Bed Head Bh307cn1Totally Bent Chrome Crimper Review


What Is the Best Crimper from Bed Head?


1. Bed Head Bh307cn1Benefits

According to the Bed Head Bh307cn1Totally Bent chrome crimper reviews this model will work quickly and easily on all types of hair.

This crimper features a convenient design that is comfortable and easy to use.

You will appreciate the chrome plates which make this the best hair crimper from Bed Head.

With the adjustable settings and other convenient features you can safely crimp and style your hair.



It should be noted that this crimping iron does not feature dual voltage capabilities which might be a problem if you frequently travel out of the United States.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the reasons this is considered the best chrome crimper is the 2 inch wide plates that can also be locked into place to help set your style. The chrome plates are designed to be safe to use on thick or thin hair, and can help you finish faster. Not only do the chrome plates conduct heat faster so your style sets in seconds, but the wider design is perfect for crimping long straight hair.

2. Bed Head Bh307cn1

  • You will appreciate the long power cord that is resistant to tangling, which is always an advantage when you are trying to crimp longer locks. The flexible cord will follow your movements, and the narrow handle fits comfortably in your hand. This crimper also features a lightweight construction so you don’t have to worry about wrist fatigue, and the added insulation helps to prevent it from becoming hot to the touch.


  • The chrome plates are not only designed to be safe to use all types of hair, it also helps to center the heat so you can finish crimping faster. The plates can also be locked into place while holding your hair, which is perfect for those with thin or fine locks. The chrome plates won’t dry or damage your hair so you can enjoy lots of volume in your style that will last through all day.


  • This chrome crimper gives you the advantage of being able to choose from different heat settings so you can easily achieve the style you want. The small dial is conveniently located on the side of the crimper so you can even adjust the heat while you are styling. Choose a lower setting for a looser style, of turn it up for maximum volume. The crimper will also quickly reheat if it is accidentally unplugged or turned off while you are still styling your hair.


If you love the crimped tight curls that are quickly coming back into style, this might be the perfect beauty tool for you. It features an affordable price and durable construction, and the crimper is also easy and convenient to use. The long power cord easily turns with your movements to prevent annoying tangling, and the adjustable heat settings let you choose between tighter crimped locks or a looser style. Safe to use on thick or thin hair this might be exactly what you need to get the crimped look you love.


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