Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews


The choice of an automatic cat feeder doesn’t have to depend only on information you get from the best automatic cat feeder reviews. Your pet is the single and most important consideration you have to take for your purchase. Plastic may cause allergies to some cats. In addition, the cat feeder has to adhere to your pet’s dietary requirements, such as when your cat has diabetes, diet restrictions or is just a big eater. You also need to think about the feeder being able to do its job even when you’re away. Out of the many readings I have done, these five brands are what I consider top quality.


Comparison table:


ProductCapacitySpecial featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Super Feeder Csf-3 Automatic Cat Feeder
Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews
4 and 3/4 cupsOptional 1.5 gallon hopper$$$$
Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder
6.5 lbsAll food parts dishwasher safe$$$
PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder from PetSafe
5 cupsMade of sanitary, rugged, and polypropylene$$
MOTA Perfect Dinner Automatic Pet Feeder
7 lbsPet owner's record/play voices$$$



Top Automatic Cat Feeders in 2018



Super Feeder Csf-3


Best Automatic Cat Feeder ReviewsThe Super Feeder deserves a slot in the best automatic cat feeder reviews due to the Kibisan bowl it comes with. Resembling atypical kitchen dish, the bowl is curved to enable wider food distribution and better access to kibble. You can put the feeder unit in a small area or under a coffee table where your pet can easily get to it. A 1.5-gallon hopper is an optional accessory that you can get separately when you want to increase the feeder’s capacity. A digital timer lets you adjust feeding frequency and size, including snack feeding.



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Cat Mate C3000



Whether your pet eats like a bird or always has a hearty appetite, the Cat Mate pet feeder can provide feed from just 2 teaspoons and a lot more. The food hopper can hold up to 6.5 pounds of pet kibble. It has a tamper-free feed nozzle so your pet won’t be in danger of getting overfed. All food parts of the Cat Mate automatic pet feeder can be washed in the dishwasher. The unit can run on 4 C-size batteries to give up to 9 months of uninterrupted use.



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PetSafe Electronic


The PetSafe pet feeder is electronic, making it the best automatic cat feeder in 2018. There are five chambers with single-cup capacity. The pet feeder can accommodate both dry and moist pet food. PetSafe has made this pet feeder with an easy-to-set digital timer to facilitate feeding. It also has a secure latching lid to keep pet food clean and safe. The food tray is dishwasher-safe. 4 D-cell batteries have to be separately purchased, which will power the feeder. The PetSafe pet feeder’s electronic timer lets you set feeding time intervals to be one hour from each other.



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MOTA Perfect Dinner


The Perfect Dinner pet feeder keeps its set program till you decide to shut if off or alter the setting. The clear bowl lets you see how much food is still in the reservoir. Due to the many options for portion size on the pet feeder, it has become the top rated automatic cat feeder in 2018. The pet feeder controls feeding time, thanks to a preset window for the three main meals of the day. This way, your pet will not get overfed or get too large portions on every serving. Portion control is even voice programmable by the owner.



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Crown Majestic V2R – Not available


The Crown Majestic pet feeder can dispense dry food automatically in varying amounts: 2 cups, one cup, ¾ cup, ½ cup and ¼ cup. This characteristic makes it the best automatic cat feeder in 2018. Your pet can get a complete meal with this automatic pet feeder that has a drinking bowl, detachable water bottle and extended grain receptacle for easy clean-up. With the backlit LCD display, you can determine the number and time of meals, at quarter cups set per meal. The water bottle replenishes water supply through its gravity-controlled mechanism.