BenQ MX525 3D Ready Projector Review

Top Rated Video Projector under $500 from BenQ


2.BenQ MX525 3DReadyProjectorBenefits

This is an inexpensive model that can occasionally be bought for under $400.

Both the brightness and the contrast make it one of the best video projectors from BenQ.

This is a cost-effective projector that is great to use for classrooms and small-sized offices.

The weight and size of the device make it easy to carry around and utilize anywhere the user feels like.

This model has acquired the wide appreciation of many American and international customers.



Some of the buyers have emphasized that they ran into a series of minor difficulties, which have not however ruined the whole experience of using the device. For example, an individual stated that the projector has a little rainbow effect and that the speakers are quite low. In order to resolve this issue, some customers have connected a separate speaker, which automatically eliminated the encountered problem.


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Benefits Explained

The price matters a whole deal for most buyers, and a thorough research can help prospecting customers to separate the wheat from the chaff. Since this is an affordable video projector, it might not come with the same features as high-end models, but it’s a great alternative for people looking for a basic, inexpensive unit. The ratio between the value and the price is excellent, as attested by the customer reviews.

3.BenQ MX525 3DReadyProjector

This is an XGA video projector with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The brightness is 3200 ANSI lumens while the contrast ratio is 13000 to 1. The model features the new Colorific Technology developed by the brand, which is known for optimizing images and for providing specific color balance effects. Up to one billion colors are achieved on account of combining up to seven different colors. The model provides three times the contrast of other popular products in the line.


The neat thing about this unit stands in the lamp life. Buyers can utilize it for around 10,000 hours, and the quality of the displayed images does not suffer in the least bit, not even after 2000 hours of use. This makes it cost-effective both for small businesses and for classroom instructions. Installing a new lamp is quick and easy and can be performed by tech-savvy and first-time users.


Unlike other models manufactured by various companies, this one is lightweight and small-sized. The product weighs in at only 4.2 pounds and measures 8.7 inches by 11.1 inches by 3.7 inches.


BenQ MX525 3D ready projector reviews state that it works like a boss and that the picture is accurate and sharp. Others speak highly of the eco mode, which is easy on the customer’s wallet in the sense that it can considerably decrease the value of electricity bills. Some buyers have been positively impressed by the compact size of the projector and by the wide array connectivity specs, ranging from HDMI to USB and even older video jacks.



To sum up, we’d say that this is an affordable 3D-ready projector that’s worth the bang for the buck.

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