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Professional buying advice on Asus VS247H-P


Best Asus VS247H-P expert reviewIn the present more and more professional gamers are searching for high quality monitors, designed to enhance the gaming experience. Now, if you are trying to place on your desk a great monitor, then limit your search to gaming monitors. We managed to analyse with attention the best models available on the market, and determined that you can use with confidence Asus VS247H-P, a great monitor already owned by thousands of Americans. In order to understand better the sudden growth in popularity for this model, you have to consult the best Asus VS247H-P expert review. Amazing pictures and heightened clarity represent the proper ways to describe how this monitor will react to your daily visual needs.

Going through Asus VS247H-P pros and cons represents a major step in painting a clear picture on the functionality of the monitor. This product is so-high end that business people and media enthusiasts can use it without reservations. It was designed with attention in order to respond to people visual needs. With a stylish design and cool framework, the monitor can blend with ease in any room. You need to know that the monitor is VESA compatible so you can place it whenever you want. Furthermore the monitor significantly improves daily visual experiences, with Full HD quality unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Furthermore as the best Asus VS247H-P expert review pointed out, the model comes equipped with 2 MS response times, which maintains the motion playback.


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Pros and Cons

In the following rows we are going to underline Asus VS247H-P pros and cons. With more information on the monitor’s functions, you will be sure that every scene during games is vibrant and high quality resolution. One thing is absolutely certain: Asus technical expertise can’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to the models from VS Series. The monitor comes with LED backlit technology that delivers bright and clear visual clarity.

  1. Environmental certification: EPEAT Gold and Energy Star certified, which ensures that the monitor is of high quality.
  2. High visual clarity: the monitor features 50.000.000:1 Asus Smart Contrast Ratio which maintains pictures clear. Furthermore it has LED backlit technology and Splendid Video Intelligence technology that maintains every scene in breathe-taking Full HD.
  3. SMART Led monitor: the device includes ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio which represents a dynamic contrast ratio that renders redefined images, even during low light conditions. The model is part of the renowned Corporate Stable Model program, designed to offer quality warranties, both exclusive and firm.
  4. Enhanced connectivity: the device has HDMI connectivity which helps you connect other monitors, TVs, projectors, notebooks and many more.
  5. Dimensions: 22.1 x 16.1 x 7.8 inches
  6. Weight: 10 pounds, easy to take from one desk to another.


Before you start looking where to get the best prices for Asus VS247H-P, you need to know that a couple of people underline some disadvantages. Some people stated that it would’ve been great for the monitor to include a webcam, designed especially for video calls and solid connections with friends. Still, in order to remedy this limitation, you can opt to invest in an external webcam.


Now that you managed to read the best Asus VS247H-P expert review, you know how well this product will meet your visual needs. Either for games, business, fun and multimedia, this advanced monitor from Asus won’t let you down. You will be able to enjoy a superb visual experience even thou you watch movies with tons of low light scenes or high moving action games.


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