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When you enter a home, clean and fresh air should welcome you. This situation works the other way around because you love that anyone passing your door to be embraced by fresh air. Well, in order to keep the air clean and fresh all around the house can be done once you install a professional air purifier. The market offers a lot of possibilities, gathering month after month new products. Identifying the most efficient air purifier can be difficult but once you manage to read some of the current best air purifiers reviews, designed to offer a glimpse in the functionality of the top models.


Office Supplies Honeywell air purifier


Best air purifiers under $200Your home deserves to be filled with fresh and clean air every moment of the day! How can you keep accomplish this objective? Use with confidence Office Supplies Honeywell air purifier, a model very popular among Americans today. This advanced purifier is ideal for large rooms, covering with ease around 390 square feet which is quite impressive to say the least. Considered as one of the best air purifier under $200, the model features True HEPA filter that precisely removes around 99.97 percent of the most common airborne pollutants which are small as 0.3 microns. It maintains fluid 360-degree airflow with 3 speeds and also a solid pre-filter.

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Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air purifier


It’s very important to equip your home with an efficient air purifier that never fails to impress. A growing number of people are now using with trust Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air purifier, which delivers 3-stage air cleaning system. This air purifier removes with precision indoor pollutants and various odours that maintain a healthy living for anyone staying inside. The air purifier comes with a powerful built-in air quality sensor that safely adjusts the fan speed automatically thus maintaining a healthy air to breathe in. It was designed to cover large spaces, certified to handle rooms by up to 350 square feet.

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Honeywell HFD-010 air purifier


Are you looking for an advanced air purifier that won’t take too much money from your pocket? If the answer is yes, then you should understand more why thousands of Americans use Honeywell HFD-010. Considered one of the best air purifiers under $100, this device is designed to cover small-sized rooms, without any problems. The air purifier maintains a precise whisper-quiet operation system which keeps the air breathable and fresh. It includes 2 speeds feature that maintains the optimal performance, becoming an attractive and slim addition to any home. The device measures around 12 by 10 by 17 inches which permits you to install it everywhere you want.

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Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier


Regarded as one of the best air purifiers under $50, Honeywell HHT-011 represents a great addition to any home. This air cleaning system from Honeywell is ideal for rooms that have around 85 square feet in size. The device includes a permanent HEPA filter that precisely captures around 99% of pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores and dust without any problems. The air purifier also includes an optional ionizer that maintains an additional cleaning power, optimal to provide healthier air for you to breathe. Furthermore you should know that the air purifier has a soft illumination system at night.

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Hamilton Beach 04383 True air purifier


You can add a great air purifier in your home, after reading more about Hamilton Beach True Air. Regarded as one of the best air purifiers under $50, the model is a powerful allergen-reducing air cleaner. The air cleaning system can cover over 160 square feet with ease. You should also know that the air purifier includes a permanent HEPA filter that safely removes various allergens. This advanced air purifier has 3 ultra-silent speed settings and also a special tower design which blends into any environment. It measures 8-1/2 by 6 by 13-1/2 inches, not taking too much space in your home.

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