Best bicycle speedometers under $50


Top rated cheap bicycle speedometers


Riding a bike is the equivalent to a passion that grows with each mile covered. Intermediate and professional riders need to have accurate data when they ride and for this reason certain tools must be present on the bike. In order to know exactly how you stand when you ride in the city or cross country, it’s important to have by your side an advance bicycle speedometer which can show you significant data such as distance covered, speed maintained. Which model should you choose? Well, read a few of the latest best bicycle speedometers reviews and find a product suited to your riding skills.


CatEye CC-RD300W bicycle speedometer


Best bicycle speedometers under $50A growing number of professional riders use speedometers in order to fully coordinate their performance during rides. Which is the best bicycle speedometer? Well, a growing number of people are using with confidence CatEye CC-RD300W. Considered by many as one of the best bicycle speedometers under $50, the model has a sleek and lightweight 8 function, which can be mounted on the bike’s handlebars. This advanced speedometers can display with ease speed, average speed, max speed, distance covered, 2nd trip distance, elapsed time, total trip distance and also clock. The device comes with 2 up and down arrows that compare speed attained.

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Sigma BC-509 bicycle speedometer


You should equip your bike with a reliable speedometer, capable of enhancing the performance rate of the ride. So, you have the possibility to use one of the best bicycle speedometers under $10 from Sigma: BC-509. This advanced wired bicycle speedometer is ideal for casual and training rides, providing significant data needed to ride better. It will display current speed, total distance and also trip distance. You will be informed and thus cover a lot of ground with more efficiency. It comes with an automatic start and stop, on and off option and scan mode for better riding pleasure.

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Sigma BC8.12 bicycle speedometer


Are you searching for an efficient and affordable bicycle speedometer? Of course you are since you are reading this article. Upon reviewing some of the top rated models we proudly present Sigma BC8.12 bicycle speedometer. As one of the best bicycle speedometers under $25, the model comes with 8 functions designed to display: distance, speed, average speed, total distance, maximum speed, ride time, clock and also total ride time. It is very easy to program and comes with full text display in order to show the rider exactly the data. Easy to use and manage, the speedometer is a smart investment.

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Bell Dashboard bicycle speedometer


When it comes to bicycle riding, people need to be in tune with their full potential, by using reliable data and putting it to good use. This is where a professional bicycle speedometer can come to lend a hand. You can use one of the best bicycle speedometers under $50 from Bell: Dashboard 100. This affordable and advanced speedometer comes with 12 reliable tracking functions which keeps the rider connected to new waves of terrain provocations. It is very easy to install and more importantly the weather can’t inflict negative effects on the device. In the package it comes with 1 button cell battery.

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Planet Bike Protégé bicycle speedometer


It’s important to use an accurate bicycle speedometer when you ride, in order to reach your destination with ease. So, this is why we present Planet Bike Protégé bicycle speedometer, a model very popular in the US and Canada alike. This model comes with 9 function bike computer and also 82 centimetre wire mounting kit, which can be placed on the front wheel and case. The basic functions of the speedometer include: speed, ride time, speed comparator, trip distance and also dual odometer. You should also know that the speedometer was ultrasonically welded in order to resist various weather conditions.

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