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Top blank guns in 2017


Blank guns are sought after by thousands of men and women that use them during theater plays or sport events. This is why the market offers so many replicas of the most popular firearms out there. Choosing a blank gun represents a personal option and mostly depends on the buyer’s needs. There are guns designed for movies, sports, theater or self-defence. We carefully tested 20 of the most used blank guns in 2017 in order to help people identify the right product. Afterwards we drafted the best blank gun reviews on five specially designed models which look absolutely amazing.



ASG Dan Wesson 17177


If you are looking for a realistic shooting experience, you cannot go wrong with this compact, beautiful revolver. You cannot get any closer to the real thing regarding appearance; the frame comes with a serial number and the same markings as the model that inspired it.

The best purpose for this model is plinking, and it works with 0.177 caliber ammo. The maximum speed your projectiles can reach is 318 feet per second, which is more than decent for a model this small. You will appreciate the ergonomic handle made from ABS plastic. The package includes six shells.


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Tanfoglio Witness 1911 358003


The full metal body of this particular model makes it stand out from the crowd, as most airguns usually come with plastic parts that allow them to maintain their weight low. This 0.177-caliber pistol is an excellent addition to the arsenal of any airsoft initiate, and it will give you the realistic feel you are after when you hold it in your hand.

Also, it contributes to its outstanding durability, another advantage to take into consideration when shopping for airsoft pistols. The blowback slide adds to the realistic feel, as well.


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Umarex USA Makarov 2252232


Enhanced velocity is among the advantages offered by this particular model. The 0.177 projectiles will reach a maximum speed of 380 feet per second, which is more than what other models on the market can offer. It works with steel BBs, and it has a full metal body, for the maximum realistic feel you could get when handling this type of gun.

The CO2 capsule is hidden inside the grip frame, so it will not stand out too much. Due to its unique design, it qualifies as a collector’s item, and as a must have for any airsoft enthusiast.


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Smith & Wesson M&P 2255051


The Smith & Wesson M&P 2255051 lives up to the manufacturer’s reputation, and has a maximum velocity of 480 feet per second, which is superior to most similar models available. This CO2 powered pistol is a good pick for military and police use, and for airsoft players, an excellent item to add to their existing arsenal.

The gun will fit perfectly in any holster designed for a real weapon, so you can quickly pick this one up for practice. Its excellent accuracy recommends it, and you will also love how efficiently it uses its CO2. The extra rear and front sights help by increasing efficiency.


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Colt Defender 2254020


Another model that features a full metal construction is the Colt Defender 2254020. The built-in magazine helps you to operate the pistol with excellent ease. You will appreciate having a front sight that increases your accuracy and ease of acquiring targets.

The total weight of this gun is 1.6 pounds, close to what similar real firearms weigh.

One of the features much appreciated by buyers is the smooth trigger that gives you the satisfaction of pulling and shooting with maximum efficiency. The pistol will not waste CO2 during use, and overall, you will be satisfied with this particular model.


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Voltran Viper


Best blank gun reviewsWhen it comes to realistic firing revolvers people can’t overlook the Viper 9mm from Voltran. Designed with attention to detail, this model is a replica of the popular 9mm that detectives use.

The blank gun has a 2.5” barrel and can safely fire .380 caliber loud blanks. Usually this black revolver is desired by gun collectors that want something unique in their collection.

The gun is made from a durable zinc alloy that resists well to extensive use. It also comes with a hard shell carrying case and a detailed instruction booklet. This revolver cannot be made to fire any type of ammo!



Top Swords Blank


The current best blank gun reviews underline the superb design of the 9 MM Blank Firing gun from Top Swords. What makes this particular firing gun so special? With a tiny design and a length of 5”, this model is a great addition to anyone that loves guns. This gun has a smooth design that looks stylish.

The model has a compact design with modern composite lock that can’t be overlooked. Furthermore, the black gun incorporates a special finger grip magazine for better gun management.

The gun weighs only 2 lbs making it easy to use on different occasions. This is probably why so many people use this particular from Top Swords for their prop needs.


Voltran V950 JF


Choosing the best blank gun in 2017 should be done with attention to detail! We recommend the V950 JF Blank Firing replica pistol from Voltran. This pistol measures around 4.75” x 4”, making it ideal for people with small hands.

It weighs only 1 lbs! Affordable and with a special nickel finish, the gun is perfect for theatrical and training use.

Furthermore, the replica pistol is also available with smooth finishes, in direct accordance with the buyer’s needs. This beautiful gun can also be given as a gift to those that appreciate the fine arts of gun making.



Voltran Viper Barrel Blank


It is important to invest in a high quality revolver designed to deliver loud blanks on various occasions. A top rated blank gun in 2017 comes from Voltran, the Viper 4.5” revolver.

This sleek firing revolver includes a smooth blackfinish that looks amazing in the hand. With an overall length of 7” and a weight of 1.65 lbs, the gun is fairly easy to use.

Very popular in the U.S. and present in thousands of theaters this beautiful gun is a great addition to anyone that loves gun’s replicas. Anyone purchasing this 9 MM is absolutely amazing to hold on different events!




Voltran Replica Tuna 950 JF


Thousands of people are currently searching for the best blank gun in 2017 for theatrical use or simple training exercises. Narrowing things down to one single product can be pretty difficult.

This is why we recommend the Tuna 950 JF Blank Firing Pistol from Voltran. The firing pistol has a small frame and a lightweight design for easy use on different occasions.

It has a sublime and detailed finish which looks great in any circumstance. This model from Voltranis made to impress at every chance. It looks and feels exactly like a real gun!