Best Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Review

What Are the Best Hockey Skates from Bauer?

1.2 Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate

Main advantage

The main advantage to these hockey skates is its responsive action, along with its durable and supportive design. Often considered the best Bauer skates, this pair can help you improve your game while keeping your feet comfortable. Instead of worrying about tired, aching feet you will be able to concentrate on your opponent’s next move when you are wearing these skates.


Main disadvantage

There have been a couple of mentions that these skates can be slightly difficult to tie, but this minor issue can usually be resolved simply with practice. Once you are familiar with lacing and tying it generally only takes a couple of seconds to put the skates on.

A consumer has also noted that the support on the sides of the skates can wear out in a short time, and the pair can usually be replaced with a phone call to customer service.


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Main advantages explained



This pair’s ability to mold to your feet is one of the reasons why these are the best hockey skates. The synthetic material is oven baked by the manufacturer to ensure a supportive and comfortable fit. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on the game, instead of on an uncomfortable or loose fit skate.

1.1 Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate


The synthetic material is durable and able to provide plenty of ankle support, while also ensuring that the skates are lightweight and won’t cause leg fatigue. For added comfort the Senior Supreme 140 also has a Microfiber liner that will keep sweat and moisture away so you feet stay dry.



You need to be able to fly across the ice, especially if you are chasing the puck or trying to keep up with an opposing team member. These hockey skates from Bauer come with a TPR outsole that is lightweight and won’t slow you down, along with a “LIGHTSPEED” professional holder and stainless runner. The runner can easily handle manmade and natural ice so you can give the same performance no matter where the game is held.



It is hard to believe that these comfortable and supportive skates are also affordable. This pair is priced to accommodate most budgets, and designed to provide you with an exceptional performance. Instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive pair that might not be as responsive, you can enjoy the comfort and durability of the Senior Supreme 140 at a reasonable price.



Whether you need a pair of responsive and dependable skates for practice or your next hockey game, the Senior Supreme 140 from Bauer might be exactly what you need. Its positive reviews from consumers will give you the confidence you need to be sure of your decision, and the affordable price ensures that these skates are a good value for your money. Comfortable, durable and responsive it is easy to see why these skates are a popular choice with consumers.


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