Best Band Saw under 500


How to Find the Most Reliable Band Saw under 500


Used in several industries, a band saw can be an indispensable tool in any modern workshop or kitchen. People in the metalworking, woodworking, retail, forestry and restaurant businesses know how useful this type of equipment can be, so they try to find the best band saw under 500 to supplement existing gear collection. To be an educated buyer, make sure to know what to look for in such a machine.

Best band saw under 500

Reliable Motor

The best band saw will provide adequate horsepower to rip down even billets from logs of to cut around turning blanks. A band saw motor with less than one horsepower will struggle on green hard wood blanks. It is best to look for more than one horsepower, if possible. The power of the saw can increase (despite making a compromise on speed) if it is equipped with a series of pulleys that enables use of various ratios.


Suitable Throat Capacity

It is important to first determine the desired application for the best band saw under 500 if you are to know which throat capacity is suitable. The throat capacity is the distance between the frame and the blade. It quantifies the maximum width of the bandsaw’s cutting ability. This distance is typically from ¼ to 3/8 inch less than the actual pulley size. Thus, a ten-inch band saw can work on stock up to 9 5/8 inches wide, while a 14-inch band saw can tackle material up to 13 ¾ inches wide. A large throat capacity works best for larger and wider cut pieces for scrolling.


Suitable Blade Width

Band saw blades are available in various widths depending on the tightness of the curve to be cut. The blade width varies from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. Also, blades with a higher teeth-per-inch (TPI) ratio cut more cleanly and more slowly, making them suitable for scroll work. Thinner blades and finer teeth are made for cutting a tight radius and a sharp curve. Generally, you should use the largest blade size that can do the task.


Top Rated Band Saws under 500


Choosing the right band saw is important to ensure suitability to a specific application. Since the purchase is an investment, you should do some research prior to buying. This will help you make a sensible selection from among the many brands and models, including exceptional ones like these three units.


Jet 414458 HVBS-56M Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw


1.Jet 414458 HVBS-56MPowering through a range of materials with ease, the Jet 414458 HVBS-56M Bandsaw makes a perfect addition to any home shop. Equipped with a strong ½-horsepower 115-volt motor, the Jet 414458 HVBS-56M does the job efficiently and quickly with its ½-inch carbon steel blade plus the adjustable material stop and worktable. Geared to provide long-lasting, consistent, heavy-duty performance, the Jet 414458 HVBS-56M comes with a robust 14-gauge stand which supports the heavy-duty structure. The two large wheels enable problem-free mobility. The built-in handle enables easy movement as well.

The front legs and adjustable leveling pads ensure proper leveling of the unit to enable you to make accurate cuts. The Jet 414458 HVBS-56M is able to cut through aluminum to steel. As a safety feature, the band saw shuts off automatically after each cut is completed. The metalworking bandsaw has fully adjustable ball bearing guides that may work better than solid guides. With three blade speeds to choose from, it offers flexibility to accommodate various applications. The vise swivels up to 45 degrees to offer greater control over each project.

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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw


2.Rikon 10-305 BandsawYou just know it’s built solid by the way it looks, but the Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence is capable of proving it works as good as it appears to be. The solid steel design begins with a frame made of steel plate, which is substantially stronger than any plastic frame used in competing brands. The cast iron table is robust enough to accommodate work pieces thanks to the strong and unyielding work surface measuring 13 ¾ inches by 12 ½ inches. The premium quality rip fence is easily removable so you can do freehand work.

The Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw is equipped with a 1/3-horsepower 3.5-amp motor that delivers just enough power to cut pen and bowl blanks. The micro-adjustable guide post can be lowered or raised at a turn of the handle. This benchtop model comes with all the features of a full-size unit including edge-facing thrust bearings plus a 4 5/8-inch cutting height and a 5/8-inch cutting width capacity. The 70 ½-inch blade produces cutting capacity ranging from 1/8 inch to1/2 inch.

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Proxxon 37172 Micro Band Saw MBS/E


3.Proxxon 37172 MicroThe Proxxon Micro-Band Saw MBS/E is engineered with a solid ribbed die cast aluminum housing that ensures a robust build, as it has no tubular or sheet metal used in its construction. The Proxxon Micro-Band Saw is outfitted with a quiet-working premium quality motor with a toothed belt to enable extended operation. The bandsaw also features electronically controlled variable speeds that enable remarkably accurate cutting while eliminating the need to do extra finishing work. The blade measures 42 inches x 13/64 inch x 1/64 inch. The Proxxon Micro-Band Saw is perfect for carrying out fine work.

This bandsaw also allows cutting of small radius materials. It is outfitted with a sturdy machined aluminum table with a slot for a miter gauge. The table bevels 45 degrees for precise miter sawing. The Proxxon Micro-Band Saw comes with a chart that shows the recommended speeds to be utilized for nearly all materials. It offers a speed ranging between 395 and 820 feet per minute, with feedback control for easy handling. The 5 29/32-inch throat depth can work on a maximum work piece height of 3 13/32 inches, for reliable versatility.

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