Best Big Screen LED TV Reviews


Top Big Screen LED TVs in 2017


An LED TV is not the same as a plasma TV, which is a fact that even dealers themselves have not exactly been able to explain in great detail. This is why prospective buyers just consult the best big screen LED TV reviews they can find in order to get more enlightened on the pluses and minuses of such appliances. Although LED TVs are definitely pricier than the older LCD TVs, the only difference between the two is their light source. But that is a discussion that is best left to the technically knowledgeable among us, so…


Samsung UN65F7100 Smart LED HDTV


Best Big Screen LED TV ReviewsThis product can be a huge dent on the pocket to purchase, but the investment is worth making. The imposing screen of this TV is impressive, as is its slim frame. Although it takes a bit of time to set it up for optimum viewing experience, this high definition TV has still landed consistently in several best big screen LED TV reviews on the web. Once the user goes past the other limitations, which include, but are not limited to a small percentage of pulsation when viewing HD quality content, this TV can be proven to work flawlessly.

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Sharp LC-60LE650 Smart LED HDTV


It displays the common problem that many LED TV owners complain about: the judder effect. This concern can best be solved by reducing the “Advanced” item on its Film Mode to enjoy maximum viewing pleasure. This product’s settings just require a bit of preliminary tinkering with and experimentation to be appreciated fully. The built in WiFi function can elevate viewing experience for the technologically minded buyer. It is priced lower than the more popular brand, and that should earn it the best big screen LED TV in 2017 title.

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Samsung UN60F6300 Smart LED HDTV


This is considered as a top big screen LED TV in 2017 because of the picture quality. On Movie Mode, color balance and temperature can be adjusted to the viewer’s specific standards. It is best to do trial and error before the optimum settings that work for you are reached. Despite the huge size, this product is quite energy efficient, which is a big plus. Some users have been surprised by how it compares to traditional LCDs in energy rating. It can support both USB and HDMI interface so it’s one smart TV.

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Samsung UN60FH6003 LED TV


One can appreciate how both sources of high and low definition images can be enhanced within this product’s viewing angle. Every user just needs to set the parameters they want for this LED TV and the rest is just enjoyment all the way. It has just a couple of HDMI ports, which can be a letdown for those who intend to have this as the centerpiece in their entertainment center. The high 1080p resolution is comparable to 3D, but not the same, of course. Nevertheless, for those tired of their conventional LCD TV, this could be a great upgrade.

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This TV is supposed to be the Smart type, but some users find that it displays no channel favorites like other higher end Smart TVs are built to do. Nevertheless, if it’s value for money you seek, this could very well be the best big screen LED TV in 2017 for you. Be mindful of the firmware updates you agree to since they could reset all the application and widget bar personalization you have previously done. It produces a great degree of sound quality so you don’t really need to purchase other equipment to enhance that.

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