Best Bike Pump Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best bike pump money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected so much information on the top rated bike pumps by checking out owner feedback and looking into the claims about specific products in the best bike pump reviews. Out of all the products we have evaluated, the Active Trail Mini is the best because it comes with an easy-to-use extendable hose that will prevent the breakage of your valves, minimizing additional costs on bike repair. You always get a good connection as the pump snaps on securely in seconds. With its sleek and minimalist design, this bike pump is nothing like any cheap and nasty plastic pump you can find on the market. If the Active Trail Mini is unavailable, we recommend going for the second best option, the Vibrelli Mini.



What to Consider When Buying a New Bike Pump


Carrying out your own bike maintenance is facilitated with one of the best bike pumps of 2018. A bike pump is a mandatory and basic piece of equipment that all bank owners should have. Prior to making any bike trip, you should make sure your tires are sufficiently pumped out and if not, the bike pump always serves as your first line of maintenance so it is important that you know what to look for when purchasing this kind of equipment.

A.1 Best bike pumps of 2018


Pressure output

The amount of air your bike pump can drive into the tires, whether the unit is a portable pump, floor pump or high-tech CO2 pump, is referred to as the PSI output, which is an essential element. The bike pump should have good ratings when it comes to this aspect. More importantly, the stated air pressure for the bike tires should match what the bike pump can offer. If the bike pump exceeds the bike tire air pressure, the better it is at ensuring optimal PSI. You will have inadequately inflated tires if the maximum air pressure of the pump is overly low.
For comparison, road bike tires generally need higher PSI ratings compared to hybrid or mountain bikes. Few people ever need a pump that delivers more than 260 PSI. Mountain bikers rarely ever need anything more than 40 PSI.




Depending on the type of bike you own, you can make a comparison of the different bike pumps to match your needs. You will need fewer strokes to get the desired pressure from a high-volume pump, which will generally have a lower maximum pressure. The tires of mountain bikes have lower pressure and greater volume so they need pumps with large volume. Tubeless tires need huge volume output.

The diminutive air chambers of small pumps are supplemented with low volume per stroke, so you will need more strokes and a longer time to fill up a tire. For emergency purposes, a micro pump will work nicely but inflating a high-pressure tire will take quite long. Stand-up floor pumps are the most efficient as they provide faster inflation with their larger size.



Compatibility and ease of use

Knowing how to use your bike pump should not take a lot of work. The two most common valve types are Presta and Schrader, so make sure your pump is equipped with the mounting fittings and hardware to fit the valves in your bike tires. There are Presta-Schrader valve adaptors available but a better option would be to choose pumps that have the flexibility to accept both Schrader and Presta valves.
Valve specific models will require some internal changes to fit other valve types. The Schrader valve is easier to manipulate compared to a Presta valve. Found on low-end and hybrid bikes, Schrader valves are the same as car tire valves. Mountain and road bikes feature the slender Presta valves, which snap off and bend easily if not used carefully.


The number of choices on bike pumps can easily overwhelm the first time buyer. Hopefully, the buying guide above will help you make an easier decision on which brand and model of bike pump to get for your needs. The best rated bike pumps are highlighted below.



Top Bike Pumps in 2018



Active Trail Mini


1.LIGHTWEIGHT MINI BIKE PUMPEquipped with an easy-to-use extension hose, the Active Trail Mini won’t cause valve breakage, which can really be inconvenient. The flexible hose lets you inflate your tires easily without worrying about the valves breaking. The bike pump snaps on securely and in seconds very time, giving you the perfect connection with just an easy flip of the lever no matter what type of valve the bike has. The sleek and minimalist design coupled with the lightweight construction makes this bike pump ideal for active bikers who would rather not use a cheap and flimsy plastic pump for inflating bike tires. This bike pump offers flexibility as it accommodates both Schrader and Presta valves so you can switch bikes easily at option. Offering a 100 PSI capacity, the bike pump comes with a bike frame mount, a glueless tire patch repair kit and a sports ball inflating needle, giving you everything you need for an active riding lifestyle.


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Vibrelli Mini


2.Mini Bike Pump with GluelessPerfect for women bikers, this mini bike pump is designed to be compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. Utilizing an innovative Super Fit Clever Valve, the unit provides a tight seal for both types of valves to prevent air leaks even up to its maximum pressure of 120 PSI. Suitable for road bike tires, this bike pump switched effortlessly from high volume as a mountain bike pump to high pressure as a road bike pump. Attaching securely to your bike, the Vibrelli Mini comes with a bike frame mount with velcro to hold it firmly in place so you can inflate your bike tires quickly. You’re always prepared for a flat tire with the included glueless puncture repair kit. The bike pump is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to ensure toughness and durability for lasting use. The device ships with a bike attachment bracket plus a sport needle with which you can inflate balls.


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RAD Sportz 12 Volt


3.12 VOLT ELECTRIC AIRAble to inflate one tire in just 90 seconds, the RAD Sportz 12 Volt electric bike pump comes with a highly visible and accurate gauge that lets you know if the bike tire/s has been properly and fully inflated so you can enjoy a great ride every time. Perfect for kid’s bike, this bike pump comes with a long hose over 6 feet to enable flexibility in use. The waterproof motor offers fail-safe operation. It features steel components designed to deliver years of use. The extra long 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter plug enables use in the outdoors when no AC socket is available. You always have access to air in any setting. Suitable for inflatables for kids, camping, flat tires and others, this bike pump does its job effectively and efficiently and is easy to operate via the on/ off rocker switch. It delivers up to 100 PSI and comes with three adapters to ensure secure fit with various types of bike tire valves.


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