Best Bird Feeders Reviews


Top bird feeders in 2017


Installing one or more bird feeders in your backyard or terrace is an excellent way to attract birds to a place where they can be easily observed. Watching birds in the natural environment has always been fun and exciting for people of all ages. After reading the list of best bird feeders reviews, you will learn how to attract birds, just using the right feeder and seeds into the right place and enjoy hours of bird watching in your own area.


Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster


Best Bird Feeders ReviewsThe Squirrel Buster is especially designed to attract cardinals with a removable cardinal ring. If your area is loaded with squirrels, this bird feeder can discourage them from eating up the seeds. The birds (cardinals) love this type of feeder and they come back for it again and again. It is well constructed with a large tube for keeping seeds and squirrels can’t get it anymore. You can also enjoy the view of birds from any angle. Spend only a reasonable price to attract the cardinals as well as to bust the squirrels from emptying the seeds.

“I love to hear the sound of birds in my backyard and for this I got this bird-feeder from Brome, so I can watch different species how they feed. This feeder has a system which doesn’t allow squirrels to get inside and get all the food that was intended for the birds.” – Laura Ashton

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Perky-Pet 312C Panorama


This copper Panorama bird feeder is sure to attract many birds to your backyard or terrace. The design allows the seed to dole out into the tray and stop doling out when the tray is full. This bird feeder is easy to fill in and easy to clean out and does not waste too much seed. Birds also love the feeder as well as the owners and it also costs next to nothing for this beautifully designed feeder. Don’t forget to clean your bird feeder every two weeks with soapy water.

“I am very satisfied with how this bird feeder works and with how many different types of birds it attracts to it. I manage to clean it very easily with a wet towel and the birds seem to come all the time in greater numbers. If you like birds like I do than I recommend this particular bird feeder.” – Gloria Micheals

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Avant Garden 8110-3


The Avant Garden bird feeder is beautifully designed with a durable tinted glass nectar container. In addition, it also offers beauty and function to your garden. Its integrated perch invites the hummingbirds to sit and dine comfortably. You as well as the birds will be stunned with the artistic look of the hummingbird feeder. You can also hang it outside the window to enjoy the view of the hummingbirds. The best bird feeders reviews placed this item in the top five list of bird feeders for its premium look and quality.

“I don’t think there is a more beautifully designed bird feeder than my Avant Garden 8110-3. With it and with the chirp of the birds that come to it, my garden feels like it is complete. This is one of the little things that really counts for me.” – Emily Button

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Oriole Fest 1009


The first feeder ever, Oriole Fest, allows you to put nectar, orange, and jelly simultaneously.  The orioles are attracted to orange color and also to nectar and oranges. Other birds like flickers, wood peckers and even hummingbirds are also attracted to this feeder. This thing also includes a built in ant guard with easy cleaning option. So you can enjoy various types of birds scenes from now on. The best bird feeders reviews do not look into the features only but also search the best prices in the market. The Oriole Fest has a next to notjomg price.

“There are a lot of birds near where I live so I thought why not get a bird-feeder to see them right outside my window. It does exactly what I intended it to do and it makes my day that much better when I see the little birds feeding, plus my little daughter really enjoys that too.” – Britney Hunter

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Droll Yankees DROFLIPPER


Keep the squirrels away from the seed with this Yankee bird feeder and save your money on seed too. This feeder will harmonize your garden or backyard with its forest green metal top and base. The Droll Yankee bird feeder includes a motor driven perch which starts to spin to flip of the squirrel from the feeder. It is also fun watching the frustrated squirrels trying to get the seed. You can have one item like this by spending more than $100.

“All the birds in my area are well fed because of my Droll Yankees bird feeder. Seeing so many birds on my property all the time is a delight for me and in some cases I even got to see some rare species. Because I love birds so much I really made a great choice through this feeder.” – Mary Griffin

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