Best 60 inch 3D TV reviews


Top 60-inch 3D TVs in 2018


3D technology is now available for every household if the owners invest in a state-of-the-art smart 3D TV. Manufactures compete on the market so they sell as much 3D TVs as possible and thus make them better and better. But in order to have a heads up regarding the most advanced models which you can invest in you have the option of reading the best 60 inch 3D TV reviews which will look great on your living room wall.


LG Electronics 60LA6200 Cinema 3D Smart TV


The LG Electronics 60LA6200 3D TV is a marvel of technology and if you manage to get it for your home you will have superior quality 2D and 3D pictures plus smart TV capabilities so you can stream movies directly from the internet. Fast moving scenes from movies or sport events will look sharp thanks to the TruMotion 120Hz LG technology. Gaming is also a great idea and you will certainly feel like you are a part of the game’s world thanks to its lifelike pictures, which also make it in the eyes of many satisfied customers the best 60 inch 3D TV in 2018.

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Sharp LC-60LE757U Aquos Quattron LED 3D HDTV


The top 60 inch 3D TV reviews believe that the Sharp LC-60LE757U Aquos Quattron is an excellent choice for any household delivering superb 2D and 3D pictures which will allow you to enjoy even more your favorite movies or TV shows. Real action frames won’t be a problem for this 3D TV because it is fitted with a system that has 240Hz refresh rate. The slim design would be just the thing for your modern living room, especially if you mount it on a certain wall.

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Vizio M601d-A3R 3D Smart LED HDTV


One Vizio model which can be viewed as the best 60 inch 3D TV in 2018 or as a prime candidate for this honor is the M601d-A3R. The ultra thin design also holds smart TV capabilities which give you the chance to quickly stream a movie from Netflix or Pandora. Also the 3D images will look bright and with an excellent contrast, looking just like images straight out of the cinema. The best thing about it is its price which is lower compared to other similar 3D TVs but from different brands.

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Samsung UN60F7100 3D Smart LED HDTV


Samsung is famous for the high quality of their 3D TVs which have also a superb sleek and modern design, a trademark for the manufacturer. This Smart TV is even fitted with voice control system so you can give it commands just by sitting on the sofa of your room, without pushing one button. The best 60 inch 3D TV reviews are also pleased to see that the UN60F7100 is fitted with a 240 Hz refresh rate which eliminates the dreaded blur effect which can ruin fast action images.

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Panasonic TC-L60DT60 3D IPS LED HDTV


Best 60 inch 3D TV reviewsA stunning sleek and modern design, plus some amazing picture capabilities will be yours if you decide to purchase the Panasonic TC-L60DT60 3D HDTV. Smart TV capabilities will also be at your disposal with you being able to stream movies and video in a jiffy from the most famous specialized sites. The 120Hz Backlight Technology is another feature to look forward to which will eliminate the threat of the motion blur effect. Nothing will beat the crisp clarity of the 3D images of this smart TV.

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