Best 2 Slice toaster reviews


Top 2 Slice toasters in 2018


Looks and style are important, but when you check out the best 2 slice toaster reviews, it is best to consider several other factors. These include ease of use, consistency of toasting ability, flexibility for toasting, and speed of use. The bread needs to come out evenly toasted, without parts getting unequal toasting. The toaster will preferably work not just on sliced bread, but also pita bread, bagels, even bread that has just come out of the freezer. The appliance should be easy to clean and not leave you to clean crumbs up and out of the floor. After reviewing dozens of product catalogues, I found these five brands to be great at what they do.



Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast Smart


Best 2 Slice toaster reviewsThis two-slice toaster from Breville contains an intelligent internal chip that pulls the bread down to the toasting slots with one touch. Toasting time is then regulated by the toaster, making it the best 2 slice toaster in 2018. When toasting is set to a deeper level, the bread is automatically lowered so it can get longer toasting time. Without resetting or canceling out the pre-set cycle, the Breville toaster mechanically raises the bread slot with the auto-lift and check feature. You can cancel the browning setting any time. A brightly lit LED panel lets you see the selected setting on the toaster. The bread slots accept bread, bagels and waffles, even frozen bread.



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Cuisinart CPT-415 Countdown


There are blue LED operating buttons and seven different shade settings on the Cuisinart Toaster, making it the best 2 slice toaster in 2018. The toaster has a stainless steel shell that looks sleek on the kitchen countertop. There are reheat options, as well as defrost and bagel options. The removable crumb tray means clean-up is always easy. The self-adjusting bread slots accept both thin and thick slices of bread that can be toasted as desired. The LCD panel displays a countdown until toasting is completed.



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Calphalon 2-Slot & 4-Slot


The Calphalon toaster is a versatile machine, making it the top rated 2 slice toaster in 2018. The toaster has extra-wide bread slots so you can brown thick bread slices or bagels with ease. It has reheat, defrost and bagel settings for greater versatility. The toaster can convert from being 2-slot to 4-slot so you can finish toasting quickly. Cleaning up is easy thanks to the detachable crumb tray. The lever raises the bread high up so you can safely remove it from the slots. Heat delivery is even and accurate throughout due to the toaster’s Opti-Heat system.



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KitchenAid KMT222ER


There are separate buttons for Toast/Cancel and Reheat, Defrost and Bagel functions so you won’t get confused. That’s only one of the features that have earned this appliance a slot in the best 2 slice toaster reviews. The KitchenAid 2 slice toaster has a durable temperature knob for long-term use. A light/dark indicator lets you choose the degree of toasting. The toaster body and components are all of metal for dependable durability. The lever provides manual high-lift so you can safely take the bread out from the slots. You can brown pastries and bagels along with sliced breads, and cancel the toasting cycle when you have to.



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KRUPS KH732D50 Breakfast Set


Blue LED indicators, a unique composite design of brushed chrome and stainless steel and 6-level browning functions all make this 2-slice toaster from Krups a heavy favorite. The functions on the Krups toaster include Bagel, Defrost, Toast, Cancel and Reheat. You can easily remove the toasted slices by pressing the high-lift lever. This toaster does the job quickly so you won’t have to wait too long. It has a removable tray that catches bread crumbs so clean-up is always a breeze. The Krups 2-slice toaster complements all your other kitchen fixtures.



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