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When it comes to construction jobs, men are pretty handy with their tools and constantly try to obtain quality results. Still, without the proper power tools you won’t be able to get the job done fast and with the precision you want. One of the most important power tools that needs to be present in the workshop of any aspiring or professional builder or architect is the band saw. In order to find a high quality model capable of delivering precise cutting results you have to read some of the current best band saws reviews, drafted by thousands of satisfied people or construction sites managers.


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ProductCutting capacityPower sourcePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Dewalt DCS370B Band Saw
1/2 inchesCordless electric$$$A+Amazon
Jet JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw Kit
12 inchesCorded electric$$$$$AAmazon
Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw
4-5/8 inchesCorded electric$$$$B+Amazon
Powertec BS900 Band Saw
Best Band Saws reviews
3-5/8 inchesAC$$BAmazon
SKIL 3386-02 Band Saw
3-1/8 inchesCorded electric$$C+Amazon



Dewalt DCS370B


Dewalt always managed to release top rated power tools, and DCS370B band saw makes no exception, reuniting quality materials that are durable and also a precise cutting technology. The model has a precise 1/2″ cut capacity that allows you to cut up to 2” SCH 40 pipe which is quite impressive. It delivers and maintains superior balance and also ergonomics for optimal cuts and thus inflicts less fatigue on the user. Furthermore, this band saw has an integrated hang hook which permits the user to hang the saw without creating any damage to the front handles or base. It incorporates a solid blade tracking customizable blade life for stunning cuts.

“I want for myself only top quality tools and this is exactly why I chose to get this band saw from Dewalt. Thick pipes are no problem for this saw, cutting accurate and fast. It is light enough to cause no wrist fatigue so this is why I recommend it as a great tool to have.” – Erick Smith


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Don’t know which is the best band saw? Well, according to the present best band saws reviews it seems that Jet JWBS-14DXPR delivers precision during every cutting action. It comes with a built-in 12 inch re saw capacity when you have to deal with large pieces of wood, which require additional attention from your part. The model has a 2 speed poly-v belt drive system for great force while you prepare a project. This band saw from JWBS-14DXPR, has an upper and lower cast iron frame that adds stability and rigidity while you work on any piece of wood.

“In the time I have used the Jet JWBS-14DXPR band saw, it has proven to be very reliable, impressing me whith how accurate it cuts are and at the same time how fast it goes through even the hardest material. I really recommend it if you are looking for a band saw.” –  William Jackson


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Rikon 10-305


High Quality is what sets apart Rikon 10-305 band saws from other products currently available on the market. This 10-inch device includes the force of a 1/3 HP motor, the stability of a cast iron table and also the precision of a 4-5/8 inch re-saw capacity, helping you get the job faster and without additional fatigue. You should also that the band saw comes with a fence and micro adjustable guide, for additional comfort while cutting different materials. It also presents a 2-1/2 inch dust port that maintains the work area free of unwanted dust or debris which might disturb you.

“Everything about this band saw is top class, the solid steel construction, the flat iron table, the motor and so on. I managed to make a very smart investment which has proven very helpful in more than one specific situation.” – Thomas Buckley


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Powertec BS900


Best Band Saws reviewsStrength, cutting precision and force represent the best words to describe the fluid functionality of Powertec BS900 band saw, a model which is highly acclaimed by thousands of American constructionists. The device comes with a patented blade guard adjustment system that allows you to quickly change the blade selection. The table is solid and durable, being equipped with a rack and pinion adjustment system that can be lifted and tilted to a 45 degree in order to cut with more precision. In addition, the model has a blade tracking window and also a precise blade with range 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch which ensures additional versatility.

“I’m a bit of a do-it-yourself guy and this is why I try to make or build stuff on my own, after my own planning and doing them exactly how I want. An important tool for me is the Powertec BS900 band saw with which I am able to make some precison cutting.” – Sam Lawrence


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SKIL 3386-02


Most of the present best band saws reviews, written by construction workers and engineers, emphasize on the strong cutting features of SKIL 3386-02 band saw, a model that impresses through its powerful cutting features and surgical precision. The model features a 120-volt and 9 inch saw, powered by a reliable 2.5 Amp motor for added force while cutting any type of material. It comes equipped with a ribbed aluminum table that can be tilted adjusted, from 0 to 45 degree thus giving you more liberty while cutting. Furthermore the band saw is intelligent and intuitive, designed to deliver heightened visibility during any project.

“The SKILL 3386-02 band saw has been usd on different jobs by me for more than half a year now and I haven’t encountered any problem with it. I didn’t encounter any material which it couldn’t cut exactly how I wanted it to. This is undoubtedly a top band saw.” –  Richard White


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