Best Anti-virus Software Reviews


Top Anti-virus Software in 2017


With the way technology has evolved in the world of computers, it helps that there are a host of best anti-virus software reviews to help people make wise and sensible decisions on how to best protect their PCs from attacks. Computer viruses have changed forms, manner of delivery and extent of damage, all at a constant rate. The barrage of modern applications and novel media breakthroughs online can challenge even the most advanced anti-virus product. It is best to study both the pros and cons to every anti-virus system before actually making an investment in one.


Norton 360 2017 – 1 User / 3 Licenses


Best Anti-virus Software ReviewsRunning on both Mac OS and Windows, Norton 360 2017 has made it many times to the best anti-virus software reviews in existence today. Buyers of anti-virus software seek to protect their computers from all sorts of attacks and keep their PCs in fighting condition at all times. Trust this product to be engineered to do just that. Whether it’s spam, social media risks or identity theft, this software has it covered. It keeps PC performance running smoothly by intelligently performing defragmentation and PC tune-up at regular periods.

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FixMeStick® – External Hardware-based Security Program


Unlike others in its class, the FixMeStick® is an actual USB device that users plug into their computer. It is Windows supported thru File Explorer application. It does not ward off viruses like other software security applications, which may turn other people off altogether. But what it does can be a lot better especially when your PC security has already been compromised. This is the strength of  the product; you can call it the ‘morning-after pill’ for computers. It performs virus removal after the virus has already gotten past anti-virus programs. That’s why it should be the top antivirus software in 2017, in our humble opinion.

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Kaspersky 3-User Anti-Virus for 2017


It works discretely to protect your PC from the attacks launched by spyware, rootkits, Trojans and viruses. It works at real time, which makes it the best anti-virus software in 2017 for a lot of people who prefer to give a serious look to alternatives for popular security programs. No matter how ironclad software security programs profess to be, there will always be vulnerabilities in PCs that can be quite difficult to monitor and control. But this program has been guaranteed to put such concerns away.  It promises to provide protection against new and emerging threats to your PC.

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AVG- 3 User Anti-Virus + PC Tune Up 2017


This program is engineered to help the user control how they are seen online by other web users. Those who share in what the user does online have no right to encroach on that user’s security. Identity theft and spying are rampant and anybody can be a victim, but thanks to this product, there is a real choice. It could very well be the best anti-virus software in 2017 for its ability to scan quickly and not bog down your PC’s performance. What’s more, deleted files have no way of being recovered because they are permanently removed and thrown out.

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McAfee 3-PC Total Protection 2017


This product protects up to three personal computers, which gives value for money. No discs come in the package, just a product key card where protection is bundled in. Parents would most likely love this product for the parental control application that it comes with. Users are alerted via icons carrying color coding. Those icons let the user know whether the site they are about to go into does not pose any risks to the computer’s integrity.

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