Best adjustable standing desk reviews

If you are trying to find the best adjustable standing desk on the market but you lack the needed time to do the necessary legwork on the topic, this paragraph should clue you in. After reading plenty of adjustable standing desk reviews and after taking into account aspects such as price to value ratios and overall product quality, we have concluded that the VIVO Electric DESK-V000B is the product that you should invest in. This unit has a wide enough countertop that enables you to customize the working place in accordance with your needs and preferences. Even more so, the model allows for a quick transition from sitting to standing by activating a simple position locking mechanism. Also, the product is effortless to put together. If the VIVO Electric Height Adjustable DESK-V000B is out of stock, check out the Halter ED-258.



Buying guide


If you are determined to find the best adjustable stand- up desk on the market but you find it difficult to go through the countless reviews out there, we are here to help. In an attempt to make this job easier for you, we have selected the top features that you should not settle without in a product like this. So, go ahead and start reading!


According to the specialists, the best way to purchase the best adjustable height standing desk is by making sure that the unit that you like fits in the space that you have available in your office. Therefore, before placing any orders, go ahead and start measuring just how much room you have on the new desk.

However, remember that the selected unit should not fit these measurements perfectly as additional space is required for it to adjust to various heights. Moreover, the next thing that you should do is to measure is your height. This aspect is particularly important as it can help you select a reliable unit that can cater to all your needs.

Similarly, it is advisable that you consider the dimensions and the weight of the items that you want to place on the desk. This way you can rest assured knowing that the model is spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings.



Before you start browsing through the myriad of models that are up for sale at the current time, another aspect that you should consider has to do with the materials used in making the desk. From this point of view, it is crucial that you select a unit that comes provided with a frame constructed from a sturdy material such as steel.

Likewise, you should opt for a model that comes outfitted with a tabletop made out of wood or other alternative durable materials. Nevertheless, if you have children and you want a desk that can be installed in the comfort of your home it is worth spending on a model with round edges. This way you can avoid any unhappy accidents.


Additional features

If you are set on buying the best affordable adjustable standing desk out there, there are a few extra aspects that you should have in mind. For instance, the specialists recommend that you buy an item that is built from a non-toxic substance.

Additionally, it is best that you check to see whether or not the chosen tabletop is non-slip and resistant to spills and mild abrasions. By doing so, you can be certain that the surface of the desk won’t cause your belongings to be unstable.

Furthermore, previous buyers have pointed to the fact that cable management is equally important. As you probably already know, having a multitude of cables that are constantly bothering you is a nuisance. To help their customers out, some manufacturers have actually equipped their desks with cable management systems that are quite practical. So, keep an eye on these latter units.

Last but not least, if you want to be confident that you have made the right choice; it is recommended that you spend some time online, reading what other buyers had to say about the product that you like best. This way, you can get a better understanding of the product’s reliability and capabilities.



Top Adjustable Standing Desks in 2018


Because we know that selecting a good adjustable standing desk is a dreadful task as it implies reading many reviews, we have decided to lend you a helping hand. As a result, we have compiled a list of first-rate units that you might want to take a good look at before deciding what unit to purchase.



VIVO Electric DESK-V000B


With a good price to value ratio and overall great reviews from users and the professionals in the field, the DESK-V000B is a model that is worth your consideration. This adjustable workstation is particularly liked by its users because it features a mechanism that allows them to adapt its height in accordance with their needs.

To do so, the user has to use a simple height locking mechanism that is activated by a simple touch. Moreover, this unit provides its buyers with a wide spacious area that has the following dimensions 36” x 22”. As a result, this desk is capable of fitting a dual/simple monitor and a laptop at once.

The additional dual tier that the product’s design includes allows the user to place the keyboard and the mouse on an extra plane that can be raised in sync with the tabletop. Thanks to this feature, your desk will be as comfortable as possible.

The product has received plenty of positive reviews from its users. Most of them are happy with their purchase, particularly because the item is very feasible and easy to assemble upon arrival. Besides, the instruction manual also included in the price clearly presents the steps one has to follow.

Buy from Amazon for ($184.99)




Halter ED-258


Another highly appreciated model in this line of products is the Halter ED-258 Height Adjustable Desk. Differently from the already discussed desk, when shipped, this second unit is fully assembled so that its users do not have to deal with the difficulties that might occur when putting it together.

However, this device has to be seated on top of a regular desk, or on a table. Therefore, you should make sure that your office desk matches the frame’s dimensions (that is, 35.6’x20.4’). Even more so, you should know that this desktop can support up to 44.1 lbs. Consequently, this unit is ideal for those that don’t like overcrowding their working space with countless useless items.

In order to adjust this unit, the user has to place the desk on the top of a regular desk or table and then to press the two handles from the sides to bring the product at the preferred height. Once you’ve found your favorite position, just release the handles and the model will secure itself in the selected posture.

Apart from including a top where you can install your desktop, this product also features a lower, base-like surface where you can keep your mouse and keyboard. Because of this layered, space-efficient design, this product is deemed to help you stay organized at all times.

Buy from Amazon for ($599.99)




Smugdesk Standing Adjustable


If you are searching for a more price-appropriate unit, the Smugdesk Standing Desk Converter Adjustable is the product that should be on your mind. A best seller in this category, the model designed by Smugdesk is capable of accommodating a dual monitor and it is said to perform well in any office.

The unit’s main advantage is the fact that it is very solid and stable, no matter its positioning. Moreover, this product allows you to switch between sitting to standing in mere seconds. In fact, this item also features a smooth and particularly quiet adjusting mechanism that the user has to work manually. Even more so, this unit is shipped already assembled.

The device can be efficiently offered as a gift to one of your loved ones, especially given that the desk comes packages as a gift. Hence, if you are thinking of giving it away, you won’t have to spend additional time and money on wrapping it.

As a plus, this model has received plenty of positive reviews from its current users. Additionally, the unit is sturdy, yet effortless to adjust when necessary. Also, the desk offers its users sufficient space for the other items that you might store on it.

Buy from Amazon for ($169.99)