Bauer Vapor X50 Hockey Skates Review


What Are the Best Hockey Skates from Bauer?


1.3 Bauer Vapor X50



These are the best hockey skates from Bauer, particularly if you’re looking for a lightweight model.

They are among the most comfortable items of the line.

They’re easy to control on the ice.

They can be bought for an acceptable sum of money.

Buyer reviews speak highly of the Bauer customer support.



The Bauer Vapor X50 Senior model has gathered no negative reviews. This is a first considering that purchasing skates online is a pretty tricky thing, what with sizes often not being the right ones. A single customer has emphasized that it might be better to purchase the skates in person or go to a representative once you’ve bought them online. For better fitting, Bauer heats skates in the oven, and that evidently can’t be done online.


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Main features explained


Aside from the fact that these skates are known to last for a minimum of 5 years, it seems that what manages to impress customers is how lightweight they really are. They’re easy to use and usually come as a great fit, and rocking the ice with their help is as easy as a piece of cake.

1.1Bauer Vapor X50

If comfort is not an innate feature of skates, you clearly will not be getting much out of hockeying. Instead of focusing on your game, you’ll practically have the tendency to give up playing at all. This is what makes the difference between the Bauer skates and any other available on the current market. Your feet will feel like flying with these ones.


Control plays an important part in winning the game. These are the best adult ice hockey skates if you want to upgrade your performance, as they have been praised by many customers all over the world for the way they roll on natural and synthetic ice.


Getting a dependable while also comfortable pair of skates for less than a couple of hundred dollars is quite a bargain. Believe it or not, buyers can purchase this particular model for less than a hundred if they’re lucky enough to come across an Amazon sale.


As previously stated by customers, it’s important to know that the manufacturing company will offer you satisfaction, both in terms of the item quality and in terms of customer support. If you ever encounter any issue with this product, you can always call Bauer representatives and ask them about their refund policy. Furthermore, Bauer specialized shops are spread all over the United States, making it easy for you to go and speak directly to a professional.



Since Bauer Vapor X50 hockey skates reviews speak highly about the features of this senior product, it would not be far-fetched to think of it as being possibly the best one for the money. If you ever feel like the size you’ve picked isn’t the right one for you, just speak to Amazon or Bauer customer management employees and they’ll sort out your problem in a timely manner.

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