Best 32 inch Flat Screen TV Reviews

For those looking to buy the best 32-inch flat screen TV and in too much of a hurry to see all the information below, this paragraph will make everything clear. We researched the models available on the market, and read customer reviews, finally reaching the conclusion that the TCL 32S305 is the TV worth spending money on. You get more than just a simple TV when you purchase this model, as its smart functionality gives you access to more than 4,000 streaming channels, via Roku. The resolution offered is 720p, allowing you to watch your movies and favorite shows under the best circumstances possible. Picture quality is enhanced by the direct-lit LED screen. If you discover that the TCL 32S305 is no longer in stock, we are firmly suggesting turning your attention towards the Sceptre X328BV-SR, a model that is almost just as good.



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With all the talk about extra-large 4K and Ultra HD TVs, the consumer can easily get overwhelmed even when they’re simply shopping for a 32-inch flat screen TV with 1080p resolution. After all, wasn’t that what was essential back then? Knowing what form of TV you wanted that didn’t have a bulky Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screen and that gave you an acceptable resolution rating? For all the confusion, we have LED technology to thank, and this comes with the important aspects that only the best 32 inch flat screen TV is supposed to carry.

2.LG Electronics 32LN530B


Smart Functionality

When you find a flat screen TV on sale nowadays, chances are it comes equipped with Smart functionality. With this feature, your TV can deliver online content. This includes being able to stream video services from popular online sources such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The basic models can access only the most popular service sites, while those on the higher end of the scale provide a wide variety of apps.

A lot of web TVs are equipped with full web browsers. Premium quality ones offer voice navigation for menus and intuitive program selections based on your typical viewing habits. They may even allow you to browse content on their screens streamed from your smartphone.

A number of TV manufacturers throw in their own smart TV platforms with their units. Others rely on a licensed system including Roku TV, Android TV or Google TV. Accessing content on a Smart TV can be easy, but for more content options, having a separately bought streaming media player may prove to be a better choice. In addition, you could go for a unit with an interface that enables easier and faster searching and access of content.



HDMI Inputs = Better Connectivity

Cable boxes are now easily connected to your TV via HDMI, and so are streaming media players, Blu-ray disc players and game consoles. Budget models come with one or two HDMI inputs, so if you are after the best price in a 32-inch TV, this can be your benchmark. For a primary TV, nothing less than three HDMI connections is ideal. This provides you greater flexibility to support your audio-visual gear collection that you may want to connect to the TV set.

Almost all flat screen TVs nowadays come with rear input as well as side input connections, providing you with genuine choices on how to link your gear in a most convenient manner. For a wall-mounted TV, it is good advice to choose bottom or side input connections. To facilitate easier connections on a wall-mounted unit, you may obtain a short HDMI extender.

An HDMI input marked ARC (for audio return channel) denotes the ability to send audio to a corresponding component from your TV. An example of this type of component is a soundbar, which connects to the TV via a single HDMI cable. Do make sure the TV has the most recent version of HDMI, or at least be backwards compatible.



USB Connectivity

The USB port of your TV is typically used for servicing the unit in case it gets broken. Fortunately, most Smart TVs come with at least one USB port that also serves for plugging in a flash drive, hard drive or any type of USB storage device to allow you to view media files using the TV. This feature offers versatility in general but if it’s designated as just a service port, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

No matter what the purpose of the USB port on your TV is, it can still receive power, which means you can plug your USB devices such as your game controller or smartphone into the port for charging. Some users employ the USB port to provide juice for ambient LED backlighting, which wouldn’t even be necessary if the TV you get has the fourth feature described next.

1.Samsung UN32EH4003


LED Backlighting

Most TV brands nowadays that you can easily bag in many Black Friday deals are outfitted with LED backlighting technology. Providing way more advantages than CCFL LCDs, LED-backlit units are most cost efficient with their lower consumption of energy, while delivering fantastic brightness and contrast ratios, wider color ranges and faster response to scene changes. They also provide more accurate rendering of detail in onscreen images.

LED backlighting also ensures long life aside from optimal energy efficiency. It uses zero mercury in the manufacturing process. Aside from providing higher light output, it also switches on and off at a rapid rate and produces amazingly deep blacks.

Shopping for a 32-inch flat screen TV should not be a daunting task if you know what to look for. Out of the many popular brands on the market, you will agree that the two products described below are undoubtedly the best 32-inch flat screen TV models available out there.



Top 32 inch Flat screen TVs in 2017


There is a growing demand for small screen TVs, which are ideal for smaller rooms like kitchens, study rooms, kid’s room or dens. The best screen size for such rooms is, according to recent surveys, 32 inch. I managed to compile a short list of 5 high quality television sets that you can take home with confidence. On this note, I drafted with attention to details the best 32 inch Flat screen TV reviews. In order to help people invest without hesitation in powerful TV, go through the complete information on some of the best models available on the market today.



TCL 32S305 


This 32-inch flat screen from TCL features a high-definition display and a dual-band Wi-Fi that ensures easy access to over 4000 streaming channels. There’s no need to go through inputs or read complicated menus because this device is not difficult to install and can be paired with gaming consoles and other devices.

The TV allows users to watch media content on cable, pay per view or satellite subscriptions. Moreover, you can use a tablet or a smartphone as remotes to search the Internet or stream photos, videos, and music. This flat screen TV supports Netflix, and YouTube mobile apps and the remote control comes with 20 buttons that enable a fast navigation in the control menu.   


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Sceptre X328BV-SR


With a high resolution of 1366X768, this flat screen from Sceptre is a wonderful choice for those who want excellent performance and a sleek design. Compared to other similar products on the market, this device boasts a user-friendly menu that allows the user to navigate easily. Plus, there’s an instructions manual that explains how picture settings work.

In addition, the TV’s side and the rear connectivity ports have labels that are color coded to ensure that users don’t have a problem using the TV at night. Moreover, the flat screen comes with a USB port that provides the possibility of connecting a USB drive for viewing photos and playing music.


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TCL 32D100


A combination of sophisticated design and high-definition resolution makes this flat screen TV from TCL an excellent choice for watching videos and playing games. Thanks to the direct LED backlighting, the device is able to deliver darker blacks and luminous brightness which enables an efficient energy saving. Outfitted with a 720p high-definition picture, the TV display delivers a crystal-clear picture and vibrant colors.

There’s the possibility to connect other devices due to the 3 HDMI ports that simplify the process. Users can pair their tablet or laptop and watch their favorite movies straight on the TV screen. Moreover, the built-in digital TV tuner provides access to many popular network televisions and live sports channels.  


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Samsung UN32EH4003


Best 32 inch Flat screen TV reviewsWhen it comes to powerful TVs that deliver breathe-taking imaging, Samsung always delivers. You can opt for the best 32 inch Flat screen TV in 2017 from Samsung, the UN32EH4003. This TV uses advanced LED technology in order to deliver stunning picture clarity during movies. It incorporates Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse which significantly optimizes audio smoothness. In addition to the slim design, this model uses Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology which maintains a natural-look to all images. This television set uses Clear Motion Rate 60 in order to main the images clear, without distortion even during action movies or TV shows.



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LG Electronics 32LN530B


It is important to invest in a great 32 inch TV that can render smooth and realistic images. Currently you have the possibility to invest in the LG Electronics LN530B 32LN530B. This model comes with a beautiful LED display and advanced visual innovations that maintain clarity every time you watch it. Every day can become a source of visual pleasure. You will notice that each picture comes with sharp and vibrant colours. In addition, this television set is Energy Star certified, meeting with precision the energy guidelines from US Environmental Protection Energy. It uses advanced self-calibration systems in order to keep images clear.



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Samsung UN32J5205


1.Samsung UN32J5205

The Samsung UN32J5205 provides an awesome viewing experience using Smart TV technology. Equipped with two HDMI ports, this model allows you to connect a wide variety of entertainment gear at your option. The integrated web browser and WiFi also allow you to surf the net without leaving your couch so you can watch videos, catch up on news and social media or check out online shopping sites in complete comfort.

This TV allows you to view important media files via its USB port. With its wide color enhancer feature, you enjoy terrific brightness and contrast with twice the clarity of ordinary HDTV. Enjoy premium audio quality from the onboard DTS Premium Sound 5.1.



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2.VIZIO D32h-C0

Bringing you HD entertainment beyond boundaries, the VIZIO D32h-C0 comes at an exceptional value. It employs full-array LED backlighting technology that effectively disperses the power of the LEDs behind its screen to ensure remarkable light uniformity and fantastic picture image clarity and quality. You can enjoy crisp and clear images in excellent 720p high-def resolution. Although not equipped with Smart functionality, this model allows you to expand your viewing and gaming options with its two HDMI ports plus one USB port. Connect a Blu-ray disc player, your game console, cable modem or Internet TV box to get a variety of fresh options anytime.



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Samsung UN32EH5300


Most of the latest best 32 inch Flat screen TV reviews point out the great functionality of the Samsung UN32EH5300. This Smart TV has an elegant lining, which makes it great to add in any room. The television set includes Smart content that makes browsing for movies, games, applications and TV shows pretty easy. It includes WiFi system and interactive applications which sets the basis for a breathe-taking daily entertainment. This LED TV gives you access to Hulu Plus, vudu, YouTube and Pandora. Furthermore the product has signature services like Family Story, Fitness and Kids Story which offer something for everyone.



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Vizio E320-A1


With attention, you will discover the best 32 inch Flat screen TV in 2017 from Vizio: the E320-A1. Part of the new E-Series, this model has a stylish slim frame design which adds elegance in the room you placed it. This LED TV offers high definition imaging, with smooth clarity every time you turn it on. In addition to the advanced LED technology this TV is energy efficient, by up to 50% to be more precise. It delivers stunning visual experiences, every time you want. You will enjoy movies, TV shows, programs and games in high definition. The crystal-clear imaging will impress through HD clarity.



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LG 32LN5300 32-inch LED-lit – Not available


One of the top rated 32 inch Flat screen TV in 2017 comes from LG: 32LN5300. Already present in thousands of American kitchens and study rooms, this model is known for its capacity to render stunning image quality. The television set uses advanced LED backlighting technology which delivers stunning brightness, color details and clarity. It can deliver full HD 1080p resolution, letting users see beautiful images. The LED TV is Energy Star certified, respecting the present Department of Energy guidelines. At the end of each month you will save money on the electric bill! With this TV on, you will enjoy brilliant images!