Best beach umbrella reviews

If you’re short on time and can’t go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, but you still want to find the best beach umbrella on the market, this short paragraph should cover the fundamentals of what you need to know. We went through customer reports and expert review sites and based on them as well as on the value for the money, we reached our own conclusion. Out of the products we have examined the Impact Canopy Rainbow is the best because it is an 8 feet umbrella that can provide protection from the sun for the whole family. The tilting capability allows the shade to move according to your needs, instead of chasing it by moving the umbrella from one place to another. Also, the product features vents at its top, so that instead of struggling with the wind, the item will reduce its resistance and stand straight. If the Impact Canopy Rainbow is out of stock, you should consider buying the Sport-Brella All-Weather as we think it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


We don’t know of you owned a beach umbrella before, but if you didn’t, there are reasons why you should. The beach umbrella has a misleading name since you can carry it around for almost any outdoor event in the warm season. Deciding on the type of beach umbrella you want to purchase depends on a series of factors.




Think about where you plan on using the umbrella. You may want to spend time at the beach, which is the most common destination for this item, but you can also place it in your backyard, enjoying the view of your garden and sitting with family or friends.

We learn from beach umbrella consumer reports that some of them were used for parties or business events. If you want to give your guests some protection from the UV rays or add a more relaxed and pleasurable note to the formal business meeting, that’s how you do it.



The standard beach umbrella size is about 5 to 8 feet, but you’ll notice there are more sizes available. Make your choice according to the number of people you want to shelter with it. The best beach umbrella reviews consider that a 7 feet umbrella can accommodate two adult persons comfortably, without any squeezing.

However, seated people take up less space, so it would be enough for 4 or 5 persons. For one or two people, a 5 feet umbrella would be enough, but sitting with your family would certainly require more than that.

See that the pole diameter and length matches the size of the umbrella. An 8 feet long pole should be enough, considering that a part of it must be buried in the sand to provide stability. If it’s supposed to stand on a different surface, don’t forget to purchase a pole holder.

The diameter of the pole will increase when the size is bigger, and the material is heavier. Make sure you can carry it around by yourself or ask for a helper if you can’t handle it by yourself.



The market is filled with umbrellas that range from a plain color to a complete rainbow. The most usual type consists of stripes of one color paired with another one, most often white. There are many beach umbrellas filled with shapes and drawings, so the choice won’t be easy.

Since you don’t have to match it with anything, the simplest advice would be to pick your favorite color and design or find something that will catch your eye in a crowded landscape.



Beach umbrellas have transformed, so you can now select one that suits more than just the basic need for shade. Umbrellas can convert into shelters with side panels and wind vents and may vary in shape. The ideal design will allow you to stay sheltered without obstructing too much your field of view.  


Tilting capability

Instead of trying to reposition the umbrella every time the sun changes position in the sky, you could opt for a product that comes with a tilting feature. Tilting the upper part will move the shade towards you. You’ll be spared the effort and nuisance.


Carry bags

The best portable beach umbrella will almost certainly be provided by the manufacturer with a carry bag. When the product is small-sized, it won’t make much difference, since you can carry it around within your hand, but for larger beach umbrellas the carry bag is a must.



Top beach umbrellas in 2018


The best beach umbrellas are showcased below.



Impact Canopy Rainbow


This is an 8-foot beach umbrella that provides great protection from the sun for you and your family. Features that placed it on top of our choices include a rust-free aluminum pole with fiberglass support ribs and an included sand anchor that keeps it firmly secured into the sand and prevents the wind from blowing it away.

The rust-free aluminum pole is exactly what you need for the humid and corrosive environment at the seaside, as it doesn’t suffer any damage. At the same time, it has the necessary strength to sustain the weight of the product and tolerate the twist forces while adding a lesser pounds to it.

For your comfort, the Impact Canopy Rainbow comes with a tilting capacity that gives you more shade in whatever position you chose, instead of physically moving the umbrella several times a day.

The Impact Canopy Rainbow uses a clever feature for windy days on the sand. Instead of resisting the wind and acting as a removable obstacle, this model has vents that allow the wind to pass through and preserve the same shape and position.  

By blocking 98% of the UV rays, this is a viable solution for your comfort on sunny holidays.  

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Sport-Brella All-Weather


This model is great for all outdoor activities, no matter if have to face the sun, the rain or windy weather conditions. The large umbrella, with an 8 feet wide canopy, is easy to assemble as the parts come together in less than two minutes.

Benefits include upgraded protection, unrestrictive design, and durability. Protection from the sun is guaranteed by the UPF 50+ that prevent over 99.5 % of the UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin.

Finding shelter is easy, as the Sport-Brella All-Weather has a water-repellent structure that keeps you dry in rainy weather and cool on sunny days. It features wind vents and side windows for airflow, so you’ll have fresh air and a solution for strong wind.

With its large zippered windows the umbrella gives you proper visibility even when folded for shelter.

The canopy is made of 210D polyester, suitable for all weather types and it’s supported by 4.5 mm steel ribs and a 5 mm steel stretcher, conferring it enhanced durability.

For portability, this beach umbrella can be easily folded and carried around in its own bag, along with the eight steel ground stakes and three tie-down cords that help with the setup. It all weighs only 9 pounds.  

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beachBUB Umbrella System


This beach umbrella has an impressive capacity of withstanding high-velocity winds and is one of the favorites when it comes to oceanside outdoor time. It can withstand winds of 35 mph and stronger without being affected. Some great engineering skills have been put to work for achieving this outcome.

The running hub has been upgraded to withstand six times the pulling force, and now there is a minimum chance of canopy inversion. The commercial grade fiberglass ribs are 11 mm thick, and the pole wall is three times thicker, to match the pulling force resistance of the other components.

You can add to that a secure and effective method of locking the poles together, a tough anchor collar and a riveted pole tip.

The umbrella is 7 ½ feet large and only 8 pounds. Composed of a beachBUB umbrella, Green beachBUB Base, beachBUB Oversized Bag and beachBUB Accessory Kit this is an all-in-one product.

The fiberglass frame ribs, industrial grade aluminum pole, reinforced ribbed pockets and other upgraded features will ensure an outstanding durability of this product.

The oversized bag will help with easy transportation since all components fit inside. Among others, it has 11 reinforced stitching on the shoulder strap and the handle, velcro pocket, and heavy duty fabric.

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