Best Automatic Litter Box Reviews


Top Automatic Litter Boxes in 2018


Cat owners go over the best Automatic litter box reviews to get an automatic litter box that will train their pets not to poop outside the litter box. I have interviewed cat owners and pet shop business people to find the best brands of automatic litter box. Aside from being self-cleaning, good brands constantly clean themselves up, use less litter, need less scooping and smell better. Moreover, good quality ones are those to which your pet can adjust quickly, which means the automatic box does not run noisily or will not run when your pet is in it. Out of the many choices for such a product, I have found the five bestselling brands in the market.


Litter Robot LRII Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Best Automatic Litter Box ReviewsThe Litter Robot has always been included in the best Automatic litter box reviews thanks to the patented technology with which it automatically cleans litter by sifting after your pet uses it. Waste gets collected in a large drawer that you can line with a standard kitchen garbage bag. The contraption utilizes no wires or rakes that could potentially damage the entire mechanism. The cat simply enters the round litter chamber and a sensor detects its presence. The chamber undergoes a slow rotation after seven minutes, which disperses clumps and waste into the drawer while clean litter is left in the chamber.

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CatGenie Self Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box


The CatGenie litter box deserves to be called the best Automatic litter box in 2018 due to the washable granules it uses instead of plain clay litter. The automatic box can serve 1 to 3 regular-sized cats efficiently. The CatGenie can be connected to a cold water outlet and an electrical outlet in the bathroom, laundry or utility room. The self-flushing package includes a cartridge of recyclable SaniSolution to keep the litter box clean. It also comes with a box of washable granules that you put into the flushing cat box.

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Brilliant Pet ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box


The ScoopFree® litter box does not require you to scoop waste out. A rake takes solid waste safely out of sight. Wetness and unpleasant odor are kept out thanks to the Premium Blue Crystals with which the disposable tray is filled. The tray also has a plastic lining that prevents unwanted leak-through. The Brilliant Pet automatic litter box cleans itself up for your pet and you for up to a month, before you need to empty or clean it up. Thanks to intelligent design by pet lovers who are MIT-educated, the ScoopFree® has become the best Automatic litter box in 2018.

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LitterMaid LM680C Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box


Offensive odors are controlled and waste is removed, all thanks to the LitterMaid classic automatic litter box. There are waste receptacles provided to make cleaning and waste disposal effortless and quick. Each receptacle has a carbon filter that effectively absorbs and eliminates odors. The high-wall design of this self-cleaning litter box works well for households with one or more cats. The carpeted ramp keeps litter in the box. The litter box works ideally with proprietary Premium Clumping Litter for better performance. The efficient raking mechanism lets you save on litter.

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PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box


The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is the top rated Automatic litter box in 2018 thanks to how it performs self-cleaning. The quiet hum that the litter box emits makes cats feel comfortable at using it. Litter is kept clean because the litter box is programmable to move a full rotation every hour so your cat doesn’t get startled. A garbage bag can be used to line the litter bin for quick maintenance and cleaning. There are no moving parts on the unit so it is perfectly safe. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring no special tools.

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