Best Baby Monitor for Twins


Top rated baby monitors for twin babies


As a mom, it’s really hard to monitor your kids while doing all the house chores at the same time. It’s a good thing I found a way to keep my eyes on my kids while I do all the work at home. Now, I am looking for the best baby monitor for twins to help me check on my kids while doing other things. It took me a while searching the internet for the best units but, thanks to the helpful top rated baby monitors reviews, I was able to come up with a great list.


Summer Infant Complete Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor


1This Complete Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor is designed for parents who wish to have two monitoring options. It has been upgraded digitally to fit a large 7’’ screen, in a thinner and sleeker handheld unit for a more portable use. The features include video switch, controls for brightness and volume, and even night vision. All its features justify its excellent reputation in the top rated baby monitors reviews.

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Summer Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor


2This is a 3.5 inch portable video monitor that features a high resolution color LCD. Its spilt screen technology is designed for viewing rooms side by side. It is a handheld video monitor that operates on 2.4 GHz wireless digital technology and it is conveniently portable. The Summer Dual View Video monitor is packed with a two-way audio communication plus sound activated LED lights. This monitor has a range of up to 600 feet and that is why it is the best baby monitor for twins.

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Summer Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor Set


3The Summer Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Monitors are two 2.3-inch portable color LCD handheld units that efficiently operate on 2.4 GHz wireless digital technology. This is a very unique monitor set than the rest of the units on the market. It features two-receiver technology and it can allow two people to keep babies in view even while they’re in different rooms. Its features such as 3 AC adapters, 6 security clips, wall anchor, and day & night camera unit is very convenient for you.

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Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor


4If you are on the lookout for the best baby monitor for twins, there is no need to exhaust yourself with the seach because the Levana Lila Digital Baby Video monitor is the answer to your needs. You can get other things done without worrying about the monitor’s battery life running out because it gives you 72 hours of smooth operation. It has Invisible LED Night vision and an unbreakable ClearVu digital signal that gives a precise and clear digital signal from up to 500 ft. away.

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Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor


5You will find the qualities of the best video baby monitor in 2018 in this Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor. It has a 3.5 color screen and 2 cameras in its package. This is a very solid product that is perfect for multiple rooms. It has a very good video and sound quality with excellent range and convenient features. You will be able to talk to your baby through it. It also plays music and you won’t have any trouble charging it.