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If you’re here just to find the best bidet seat and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Hygiene is something taken at face value in this day and age and the main reason why people are arduously seeking to install the best bathroom appliances in their homes. One great item is a bidet toilet seat that helps keeping personal and bathroom hygiene at a high standard. Seeing that it can be quite difficult to find a good and reliable model, we searched through the vast number of bidet toilet seats, looked at expert websites and found two that really qualify as the best bidet toilet seats. The Brondell S1000-EW is the one that many people talk about as the best toilet seat bidet. The model is eco friendly and it has a stylish, sleek design that makes it a great fit for any bathroom. The ceramic heating system gives you access to warm water right away. The Brondell S1000-EW comes with a deodorizer and a warm air dryer for your maximum comfort and convenience. While the aforementioned model is the most recommended, if you cannot find it available for purchase, another good alternative is the Brondell S900-EW, a model that comes equipped with a wireless remote control and stainless steel nozzles that provide a wide spray.



Comparison table:


ProductSizeWarrantyPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Brodwell S1000-EW Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat
Best Bidet seats reviews
Elongated3 Year Limited Warranty$$$$$A+amazon
Brodwell S900-EW Bidet  Elongated Toilet Seat
Elongated/Round1 Year Limited Warranty$$$$B+amazon
Clear Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat
Elongated1 year parts and labor$$$$Aamazon
Bidet4me E-200a Electric Bidet Seat
Rectangular1 year manufacture warranty$$$Bamazon
Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium Bidet Seat



Buying guide


With the growing popularity of bidet seats in areas outside North America, homeowners all over the world who want a serious upgrade to their toilet have to refer to consumer reviews on this type of product to know what makes each model different from another. There are now tons of information you can consult online on what factors to consider in a best bidet seat to guide you in your purchase. These are the most vital aspects worth looking at in this type of investment.

1.Brodwell S1000-EW



The first thing to consider is the type of toilet you own. Whether the unit is for American Standard toilet units or another brand, the form or construction of the toilet itself determines the suitability of the bidet seat you get.

Do you have a one-piece toilet? This type of toilet configuration is sculpted into a single seamless unit, giving a sleek appearance which has no crevices or space between the bowl and the tank. On the other hand, a two-piece toilet comes with a separate bowl and tank that only get joined together during installation.

There’s a good number of toilet seat bidets that will fit two-piece toilet structures. One-piece toilets are a different story though, as the choices on bidet seats that can be used with them are quite few. It is best to go over product descriptions carefully to ensure that a unit is suitable for the type of toilet you are installing it into.

Another element to consider when checking out the fit is the shape of the toilet bowl onto which the bidet seat will be attached. You will have to measure how many inches there are between the center of the two mounting holes and the front end of the lip of the toilet bowl. A round bowl gives you a measurement of 16.5 inches or less, while an elongated bowl measures 16.5 inches or greater. Basically, just by looking at the shape of the bowl, you may be able to tell its shape. If the bowl looks evenly shaped on all sides, it is round, but if there is a perceptible difference between the upper-to-lower end and the left-to-right end , you have an elongated bowl.




When looking at bidet seats on sale, there’s a pretty huge likelihood that those models are non-electrical type. The prices of this type of fixture can differ significantly when choosing between an electrical model and a non-electrical one.

Since it uses no electricity, a non-electrical unit will come with minimal features that let them do the basic bidet job and no other. Some models come with a feminine wash feature, others will have self-cleaning nozzles and some other units feature hot wire line tie in (think hand bidet), controllable water pressure and temperature and after that, there’s not much else. A non-electrical unit can be hooked up to hot water but you also have the option to just use cold water.

Electrical types offer plenty of bells and whistles that go with the higher price. The unit can come with a remote control, convenient push buttons on the control panel, enema wash, adjustable water pressure and temperature, a heated seat, energy saving features, a heated air dryer and deodorizer, oscillating and water pulse cleanse, and stainless steel nozzles with adjustable position.



Nozzle Type

A vital attachment in any bidet seat is the nozzle. Choose between one-nozzle and two-nozzle units. A two-nozzle bidet seat is great for feminine hygiene since the second nozzle supplements the other that serves for posterior cleansing. Most bidets feature self-cleaning nozzles that assure you of cleanliness in the bathroom. An even better feature is nozzle sterilization, which ensures better hygiene. The nozzle can be made of plastic or stainless steel.

2.Brodwell S900-EW


Seat Design and Construction

Most bidet seats are made of plastic, which is an extremely versatile material that is also durable. Make sure to check out models that use antibacterial plastic for better hygienic properties. Stainless steel offers greater hygienic qualities while being extremely durable.

The bidet seat needs to be ergonomically designed, following the contours of the body closely for superb comfort. You may also want a soft-closing hydraulic seat and lid, which means no annoying abrupt, noisy and potentially injurious slamming.

Make sure the working parts of the bidet seat are of premium quality. This kind of fixture is an investment, and the higher the cost, the greater the expectations you should have on product quality and functionality. While some models do not come with any warranty whatsoever, those that are on the higher end of the price spectrum come with some kind of warranty, which can even be extended ones. This may range from 1 to 5 years, or either limited coverage after the first year or full coverage.

A bidet seat makes a fantastic upgrade to an existing toilet, making the bathroom look classy and sophisticated. Make sure you’re making a sensible investment by getting any of these top rated models.



Top bidet seats in 2017


Toilets need to be extremely clean at all times and they need to be comfortable while someone is sitting on them. For comfort one thing you can buy is a bidet toilet seat which has many advantages over the simple toilet seat and more and more people are buying them for their bathrooms. In order for you to get the right bidet toilet seat for yourself we have made a list of the top five, based on the best bidet seats reviews.



Brodwell S1000-EW


Best Bidet seats reviewsThe Brodwell S1000-EW bidet toilet seat comes with a remote with which you control easily its every feauture. It is fitted with 2 stainelss steel positionable nozzels, both spraying warm water for your posterior and feminine parts. It also dryes as well making it superior to most other toilet seats. From the remote you can even turn on the deodorizer setting so that your bathroom smells nice and fresh. Many consider it one of the best bidet seats in 2017.




Buy from for ($539.1)




Brodwell S900-EW


If you have an elongated toilet than you should get for yourself the Brodwell S900-EW toilet seat which give you a fresh feeling everytime you decide to use it. The water it sprays through its 2 nozzles is warm and after you have used it you will eliminate the use of toilet paper which is a lot of times no that effective. The seat is also ergonomical so it is as comfortable as possible, plus it is heated as well so you never have to stay on a cold seat again. The top bidet seats reviews give the S900-EW a huge thumbs up.



Buy from for ($399)




Clear Sense dib-1500R


For the best comfort while you are on your toilet you should get the Clear Sense dib-1500R because it has been highly praised by the best bidet seats reviews. The seat can always be kept warm for you or your family so you never have to sit on a cold toilet seat again. The cleansing feature is assured by a powerful water wash which will make toilet paper obsolette. You have access also to a carbon deodorizer so your bathroom always will smell fresh.




Buy from for ($359)




Bidet4me E-200a


Installing this bidet seat from Bidet4me is not very complicated and in no time you will have access to its excellent features. The buttons on your right side control everything  about it from the water pressure of the nozzle to the water`s temperature so everything is just how you want it. Also the seat in itself is very soft and to add to the comfot it also is heated so you will never sit on a cold seat after you have installed it.




Buy from for ($258.79)




Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium


The quality to price ratio of this bidet seat is excellent and this is one of the reasons why it makes it on this list. No complicated steps are required for the installation and almost anyone can do it. With it you can control the temperature of the water however you like, plus the pressure that suits your the best. This method is more hygenic than using toilet paper, being proven by a lot of studies and you should have it installed in your bathroom.




Buy from for ($139)