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What to Consider When Buying a New Bedside Table


A bedside table is quite an indispensable item for any bedroom, as it is used as storage space for books, lamps, telephones and so on. Everything you need at bedtime should be kept there, in an organized and easy to access manner. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a bedside table that comes with the right compartmentalization and all the features you consider necessary. We want to help you by providing you with reliable information on how to get the best bedside table 2018 without having to spend long hours reading reviews and browsing through various models available on the market.

Best Bedside Table


The first thing to keep in mind when you go shopping for a bedside table is what you will be using the bedside table for. If you just intend to place a small lamp and an alarm clock on it, you should consider a simple bedside table, without any drawers. However, if you want to store a lot of items there, from books and tablets, to remote controls and so on, you should go for a more complex model, with drawers and clever compartmentalization.



No matter how great a bedside table looks in a store or on the Internet, you should think whether it fits your bedroom style or not. Each room has a certain décor and purchasing pieces of furniture that do not match well together is never a good idea. Basically, you need to make sure that the bedside table you intend to buy will complement your room and it will go well with its style.



Do not forget that any piece of furniture should have its designated space inside your home. A bedside table should fit with ease next to your bed, so you should check its measurements, to see if it will fit. Taking such simple measures in advance will save you a lot of headache later on. Most of the best bedside table reviews emphasize the importance of getting a good fit for your bedroom, instead of just relying on aesthetic considerations. Do a bit of math in advance, and you will not go wrong.


Top Bedside Tables in 2018


What makes a good bedside table for your needs? We hope that the above guide will help you make a better decision. Now, to make things even easier for you, we will introduce you to three popular models that are favored by homeowners because their great style and usefulness.


Coaster Home Furnishings Night Stand


1.Coaster Home Furnishings 300172 Night StandIf you are looking for a really beautiful bedside table, you will surely love this night stand. The Coaster Home Furnishings 300172 Night Stand is made of metal and glass, and it is ideal for bedrooms where you want to maintain a minimalistic design, instead of crowding the room with heavy furniture.

The metal frame is painted in antique gold finish, which lends it grace and elegance. If you are particular about having a piece of furniture that will balance an already furnished room or complement a stylish bedroom that embraces the same type of décor, you will surely find this model a great pick.

The bedside table comes with two shelves, the one of top being covered with glass. The model is very spacious, so you will find plenty of room on it for your books, magazines, alarm clock, phone and so on. The bottom shelf is geared towards storing larger items, and you can easily place a basket of flowers there, to make your bedroom even more inviting at nighttime.

Its elegant style and durable construction make this night stand one of the top rated bedside tables 2018. Enjoying raving reviews from users, this model is, indeed, a recommended buy.

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Home Styles 5182-42 Arts and Crafts Night Stand


2.Home Styles 5182-42 Arts and Crafts Night StandSome bedside tables are a better fit than others because their style makes them easy to incorporate in any bedroom setting. For instance, the Home Styles 5182-42 Arts and Crafts Night Stand is one such bedside tables, and the many positive comments left by homeowners who have bought it are the best indication of how great the model is for any kind of bedroom.

At first glance, the bedside table seems simplistic in style, but its many delicate details make it a good buy for those who are interested in getting a piece of furniture that will enhance the overall look of their rooms. The lattice moldings and the slightly flared legs, along with the brushed nickel hardware make it quite an interesting piece of furniture and this is why the Home Styles 5182-42 Arts and Crafts Night Stand is so loved by consumers.

A pull out tray hidden inside the top is a very nice add on. You do not have to worry that the tray will become scratched and damaged over time, since it comes with a scratch and stain resistant finish. Easy to assemble and large enough to accommodate everything you need to store on it, this night stand is loved by many.

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Sauder Palladia Night Stand


3.Sauder Palladia Night StandThe best bedside table reviews always recommend models that come with enough storage space, for obvious reasons. The Sauder Palladia Night Stand offers great storage space, with its drawer and open shelf at the bottom. For smaller and larger items, you will always find enough room, so you will not regret making this purchase.

The night stand comes in an elegant cherry finish, so it is a great choice if you prefer darker colors in your furniture. Durable and stylish, this model is a great choice for any bedroom, especially if you like your bedroom to induce a pleasant, warm feeling to those who are going to spend the night there.

The patented T-lock assembly system helps you put together this bedside table without a glitch. As it is often said, details can ruin a good product, so it is commendable that the manufacturer thought about helping those who buy this model to assemble it with ease.

The top drawer comes with metal runners and safety stops, so you will not be able to pull it out by accident. Everything in this night stand spells great manufacturing practices, and all in all, the Sauder Palladia Night Stand is a great choice for any bedroom.

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