Best 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Reviews

What to Consider When Buying a New 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack


There are times when you need to drive to ride your bike, which makes it necessary to bag one of those cool items featured in the best 4-bike trunk mount rack reviews. Getting your bikes from one location to another, perhaps to enjoy a really epic ride, requires that you get a quality trunk mount rack. These elements are what you need to look for in this kind of equipment.

Best 4-mount trunk bike rack

High Weight/Space Capacity

Transporting just two or three bikes doesn’t mean you can’t get any of the products featured in the best 4-bike trunk mount rack reviews. That extra fourth space is still a luxury that will be nice to have. You never know if you would make a friend on the bike trail who’d ask that their bike be hitched onto your bike mount rack. Make sure the unit is built to carry the extra capacity without hurting your fuel economy to a high degree.

Most models are equipped with extra heavy duty steel tubing, along with hardware, thus ensuring a solid build to carry four bikes well when needed.



The top rated 4-bike trunk mount racks 2018 offer adequate security. You wouldn’t want your prized bike to be a thief’s convenient getaway ride. Make sure the design is stable. Although this factor is not an issue with trunk mount racks that carry one or two bikes, it becomes a necessity when the unit has to carry three or four bikes. You want the rack to be genuinely solid. It may be inadvisable but sometimes unavoidable to leave really expensive bikes lashed to your parked car, so make sure the bikes can be locked securely to the rack. Moreover, also remember that the rack has to lock securely to your vehicle.

The bike holders should be paint-safe or should not damage the paint of your vehicle.



Even the best 4-bike trunk mount rack 2018 amounts to nothing if it obscures your rear-view mirror sight. Reversing with a rear-mounted rack in place needs to be executed really carefully. Remember too, that the number plate and rear lighting system of your vehicle has to be visible from all angles, even in the daytime.



The versatility of the trunk mount rack refers to the unit’s ability to carry different types of bicycles. Some models may have issues on the size and shape of the bike frames. Experts forward that a trunk mount rack that utilizes the bike frame as the main focus of attachment will not offer that elusive factor of versatility, as there are myriads of frame types out there.

Trunk mount racks typically comprise a bunch of straps that hold them to the vehicle and also hook around the lip of the tailgate, hatchback or boot of the car. These types of gear are frequently extremely adjustable, allowing easy fit to the rear of nearly all types of vehicles.


Top 4-Bike Trunk Mount Racks in 2018


Unless you want your bike to eat up the space in the back seat, trunk or cargo area of your car, transporting your two-wheeled ride conveniently can only be achieved with a premium quality trunk mount rack. This type of bike rack needs to be evaluated thoroughly prior to its purchase. Don’t have time to spare for reading? We suggest taking your pick from these three exceptional products that suit your active lifestyle.



Allen Sports Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack


1.Allen Sports PremierEasy to set up in seconds, the Allen Sports Premier4-Bike Trunk Rack carries a patent-pending design that makes it easily fit on sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and minivans. This highly versatile piece of equipment has a proprietary quick-snap set-up design that allows superbly fast set up right out of the packaging. The device has 21-inch long carry arms that can easily handle up to four bikes at once, with a maximum load capacity of 140 pounds. The whole family can bring their bikes along using this cool bike transport system. The bike rack features individual dual-compound tie-down cradles that protect the bicycles, keeping them securely attached to the rack to effectively prevent theft.

The bike rack also has car pads made extra large to help in the distribution of the bike load while being safe for the car’s finish. This means no scratches or peeled paint from abrasion from the bike components during the drive. The unit also comes with the innovative wide profile snap-on feet that assist in distributing the weight of the bicycles on the car. Suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, the Allen Sports Premier4-Bike Trunk Rack comes fully assembled. The length of the top straps is all that should be adjusted to accommodate the individual bikes.

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Hollywood Racks F4 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack


2.Hollywood Racks F4Carry your bikes confidently with the Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack. This unit is easy to install and adjust and is designed not to damage your car. It comes pre-assembled so you won’t need to use too much time setting it up for attachment to your vehicle. Able to carry up to four bikes, the trunk mount rack is equipped with a day glow safety flag to let other motorists know you’re carrying extra cargo on the back of your vehicle, for effortless visibility. The patented dual positioning trunk/bumper system ensures a customized fit on most minivans, SUVs and sedans. Constructed of extra heavy-duty steel tubing plus hardware, the trunk mount rack also comes with a built-in tie strap to ensure more security for the cargo it carries.

To provide a secure fit for heavy loads, the unit is outfitted with motorcycle tie down buckles along with extra side straps. The trunk mount rack serves as a convenient means of transporting your bikes for enjoying a really epic ride anywhere you choose. When not in use, the unit folds flat to facilitate hassle-free storage. Many users have proven the product to be sturdy, holding its cargo securely without sliding, coming loose or moving.

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Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack


3.Allen Sports DeluxeVersatile, safe and easy to use, the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack supports your active lifestyle by allowing you to travel with your bikes to enjoy the ride of a lifetime. This trunk mount rack is usable with most sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks and minivans. It carries a single-structure design that is seamless enough to eliminate headaches when being set up and installed on the vehicle. The exclusive tie down system secures each bike individually, ensuring that every one of the transported units arrive at the destination safe and sound while protecting the car from scratches and similar damage. The mount rack comes fully assembled, enabling users to setup and install it in seconds.

Transporting your bikes cross country or around town, the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack is provided with two side straps along with an extra-wide bottom foot to ensure exceptional carrying stability on the vehicle. Simply adjust the length of the straps to fit each bike to be transported and it’s all ready to take them anywhere you want to drive to. The unit ships with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and material, ensuring superior quality and durability. Offering the perfect way to head out riding, this trunk mount rack is indispensable for those who follow where adventure leads them.

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