Best Air Mattresses reviews

Top air mattresses in 2018


People want to sleep on comfortable mattresses that can help them feel a breeze of calming sleep. There are many models currently available on the market, which makes it hard to identify the most efficient one. Reading some of the latest best air mattresses reviews will help you identify a great model, ideal for your dorm room. With a high quality air mattress you will be able to sleep well, without worrying about dealing problems coming in the form of back or joint pain. It’s important after a hard day’s work to place your head on the pillow and sleep well.

Intex Raised Downy


If you want in your home a high quality air mattress then Intex Raised Downey is certainly a great addition to have. This model was designed for added comfort and durability, ideal to be placed in your home. The air mattress is made out of plush and waterproof material which enhances the sleep patterns. You can inflate with ease the bed and also deflate it due to the high powered built-in electric pump. Furthermore the model comes with a dual chamber structure with a carefully designed lower chamber that functions as a spring box thus creating additional support.

“Everyone told me that this mattress is so good and comfy, I checked it out and found out that it was one of the most popular ones across the US. The only thing to do was to buy it and I am impress with its level of comfort. The fact that it inflates and deflates in no time is another great thing about it.” – Jake Crewson

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Coleman 102802


It’s time to sleep with extra comfort and ease, night after night. How? Well, it’s simple, install Coleman 102802 air mattress in your dorm room and enjoy the silence of a good night sleep. Most of the latest best air mattresses reviews underline the efficiency of this model, known for its high quality design and comfort offered. This air mattress is made out of soft plush that manages to deliver additional comfort. It can fit virtually any type of sheet, thus reducing the appearance of problems. You should also know that the model incorporates Airtight System, accompanied with Double Lock Valve that keeps the mattress inflated.

“I got this air mattress for when I have guests over and they sleep at my place. I tried myself first to see if it was comfortable and I was pleased to see that it was. The sheets stay on it, without gliding off, unlike other mattresses.” – Emily Doyle

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Therm-A-Rest 05205


Every home needs a carefully designed air mattress in order to ensure additional comfort while sleeping. A growing number of the current best air mattress reviews underline the efficiency of Therm-A-Rest 05205, a model very popular in the US, known for its firmness and support. This air mattress is lightweight and has a solid 1.25 inches of thickness for extra comfort. It is the ideal device while go camping or need to consolidate your sleeping attic. Furthermore you can use it for light backpacking, summer camps, car camping or mountain hiking, without worrying about dealing restrictions of any kind.

“Getting this mattress was a great idea from my part because it certainly made my night sleep, when I’m out camping, more comfortable. It is light and easy to carry around with me anywhere I decide to go camping.” – Robert Mackie

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Intex Deluxe


Everyone knows that Intex products combine efficiency with elegance, delivering a cosy environment of sleep. According to the present statistics it seems that more and more people are using with confidence Intex Deluxe air mattress, a model designed to deliver a comfortable way of sleeping. The air mattress comes with a sturdy outer layer, making it stable and ideal to be used day after day. Easy to use and manage, this model from Intex can be inflated easily due to the carefully built-in high powered electric pump. In just a couple of minutes the pump will prepare your air mattress with no effort whatsoever from your part.

“The best mattress reviews pointed out to me that this matress was reliable and I immediately ordered it for my home. My old mattress was making my back hurt, but with this one I did n’t experience any problem like this.” – Bryan Holdt

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Serta EZ Queen


If you want to a powerful and carefully structure air mattress, ready to use in your bedroom then Serta EZ Queen represents a fine investment that you won’t regret. It is ideal for your guest bedroom, when friends or family members from out of town come to you. This comfortable air mattress maintains the pressure as a direct result of Never Flat technology that manages to eliminate any saggy areas. Furthermore Never Flat tech can also maintain constant air pressure thus providing the prospects of an undisturbed night’s rest. Easy to clean and manage this air mattress represents a clear way to safely sleep.

“The Serta EZ Queen air mattress really makes me feel like a queen when I’m sitting comfy on it. The whole thing inflates in no time at all and deflates just as fast. Based on how good I sleep on it I recommend this to whoever is looking for a top mattress.” – Melanie Cole

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