skates Review


Best Rated Hockey Skates from Bauer


1. Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Ice Hockey SkatesBenefits

Anatomically designed to deliver maximum ankle and heel support, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 skates are some of the best hockey skates from Bauer for ice hockey newcomers and amateur skaters.

Created by the renowned Bauer Hockey Company, this model is built to last forever. Durable and resistant, it will serve its users for years to come.

Reasonably priced, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 skating shoes offer maximum capability without forcing you to break the bank.

Lightweight and comfortable, these skating boots offer maximum speed and maneuverability, competing with great success against far more expensive models.



Praised by all for their reliability and comfort, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 skating boots usually have a 1½ smaller size than regular shoes. Users must keep in mind to check the available size chart before purchasing in order to make sure that the new skating boots will be a proper fit.


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Benefits explained

  • Designed to ensure superior ankle and heel support, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 skates are some of the best hockey skates you can find as an ice hockey newcomer or a passionate skater. With a focus on heel and ankle stability, these skating boots are perfect for ice hockey and recreational skating offering an optimal mix of comfort and stability. Perfect for ice hockey beginners, these boots will help their users learn to skate faster, greatly increasing their mobility and training efficiency while on the ice.

1. Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Ice Hockey Skates

  • Designed and built by the Bauer Hockey Company, one of the most renowned international ice hockey equipment manufacturers in the world, these skating boots are extremely reliable and sturdy. Built using a premium Nylon exterior doubled by a waterproof microfiber lining, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 shoes offer flexibility and endurance at the same time. Capable of enduring a lot of abuse without breaking down, these are some of the best ice skates for newcomers and ice hockey enthusiasts.


  • Created using the same technology as more expensive models, these low entry skates offer maximum performance at a minimum price. While other similarly priced models lack durability, speed or comfort, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 shoes make no compromises and offer the full array of benefits at an extremely affordable price. When it comes to pricing, no other models can beat these excellent high quality ice hockey skates.


  • Using a smart design and advanced lightweight materials, these skates are some of the most flexible, resistant and comfortable skating boots money can buy today. Praised by all the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 ice hockey skates reviews, these skates deliver excellent speed and maneuverability, surpassing with ease other more expensive and heavier models.



Built to resist any type of abuse, while offering the same performances as other top of the range skates, the Bauer Supreme ONE.4 skates are the best choice for all those in search of maximum performance at a reasonable price. Resistant and comfortable, these skates will help anyone improve their skating abilities faster and in a more efficient manner.

Their outstanding heel and ankle support makes these skating boots perfectly balanced and extremely stable. Great for beginners and amateur skaters alike, these skating shoes are loved and used even by more advanced skaters.


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