Best 6 Drawer Dresser Reviews


Top 6 Drawer Dressers in 2018


A chest of drawers is the second most significant piece of furnishing in your bedroom, coming only next to your bed. Sensible individuals who are concerned about coordinated décor in the bedroom look to the best 6 drawer dresser reviews before even approaching a seller. Design may be contemporary or classic, depending on the buyer’s preference. Classic wood dressers are popular, although modern synthetic materials used in contemporary chest of drawers are gaining ground among environmentally-conscious people. Metal hardware is used as accents on 6-drawer dressers. Here are five brands that will surely please above many others.


South Shore Fynn Collection Dresser


Best 6 Drawer Dresser ReviewsBuilt with a distinctively contemporary style, the South Shore Fynn Collection Dresser takes top slot in the best 6 drawer dresser reviews. The Fynn Collection dresser is constructed from environment-friendly type of laminated particle panels. The gray oak finish makes this 6-drawer dresser eye-catching. The 6 drawers have metal slides. There are three medium size drawers for storage of light clothing items, while the three larger drawers take in heavier clothing articles. The attractive symmetry is balanced by the dresser’s straight lines, making a really neat package.

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Delta Children’s Products Universal 6-Drawer Dresser


The drawers have safety stops, which makes the Delta Children’s Products Universal 6-Drawer Dresser one of the top rated 6 drawer dressers in 2018.Pulling out the drawers can be done by children without fear of having the drawers fall to the floor and causing injury. The metal accents add a touch of appeal to the 6-Drawer Dresser. This furnishing is designed with a sophisticated allure wrapped in its simple look. Durable metal glides on the drawers allow the drawers to slide in and out smoothly. The 6-drawer dresser is JPMA-certified.

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South Shore Step-One Collection 6-Drawer Chest


The contemporary 6 drawer chest from South Shore Step-One Collection is manufactured using CARB-compliant material of composite wood, making it the best 6 drawer dresser in 2018. This also means the chest of drawers has obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC. The chocolate finish is given a laminated wood grain treatment so the chest of drawers looks like it’s made of real wood. Polymer drawer glides are outfitted with stops and dampers to make opening and closing of the drawers extra smooth and worry-free.

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Sauder Palladia Dresser, Select Cherry Finish


The patented T-lock assembly system on the Sauder Palladia Dresser ensures a secure storage experience for the thoroughly modern home. The cherry finish makes the dresser a classy furnishing, and also contributes to its greater value as the best 6 drawer dresser in 2018. Each of the bottom drawers are given extra depth dimensions so they can be used to store heavier if not more items. The metal pulls are given a rustic design for modern and classic fusion. The drawers also have metal runners and are guaranteed not to come apart from the runners thanks to safety stops.

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South Shore Furniture Step-One Collection Dresser


The makers of the South Shore Furniture Step-One Collection Dresser thoughtfully added a curved kickplate to protect the furniture’s finish from getting damaged by wear or marks. This piece of furnishing is manufactured with adherence to CARB standards under the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines. There are polymer drawer glides with stops and dampers, and that have a lifetime warranty. The drawers measure 22.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches from front to back. All in all, the 6-dresser drawer is 32 inches high, 52 inches wide and 16 inches deep, giving lots of storage room.

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