Best Airsoft Gun Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best airsoft gun money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Airsoft is a popular sport today, and plenty of people are searching for the best airsoft gun around. When shopping for such an item, you may find it difficult to pick the right one from the pile. We have done your homework, so you don’t have to. By reading consumers’ reviews and comments, we found two particular models that score high in everyone’s preferences. The first airsoft gun that caught our interest – and that of many others – is the Marines Airsoft SR01. The first thing you will notice about this airsoft gun and the main reason why so many people love is its appearance since it looks pretty much like a real weapon. But there is more than just looks to like about this model. The rifle can shoot up to 325 FPS, which will make you quite a badass on the airsoft battlefield. The magazine can hold 350 airsoft BBs, so you will never run out of ammo, while hunting down your friends. In case the Marines Airsoft SR01 is out of stock and you cannot put your hands on it, consider the UTG Airsoft UHC 1911. This pistol is quite good looking, too, plus it is easier to handle and use whenever you feel like going for an airsoft match.



Comparison table:


ProductVelocityWeightPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
U.S. Marine Corps SR01 Spring Powered Rifle
Best airsoft gun reviews
up to 325 FPS2 lbs$$$$A+Amazon
UTG Airsoft UHC 1911 Pistol
up to 240 FPS1.25 lbs$$$AAmazon
Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol
up to 325 FPS1.1 lbs$$B+Amazon
Crosman Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical
up to 300 FPS3 lbs$$$$$BAmazon
Crosman Pulse M74DP AEG Airsoft Gun
up to 150 FPS0.75 lbs$$$C+Amazon

Buying guide


Played in quite a similar manner as paintball, airsoft uses specialty ‘bullets’ that do not splatter when hit, leaving no mark where you are shot. BB airsoft guns are available in a range styles or designs to suit any budget or purpose. It is best that before heading out to an airsoft gun store, you are armed (pun intended!) with enough knowledge on what to look for in this type of gear.

2.UTG Airsoft UHC 1911


For a sniper, it is vital to hit an opponent a hundred yards away, but regular airsoft players do not really need that element at all. You won’t need to wield a weapon with a high velocity rate of 400 feet per second if you are just starting out with the sport. In the beginning, you can use a 300 feet-per-second airsoft gun that will provide plenty of enjoyment instead of saving up for a weapon that you can upgrade to a much higher speed.



Propulsion Type

With a spring model, you need to cock or pump the weapon prior to firing. Quite reliable at close range, a spring airsoft gun won’t require frequent reloading but provides a decreased speed of fire. This kind is ideal both as a primary as well as a backup unit. Considered to be the most reliable weapon for the sport, this type of gun offers the easiest handling despite not being geared with as high a range and power as other weapons. A novice player should start with a spring airsoft gun, which can range from spring airsoft pistols to full size spring airsoft rifles. This kind of weapon provides an effective means to get initiated into the sport without burning a hole in your pocket.Of course, there are also more expensive airsoft guns with ultra-grade spring propulsion systems if you want a heavy and more durable weapon.

Frequently serving as a sidearm or a secondary weapon, a gas airsoft gun is typically used to fire only once a round. This is because the carbon dioxide gas typically lasts only for the duration of the magazine. This kind of weapon does not offer much in the way of shooting consistency. For automatic gas models, much ammunition is wasted all over, sacrificing accuracy plus consistency. Get this type only as a last resort, as it may offer enough power but is not a reliable primary unit.

An automatic electric airsoft gun is considered the most accurate and powerful. It features a hop up mechanism that ensures a consistently accurate line of fire till the magazine runs out. This type employs batteries that normally need from 5 to 8 hours of charging time at the onset but will only need about 3 to 5 hours at the succeeding times. The battery slows down as it powers down so you may have to go for semi-automatic firing instead of auto. This kind of weapon is best for the player who plans to engage in competitive airsoft.



Magazine Capacity

Clip and magazine are often used interchangeably but those who really know their guns are aware that the two terms do not refer to the same thing. A clip refers to the cartridges that are attached together via a strip till they get loaded into the firearm. A magazine is the container holding the cartridges and while a magazine comes with a feeding spring, the clip does not. Your airsoft gun uses clips of BB’s loaded into the magazine.

A sniper will not really need that many pellets, which allows the use of only a pair of magazines. It is good advice to bring extra BBs. A support gunner will want a large capacity magazine and bringing a few won’t hurt. Section Commanders and Team Leaders will want to have handy a few high capacity magazines with more BBs than the usual.

1.U.S. Marine Corps SR01

Form or Category

Even the airsoft gun for 10 year old players can come in a specific form or category. You can get an SMG, sniper rifle, assault rifle, machine gun and pistol, sometimes even a shotgun. The weapon resembles a popular kind of regular gun in the real world.

The universal standard choice is the M4/ M16 type, which comes with an exceptional variety of internal and external upgrades. The M16 is not designed for close quarter battles but the M4 type will be just fine.

The MP5 type is also a popular option. It doesn’t have as many external upgrade options as the M4 and M16 but will provide quite a number of internal upgrades. This form is perfect for close quarter battles.

The AK-47/ AK-74 type and its variants also don’t carry as much potential for external upgrades as the M4/ M16 but promise a large number of internal upgrades.

The G36 form and its variants may not be as popular as the AK 47 and M16 weapons but are quickly gaining ground. There are plenty of magazine well adapters for this category, which is fantastic since there aren’t that many G36 magazines on the market. The G36C is a durable, reliable and practical weapon of choice as it offers usability on the field while being of enough shortness for close quarter battles.

Your ability to succeed at airsoft can only be as good as the weapon you have on hand. To make your shopping easier, we present the best airsoft guns that offer real value for money.



Top airsoft guns in 2017


Manypeople have fun with airsoft guns. Others use the guns in order to get rid of pests around the house. As a result it is not surprising to see such a growing interest for high quality airsoft guns. The market packs different types of products, from tiny guns to impressive rifles that mean business. In order to help people find the right gun for their immediate needs we tested 20 of the most popular models out there. After 60 hours of attentive tests for range, accuracy and firing speed, we are able to draft the best airsoft gun reviews on five impressive products!




U.S. Marine Corps SR01


Best airsoft gun reviewsSome airsoft rifles deliver impressive firing force and accuracy with each shoot taken. This is the case with the SR01 Spring Powered Rifle from U.S. Marine Corps. What makes this rifle so popular? Well, it comes with a spacious magazine that can hold up to 350 airsoft BBs! It shoots straight and due to the lightweight design, the SR01 is very easy to use. Furthermore the rifle delivers impressive accurate shoots, sometimes almost too good to be true. For example, the weapon is very accurate at 75 to 100 feet! Due to its low price this model makes a good starter rifle!



Buy from for ($34.7)




UTG Airsoft UHC 1911


The current best airsoft gun reviews underline the shooting efficiency of the UHC 1911 from UTG Airsoft. This powerful pistol impresses with its firing precision! It comes equipped with a full magazine, hammer and metal trigger for a realistic gun feel. The pistol is powered by an exclusive spring-operated mechanism which releases the BB rounds with satisfactory force. It has a spacious magazine that can hold up to 22 rounds, more than enough for standard firing sessions. Furthermore this model from UTG Airsoft benefits from an exclusive 90 day manufacturer warranty! Because it weighs only 1.25 pounds this pistol is very easy to handle!



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Crosman Stinger P311


Choosing a top rated airsoft gun in 2017 seems like the proper way to ensure impressive firing precision and force. We recommend the Stinger P311 from Crosman. This gun has an incredible resemblance to the popular U.S military pistols used in Vietnam. It can shoot ataround 325 fps. The gun features a user friendly magazine with 12 rounds storing capacity. Each BB is very easy to load in the gun’s magazine. Airsoft beginners will absolutely adore this gun’s easy functionality. It is accurate and safe to use! Furthermore it can easily fit most holster types.



Buy from for ($13.69)




Crosman Softair-Stinger 34


The best airsoft gun in 2017 was released by Crosman: the Softair-Stinger 34! This military style rifle is a great addition to serious airsoft players that want perfection during each shoot. The rifle comes with a cross hair sight and quad rail structure perfect for mounting various firing accessories. This airsoft rifle incorporates a high capacity magazine that can hold up to 180 BBs which enhances the shooting fun. This means impressive firepower! It can help players defend strongholds or mount proper assaults on different opposing forces. The Softair-Singer is perfect for individuals that want to quickly learn the way of the land during each game!



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Crosman Pulse M74DP


For most airsoft enthusiasts identifying the best airsoft gun in 2017, means having the upper hand during various moments of a game. As a result it comes as no surprise to see the growing interest for the M74DP AEG Airsoft gun from Crosman. This highly efficient mini gun holds up to 250 BBs and can shoot at outstanding velocities of 150 fps! The rifle uses a unique combination of electric power and steel spring for proper firing force! It is very easy to load. The gun’s best feature is flexibility; due to its lightweight format and user friendly firing features the user can safely enjoy shooting accuracy with each shoot!



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