Best AR Blue Clean AR383 expert review


Expert buying advice on AR Blue Clean AR383


Best AR Blue Clean AR383 expert reviewEvery home should have around a powerful pressure washer, designed to handle various cleaning operations, from bikes, cars, driveways, patios and other surfaces. The market offers a wide range of washers, designed to offer precise results irrespective of the respective conditions. Our research team managed to analyse some of the best pressure washers available on the market and determined that AR383 from AR Blue Clean can significantly improve the way you handle various cleaning tasks around the house. If you are on the market for a reliable washer then you could opt for this model hand down. Read with attention the best AR Blue Clean AR383 expert review and understand why so many people use it in order to clean everything you want with ease.

Why should you use this powerful washer? Well, AR Blue Clean AR383 pros and cons will show exactly that the device is offering. Your garage needs to come equipped with a reliable pressure washer, capable of removing dirt and stains with precision. This powerful device was designed out of copper, plastic and aluminum, solid materials which can resist for a long period of time. You should also know that the device comes with powerful accessory kit that includes: gun, high pressure hose, lance with foam dispenser and customizable jet nozzle. Now, before you find out where to get the best prices for AR Blue Clean AR383, it is important to know exactly more about the structure and additional cleaning functions of the washer.


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Pros and Cons

Today, you need to know more about AR Blue Clean AR383 pros and cons and safely make an informant decision, with no regrets later on. The device comes with 2 wheel trolley safely mounted with a handle for better manoeuvring and precision. It comes equipped with an automatic safety valve and pressure shut-off, installed on the pump head. One thing is certain; this powerful washer will not leave you hanging.

  1. Power cleaning precision: the device is powered by an universal electric motor of 120 volts, 60 HZ and 11 amps, more than enough to clean various dirt and stains around the driveways, patios or backyards.
  2. Solid construction: this powerful pressure washer features 3 axial piston wobble plate pump, gun-wand, long-lasting induction motor and also an attachable foamer and soap bottle. You should know that the gun wand comes equipped with a fully adjustable spray head, water filter, detergent tank, high pressure hose and also detergent injector kit.
  3. Dimensions: 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches
  4. Weight: 27 pounds, which makes it very easy to use during every phase of various cleaning operations.
  5. Origin: it is good to know that the pressure washer was designed in United States of America.


As you managed to finish the best AR Blue Clean AR383 expert review, it is important know that the washer also comes with some setbacks. Some people pointed out that the plastic hose adapter can sometimes leak water, right in the place where the washers meet.


This pressure washer was designed in order to handle any type of cleaning projects. The best AR Blue Clean AR383 expert review underlined that the device manages to provide quality results, without getting into problems. The next step in your washer comprehension resides on your capacity to clean dirt, stains and other debris. Where to find discounted deals on AR Blue Clean AR383? Well, within a short period of time you will discover that Amazon offers quality prices on this powerful pressure washer from AR!


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