Best Battery Weed Eater Reviews


What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Battery Weed Eater


Battery weed eaters are gaining in popularity over gas powered models for several reasons that include its environmentally friendly design. The cordless construction also gives you more freedom to move around, and battery weed eaters are generally lightweight and easy to operate. While there are several advantages to using a battery weed eater, you also want to ensure that you choose the right one. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best battery weed eater in 2018.

Best battery weed eater


One of the most important aspects to consider is the type of battery, and how long it can hold a charge. As stated in the best battery weed eater reviews you want the model you choose to be able to hold a charge long enough to finish your yard. Weed eaters that use lithium batteries are generally recommended over other models, and can also be recharged.



You also want to consider the design of the weed eater, and how comfortable it is to use. Models with a longer, straight shaft are ideal for taller users, and can easily reach under ornamental shrubs and bushes. Battery weed eaters with a curved shaft are easy to maneuver around corners, and are often lighter in weight than other models. You also want to consider the width of the cutting head, which should measure at least 12 inches so you can quickly finish trimming your smaller yard.



Battery powered weed eaters can include several convenient features that also make it easier to use. Included chargers will help keep the weed eater fully powered and ready to go, and models with adjustable speeds make it easier to neatly trim different areas. Automatic line feed helps you finish more quickly, and also help prevent back problems that can occur when you are constantly bending over to adjust the cutting string. Some models can even be converted into an edger without the use of additional tools.


Top Battery Weed Eaters in 2018


While we can’t choose the right tools for your yard, we can show you the top rated battery weed eaters for 2018. Not only are these weed eaters designed to be environmentally friendly, each one is also priced to make most budgets happy. Easy to operate and maneuver, you will love how neat and trim your yard looks with one of these battery weed eaters.


DeWalt DCST920P1 String Trimmer


1.DEWALT DCST920P1The best battery weed eater reviews state this model features a patented and durable design that includes the gear drive. The motor is brushless to extend its life, and the gears are designed to operate smoothly for maximum performance and efficiency. You will also appreciate its lightweight construction that is designed to prevent muscle fatigue.

This battery powered model features a round head that is able to cut a 13 inch path through thick weeds and grass, and is also designed to be easy to maneuver. The long straight shaft will fit easily under shrubs and bushes, and is perfectly sized for taller users. You can also use the trimmer upside down to easily edge around sidewalks and driveways.

Designed for smaller yards the 20V lithium battery will provide you will plenty of power, and the included charger ensures that it is always ready to go. Your neighbors will also appreciate its quiet design, especially if you prefer to work in the yard in the morning. With the ability to adjust the speed while you are working and the included one year warranty, it’s easy to see why this battery powered weed eater is popular with home owners.

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Worx GT 2.0 WG160 WG160 Grass Trimmer/Edger


2.WORX GT 2.0 WG160With its ability to be converted into an edger, trimmer and mower, this might be one of the only tools you need for your yard. It features a lightweight and durable construction, and since it is battery powered you know that this weed eater meets and exceeds all state and federal emissions standards. It is the perfect tool for maintaining your smaller yard, and you will also appreciate its affordable price and included warranty.

The straight shaft can be easily adjusted so you can find the perfect comfortable height, and it is also designed to trim under low growing bushes and shrubs. You will also appreciate being able to tilt the shaft 90 degrees for easy maneuverability around corners and edges. The padded handle is comfortable to hold on to and provides additional control, while the 12 inch head easily cuts a path through thick overgrowth.

You will love how easy this battery weed eater is to operate, and that it can be converted into a mower or edger without the use of additional tools. The automatic line feed advances the string as you go, and the included 20V lithium battery provides you with plenty of power to take care of your entire yard. With the included charger to save money on replacement costs and its efficient and durable design, this might be exactly what you need to keep your small yard neat and trimmed.

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Black & Decker LST300 Trimmer and Edger


3.Black & Decker LST300There is very little not to like about this weed eater, including its powerful 20V lithium battery that is capable of providing you with up to 33 percent more running time than other models. Its exclusive technology ensures that you can easily finish trimming your small yard on a single charge, along with helping to maximum performance and efficiency. You will also appreciate its affordable price, along with the included warranty.

This battery powered weed eater is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use. The straight shaft can be adjusted for taller users, and to make it easier to reach under lower growing bushes. You also have the advantage of the rotating handle that will even let you use this trimmer as a convenient edger. The ability to rotate the handle also makes it easier to maneuver around corners.

The rechargeable 20V lithium battery will provide you will plenty of power, and the 12 inch cutting head can remove thick weeds and tall grass. The padded handle is comfortable, and provides plenty of control when you are working. With the large guard to protect your ankles and automatic line advance, this battery weed eater might be the perfect choice for you.

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