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A bath mat may seem like a small bathroom item at first sight, but it can be much more. First of all, it helps preventing slips and falls that may lead to injuries, especially for the elderly. Second of all, a nice looking bath mat can be regarded as part of your bathroom décor. Choosing a good bath mat is important for your safety, since you can greatly reduce the risk of slipping accidents in the bathroom, and it can also add to the general appeal of this room of the house. Reading the best bath mat reviews can help you a great deal, but, if you do not have the time, this following buying guide will show you in a nutshell everything you need to look for in such an item.

Best bath mat

Quick drying materials

Since you will be using your bath mat extensively, a very important feature to keep in mind is the type of material used for it. Bamboo that is resistant to water is a great choice, and it will also look great in any bathroom with a natural style. Cork is another great choice, because it does not absorb moisture and it does not allow fungi to grow on the mat. In case you go for cotton, make sure to choose a model that comes with a non-skid bottom, to avoid bathroom accidents.



What are you going to use the bath mat for? Will it be used just to dry your feet when you come out of the bathtub? Or you also need one that fits inside the bathtub to minimize the risk of accidents when taking a shower? (The latter is a good choice if you have kids or seniors living with you under the same roof.)


Non-skid surface

It is very important that your bath mat doesn’t slip from under your feet. There are models that come with suction cups that adhere to the floor or the bottom of the bathtub, whose role is exactly that. Models with non-skid bottom are the most popular, because they also contribute to the safety factor.



Top Bath Mats in 2018


The next three products are considered by their buyers the top rated bath mats 2018. They offer great comfort and they also look nice in any bathroom décor. If you want to learn more about all these bath mats, check their most important features, as they are described below.


Utopia Luxury

1.Utopia Luxury Bath MatOne of the best choices around at the current moment, when it comes to these indispensable bathroom products, is the Utopia Luxury Bath Mat. Made of 100% cotton, this model is preferred by many buyers who commend its softness and absorbing rate.

If you are searching for a bath mat that will look really great in your bathroom, you will find this particular product to offer looks and functionality at the same time, at a very competitive price. What you will notice right away about it is its elegant look that is easy to maintain since it can be washed in your washing machine. The cotton used is of superior quality and it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear with time. Your feet will also be grateful for the soft, cozy surface provided by the cotton bath mat, each time you get out of the shower.

The model is also durable. Besides being made of high quality materials, it has double stitched edges that increase its lifespan. Now you do not have to invest in a total bathroom makeover. Purchasing this bath mat will lend your bathroom a new fresh look that you will absolutely love.

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Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial


2.Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath MatBeing safe in the bathroom means two things: avoiding slipping and other accidents, and ensuring a hygienic environment so that fungi and bacteria do not start affecting your health. The Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat is specifically designed to ensure proper protection, as it does not only reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom, but it also prevents the development of bacteria inside it.

Made of heavy duty rubber that is completely latex free, to avoid any kind of allergies, this bath mat is very resistant and durable. Because of its great qualities, it is often used by hospitals, gyms, hotels and homes where the need for increased safety is paramount. Praised by the vast majority of the best bath mat reviews, this bath mat has everything you are looking for in such a product.

The model offers great grip both on the top surface and on the bottom surface. The bottom comes equipped with suction cups, so you can use the bath mat inside the bathtub when you or another person living in the same household needs to take a shower. The textured top surface also contributes to the overall safety rating of this great bath mat.

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Slip-X Solutions Extra Long


3.Slip-X Solutions Extra Long Bath MatOne thing that many people complain about when they are looking to purchase a bath mat to use inside the bathtub is that the models they find are simply too small to cover the entire bottom of the bathtub. If you are one of these people, you will find the Slip-X Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat a great choice, since it covers 30% more surface than the standard bath mats sold today.

Made of heavy duty vinyl, this bath mat is very durable and it is also allergen free, so you do not have to worry about a thing when you are using it. In case the mat becomes dirty, you can wash it in your washing machine, with minimum effort from your part.

As far as slip resistance is concerned, this bath mat offers the perfect solution. Each time you will be using the bathtub, you will find the comfortable mat there, preventing any slipping and falling accidents, while still being very comfortable for your feet.

The Slip-X Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat competes for the title of the best bath mat 2018, and it is the absolute winner in many buyers’ book, especially due to its extra long size.

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