Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews


How to Buy the Best Backpack Leaf Blower


Generally affordably priced and designed to be easy and comfortable to carry, many home owners are discovering the convenience of a backpack leaf blower. It will quickly clear leaves and debris off your yard, sidewalk and driveway, without the stress and tension many handheld models put on your muscles. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best backpack leaf blower in 2018.

Best Backpack leaf blower


There are two types of backpack leaf blowers, and each has its own advantages. Models with a two stroke or cycle engine are generally lightweight and capable of providing plenty of power in a smaller package, and are also considered easier to maintain. Four stroke engines do have the advantage of using less fuel and are able to produce more power, but these backpack leaf blowers are also larger and heavier.



The best backpack leaf blower reviews all agree that the design is important, and can affect how easy and comfortable it is to use. You want to choose a model that is designed to distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders to prevent muscle aches and pain, and you also want to consider the placement of the controls. The throttle should be easy to reach without straining your wrist and hand, and able to prevent painful muscle fatigue.



Backpack leaf blowers can also include various features that will make it easier and more comfortable to use. Two stroke models that include premixed oil and fuel are generally easier to start, and can even help to extend the product warranty. Flexible hoses make it easier to blow leaves and debris out of corners and other hard to reach places, and ventilated openings can help you stay cool while you are working. You might also want to consider padding on the straps to prevent painful rubbing against your back and shoulders, and backpack leaf blowers with a simple start button are generally recommended over models with a pull cord.


Top Backpack Leaf Blowers in 2018


While we can’t choose the right equipment for your yard, we can show you the top rated leaf blowers for 2018. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable to carry, these powerful models are also compliant with most state and federal emissions standards. Maybe one of these backpack leaf blowers is exactly what you need to keep your lawn and walkways clear.


Husqvarna 350BT


1.Husqvarna 350BTAccording to the best backpack leaf blower reviews this model can be easily used by professional landscapers and homeowners. It features a lightweight and durable construction that is designed to be easy to operate and comfortable to wear, which is always an advantage when you are clearing larger areas. The 2 cycle motor is also compliant with state and federal emission regulations so you can use it almost anywhere.

The 2 HP motor not only releases fewer pollutants than other models, it is also designed to be more fuel efficient. This lets you work longer on one tank of gas so you can save time and money on fewer fill ups. You will also appreciate how easy this backpack leaf blower is to start, along with the conveniently placed throttle.

You will appreciate the lightweight 22.5 pound construction when you strap this leaf blower to your back and shoulders, along with the vented opening and padded harness. This will help you stay cool and comfortable, even on hot summer days. Your neighbors will also appreciate the quiet motor that only emits 104 dB while it is running, and so will your sensitive ears. With an included warranty that can be extended and the ability to create wind gusts up to 180mph, this backpack leaf blower may be exactly what you need to make yard work quick and easy.

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Makita BBX7600N


2.Makita BBX7600NFeaturing a powerful 4 stroke motor that meets all federal and state emissions regulations, this backpack leaf blower is perfect for almost any commercial application. It is designed to be comfortable to wear, and will make short work out of larger areas. Since this leaf blower features a 4 stroke engine, you also have the advantage of its time and money saving fuel efficient design.

Weighing only 22.6 pounds this 4 stroke backpack leaf blower won’t cause muscle fatigue, and it also features a large ventilated opening that helps keep you and the motor cool. The padded straps fit comfortably over your shoulders, and won’t rub or irritate your sensitive skin even if you are working outside all day. The handle is also conveniently located on the blower tube for quick and easy access.

You will appreciate how easy it is to drain and fill the fuel and oil, and the included air filter is also simple to remove and clean. Along with being easy to maintain, this leaf blower is also powerful enough to quickly clear larger areas. It is capable of generating wind speeds up to 195 mph, which is strong enough to move your biggest piles of wet and dry leaves.

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Troy-Bilt TB4BP


3.Troy-Bilt TB4BPOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is that this backpack leaf blower doesn’t require any fuel mixing, even though it features a powerful and efficient 4 stroke engine. It is designed to give you a consistently high performance, while also being incredibly easy to maintain. You will also appreciate how easy this leaf blower is to start with just the press of a button. It should be mentioned that the starter button must be purchased separately.

Weighing slightly over 21 pounds this backpack leaf blower is comfortable to wear. The padded harness won’t rub or irritate your shoulders, and the ventilated design will help you stay cool in hot weather. This also helps to prevent muscle and heat fatigue making it easier to finish clearing large areas in less time.

You will appreciate the longer blower tube that also bends and flexes so you can clear around corners, and the throttle can be easily locked at a set speed. With its included 2 year warranty and the ability to create wind speeds up to 150mph, you can clear long walkways and large yards quickly and easily.

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