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Everyone loves to watch television in the comfort of their home, staying in the comfort of great characters from movies and TV shows. According to the current media feedback, it seems that more and more people want to immerse themselves in the latest 3D experience. This is why the need for 3D HDTV grows with each passing year. Searching for the best TV with 3D option can be pretty challenging without consulting the latest best 3D TVs reviews, which analyse the top rated models. With a great 3D TV you will be able to see all of your favourite characters with superb realism.


LG Electronics 42LA6200 3D TV


Best 3D TVs under $1000LG Electronics always managed to create high quality 3D TVs, ideal to become a great addition to any home. To this extent, 42LA6200 makes no exception reuniting the technical expertise of LG engineers. Considered one of the best 3D TVs under $1000, this Smart TV includes the intuitive and very fun Magic Remote with Voice which makes it very easy to go from channel to channel. The TV comes with a built-in WiFi system, a powerful Dual Core Processor and also an impressive home 3D cinema. Due to the presence of LED technology you will enjoy 1080p full HD during pictures and videos streamed.

“I wanted to get a taste of the incredible 3D technology so I got the LG 42LA6200 3D TV for my home and I am quite impressed with how good the pictures actually are. Also the normal Full HD pictures look lifelike and overall I think I made an excellent choice for a 3D TV.” – Melissa Spacey

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Samsung UN40F6400 3D TV


If you want in your home a great TV, designed to provide a realistic feel to anything you watch, then you should get to know more things about Samsung UN40F6400. This Smart and ultra-slim TV gives you the possibility to enjoy a great cinematic experience. Regarded as one of the best 3D TVs under $1000, this model provides captivating and quite exciting 1080p HD and 3D pictures, accompanied by micro diming feature. There will be vibrant colours, deep blacks and crystal clear clarity every time you turn the TV on. You will be able to control all the TV’s features by appealing to the Samsung Smart Hub, a special centralized menu that helps you to organize the entertainment world.

“With this TV, Samsung yet again impressed me through its design and also through its capabilities so the only possible outcome would be for me to get it, which happened of course. The pricture quality, the smart TV features, its Wi-Fi everything works smoothly.” – Jake Mulder

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Vizio E420d-A0 3D TV


It’s time to get to know more things about one of the best 3D TVs under $500: Vizio E420d-A0, a model used with confidence by thousands of Americans in order to see crystal clear pictures and smooth videos. Designed with a slim frame and a beautiful finish on the exterior, this advanced 3D HDTV includes Smart TV options that bring you close to visual perfection every time you need to. You will be able to enjoy 1080p Full HD and also an efficient 120 Hz refresh rate which keeps images clear and sharp. In addition, the TV includes Vizio Internet Apps, with built-in WiFi that permits you to access an unlimited source of movies, TV shows and music.

“I got 3D images in my home for a very affordable price and for this I am extremely happy. Movies or different channels look amazing in 3D, entertaining me and my family. The streaming of movies with this 3D TV is also fast, making me sure I have made a great investment.” – Paul Headey

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LG Electronics 47GA6400 3D TV


Do you want a great TV that can put you in a realistic 3D world right in the comfort of your home? Of course you do! So, upon reviewing some of the current top models out there, one product stands alone concerning quality and functionality: LG 47GA6400 3D TV. This model includes the highly advanced and intuitive user interface designed by Google, which allows people to select content with greater ease. It features LED technology and TruMotion 120 Hz refresh rate for smooth and crystal images. In addition to the visual pleasure it maintains, the TV comes with Magic Remote QWERTY that simplifies the selection process.

“I saw it was for sale in an electronic store, plus it had an impressive set of features and I couldn’t see no reason why not to buy it. The 3D images rock on this HDTV and I am glad that the refresh rate means I get no motion blur when I watch fast action movies.” – Eddy West

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Vizio M501d-A2R 3D TV


You can’t go wrong with Vizio M501d-A2R HDTV, a model which is very popular in the United States of America. This Smart TV creates a high quality 3D experience, right in the comfort of your home. With a stylish and elegant design, the TV will simply redefine the way you perceive visual entertainment. It has a razor-thin profile, including Razor LED backlighting system that maintains brilliant pictures every time you turn the TV on. The TV includes Vizio Internet Apps Plus which expands the media experience, packed with movies, TV shows, documentaries or anything else you love to see on a TV.

“To get a 50 inch 3D at this price is a bargain and I couldn’t resist getting this Vizio model which looks and performs to high parameters. But even though it has top performances at the same time it manages to be energy effective. To sum it up I recommend buying this awsome HDTV.” – John Keeley

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