Best Blu-ray Players Backwards Compatible


Top blu-ray players backwards compatible in 2018


As you look for the top rated Blu-ray players in 2018, you will surely be overwhelmed by the choices that are available in the marketplace. With such, it is important to take some time to evaluate the possibilities, rather than making a decision in haste. In the rest of this article, you will know some of the best choices that can be considered.


Samsung BD-F7500 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Disc Player


Best Blu-ray Players Backwards CompatibleAmongst the different choices that are available with regards to the best Blu-ray players backwards compatible, this is one model that should not be overlooked. Being made by Samsung, you can already be confident that its quality is hard to be rivaled by other choices that can be possibly taken into account. With the Wi-Fi functionality of this unit, you will have limitless opportunities for entertainment, such as through access to their Smart Hub. It also has the S-Recommendation feature that will let you know suggested contents based on your behavior in the past.

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Panasonic DMP-BDT500P Integrated Wi-Fi-Blu-ray DVD Player


This is another option that is frequently recommended for the people who are still looking for the best Blu-ray players backwards compatible. Among other things, the sleek profile of this model is one thing that has captivated the attention of its buyers. Because it is slim, you can be assured that it is efficient in terms of the amount of space that is being consumed. Your entertainment experience will surely be more immersive because of the possibility of accessing hundreds of apps. It will also allow you to defy boundaries through making it easy to connect with others even if they are far away.

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Samsung BD-F6700 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Disc Player


According to the reviews about the top rated Blu-ray players in 2018, this product can prove to be a good choice because of the Wi-Fi functionality that it offers, making it possible for you to gain access to different websites and applications that can make your entertainment experience more immersive. In terms of ease of use, this model is also an unrivaled option. It has carefully laid out menus that will prove to be user-friendly. Its operation will surely be hassle-free and you will have more time enjoying its functions rather than configuring its settings.

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Panasonic DMP-BD89 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player


Being considered by its users as one of the best Blu-ray players in 2018, there is no doubt that this is another option that can possibly provide the best value for your money. This model is characterized by speed, which means that you will not have to wait for a long time for booting to be finished. It is highly responsive to your commands. It also offers various options for connectivity, which will allow you to access more contents from external devices. When it comes to electricity consumption, this is also a good choice because it has Energy Star Certification.

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LG Electronics BP330 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi


With the use of this Blu-ray player, you will have the opportunity to access different websites, depending on what you find to be most suited for your entertainment. Aside from being able to play Blu-ray discs, it can be also used for DVD and can even provide you with access through other external devices through the USB port that is included. More so, the unit is also constructed to withstand many years of use, which means that you will not have to buy a new one just after a short time. This is also indicative of its ability to provide the best value for money since it has extended functional life.

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