Best BMX bikes under $400

If you’re here just to find the best bmx bikes under 400 and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this paragraph will highlight all the vital information. After looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and even social media activity we have concluded that the X-Games FS20 is the best model for sale because it comes with a sturdy steel frame and fork that are Tig welded for added strength. This way you can pull off jumps and hard landings without worrying about damaging the bike. When you need to stand on the rims during tricks or just give a friend a short ride this bmx bike comes with front and rear pegs. With both front and rear brakes for plenty of stopping power you can easily take this bike on the trail or to the park. If the X-Games FS20 is not available, you could consider the Mongoose Boy’s Legion L80 as it is the second best option.



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Buying guide


Care to impress the local neighborhood with your latest freestyle stunts? Then you surely need a great, reliable BMX bike. Back in the days, BMX bikes were basically built from scratch, and only a few talented individuals could achieve greatness by putting together from scraps some of the coolest bikes the world had seen until then. Those days are gone, but, on the upside, you can now go and purchase a cool BMX bike with only several hundred dollars. There are even models for kids, so that the youngest BMX enthusiasts can start early and enjoy doing a cool trick. If you are here to find out more about these awesome bikes, the following buying guide will help you decide for the best model for your needs.

1.SE Bikes So Cal Flyer BMX Bike


What do you want to use the bike for?

For someone who wants their way around BMX bikes, the different styles available are easy to identify. However, for someone who is new to this world, choosing may be a bit difficult. First of all, you need to decide what kind of riding you will be doing. Street BMX bikes are the most common and they sport a traditional design, with a slanted seat and a higher handlebar. Dirt or ramp models resemble street bikes quite a lot, but they need to come equipped with sturdier wheels and a more solid frame, since there will be more impact when doing tricks and stunts. Racing BMX bikes are easy to spot, since their seat tends to be flatter, and not slanted, like in the case of traditional models, and their frame is a bit straighter, too. Flatland models come with the highest handlebars, and the highest seats, and if it wasn’t for their frame, specific to BMX bicycles, you could even mistake them for common road bikes. As you can see, there are quite a few styles available, so you may want to shop around for a bit and even ask the salesperson at the shop for more information on the various purposes of BMX bikes.



Tubing material

BMX bikes are different from regular bicycles, due to the fact that they need to be more agile and more lightweight in order to allow the execution of cool stunts. Once you become airborne, the last thing you need is a bike that draws you back, so you may want to learn a bit about what materials are used for the tubing in a BMX bike. Chromoly is a type of material specific to BMX rides, and its main advantage is its low weight. Steel can be found in cheaper models, but, as you can easily imagine, it is too heavy to be a recommended choice. Aluminum is another recommended material for the tubing, since it is lightweight and it can make your bike more agile. You will notice that aluminum models are indicated for less technical courses, and they are not as easy to handle as the ones mentioned above. Compact and built for heavy duty action, these bikes are reliable and a good fit for anyone who loves trying a new stunt.

2.Framed Attack LTD BMX


Who are they for?

Although, at first glance, it may seem like BMX bikes are made all the same, there are different models available, even for the youngest riders around. In case you want to see what model are available for 5 year old kids, you will have to turn your attention towards the BMX bikes created with the specific needs of such riders in mind. Consulting a size chart is highly recommended, and it does not hurt to take safety into consideration, too, and ask for a model with training wheels. Normally, BMX bikes come with 20 inch wheels. The tires are wide enough to sustain a bit of rough usage, and they also need to resist to impact, as they are used for jumps, stunts and freestyle tricks. You will notice right away that these bikes come with a single gear and they are used by teenagers on the street or inside skate parks, where they can practice their new moves.


Now that you have more information at hand on this kind of bikes, it is time to meet the best BMX bikes under 400 now available, as they are showcased below.



Top cheap BMX bikes in 2018


Who doesn’t love to ride a BMX bike down mountain trails, city streets or park alleyways? According to the latest statistics, millions of Americans, especially the younger section, wants to find a great BMX bike and ride it without restriction, on any type of terrain. Such bikes are a recipe for fun and sheer excitement. This is why men and women with the BMX fever are now searching for the coolest and most efficient bike. The quickest way to achieve this important objective starts by reading some of the latest best BMX bikes reviews, which analyse the top models functionality and utter design.



X-Games FS20



If you need a bike that can perform tricks and handle some trail riding, the FS20 by X-Games might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a Tig welded frame and fork for added strength and stability so you can make hard landings without worrying about damaging the bike. The front and rear pegs are another great feature when you are pulling off certain tricks or if you just want to give a friend a brief lift. To ensure that you can always stop, this bmx bike also comes with front and rear hand brakes.



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Mongoose Boy’s Legion L80



Designed to ride just like a professional bmx bike, there really isn’t anything not to like about the L80 by Mongoose. Its chromoly frame, forks and handlebars ensure that the bike is lightweight, while still being sturdy enough to make it a good value for your money. The black alloy wheels provide you with a smooth ride, and also look great thanks to the 36 spokes. Even the saddle comes with decorative stitching, just like some of the ones found on a professional’s bike. You will also appreciate the stopping power you get with the alloy rear U brake.



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Mongoose Boy’s Legion L60



When you are ready to try some tricks and grinds you might want to consider the L60 from Mongoose. The 20 inch frame makes the bike ideal for younger riders, and since it is constructed from sturdy steel it can take the occasional hard landing without any problems. The large axles and alloy wheels ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy streets. The color walls and 36 spokes also give this bike a sleek and professional appearance, especially when it is combined with the stitched saddle art.



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SE Bikes So Cal Flyer


1.SE Bikes So Cal Flyer BMX BikeMade by a company known for introducing the cruiser racing class to the market for BMX bikes, this model is a tribute to the same classic design that consolidated this manufacturer’s reputation. The special aluminum alloy used for the frame keeps the weight of the bike to a minimum, so you can enjoy doing your tricks without the bike keeping you down. The frame geometry is something to notice, too. Because of it, you can use this bike for perfecting your freestyle, but you can also use it to cruise around the town, seeing about small chores or simply for the pleasure of riding.



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Framed Attack LTD


2.Framed Attack LTD BMXFrom all the models available for sale, the Framed Attack LTD is sure to draw your attention. Whether you want to make a great impression with a few BMX tricks, or you want to head out of town for an off road experience, this model will serve you well. The frame is built from lightweight materials, making it easy for you to transport your bike anywhere you want to go, while the comfortable saddle will allow you to ride for hours without experiencing any displeasure. For BMX enthusiasts, this is a great model that will serve them in many different situations.



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Framed Twenty6er


3.Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike MensThe Framed Twenty6er features a simple straightforward design you will surely love from the very first moment you will take a look at this bike. A model meant for adults, this one is made of sturdy materials that will make sure that you will be able to try out your tricks without worrying that you might end up breaking your bike. The bike is delivered partially assembled, so you will need to invest a little effort putting it together. However, the manufacturer advises that a qualified technician should check your bike, so that you do not end up hurting yourself because the bike was not correctly assembled.



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Madd Gear Shredder


4.Madd Gear Shredder BMX BikeEveryone knows that looks aren’t everything, but the Madd Gear Shredder will first steal your heart because of its cool appearance. What lies beneath the great looks is also worthy of taking into consideration. The steel frame is sturdy and it comes with an integrated head tube which further enhances its durability. The wide handlebar is also made of steel, so you can truly count on this model when you want to try out a different trick. Steel is the chosen material for this bike, and a warranty that you will have it for many years before it will show any signs of wear and tear.



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KHE Bikes 25th Freestyle


5.KHE Bikes 25th Freestyle BMX BicyclesIf you have been looking for the best BMX bike under 300 for a while now, it is time to declare the search over, as the KHE Bikes 25th Freestyle is a guaranteed great choice. Celebrating the manufacturer’s 25 years of existence, the model comes with a stylish frame and wheels, as well as with outstanding performance. The MVP Fat seat offers perfect comfort, so you will be able to use this bike for more than just your freestyle tricks. Some extras are offered with your purchase, such as the Affix Gyro System and two Prism pegs.



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Eastern Bikes Mothra BMX bike


It’s time you ride in complete freedom everywhere you want and leave aside any former restriction. Upon reviewing some of the top rated BMX bikes, we can safely recommend one special product: Mothra BMX bike from Eastern Bikes. This advanced bike features professionalism in every detail, letting people ride on any type of terrain. The BMX bike includes a full 4130 chromoly frame with a precise hydroformed downtube which keeps the whole ride clean and safe. Furthermore the model has fully sealed hubs and also double wall U-shaped rimes that add a touch of elegance while riding from one place to another.

“The beautiful design first drove my attention to the Eastern Bikes Mothra BMX bike plus its very decent price. After trying it and feeling extremely good on its saddle I decided to buy it. One month onwards I know for sure I have made the right decision.” – Andy Foreman



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Kink Curb BMX bike


Best BMX bikes under $400You are looking for a great BMX bike that can send chills down adventure’s back, no? Well, if you are, we have the perfect bike for you to try on, Kink Curb BMX. This powerful bike includes Kink Lynx CC bars, 2.35” rear and font tires, Kink Volte II Fork, Mission 3 piece cranks, Mission 410 chain and lastly mission x7 rims. Regarded as one of the best BMX bikes under $300, this model is certainly a great addition to any rider, novice or professional. You will have more stability and power as you ride, reaching speeds that you never thought to experience.

“Having this bike allows me to be very confident when I start doing some tricks because I know it has top quality. It feels so well balanced and also looks good, making sure I turn some heads when I’m cruising through my neighborhood.” – William Brown



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Kink BMX Launch bike


It’s time equip yourself with a great BMX bike, suited to your adventurous side. How? Well, use without reservations Kink BMX Launch bike which will redefine the way you ride day or night. Considered one of the best BMX bikes under $400, this model comes with a sealed headset, semi sealed rear hub, sealed Spanish bottom bracket, Kink 8.25”, Kink Vote II forks, 25-9 Gear Ratio, Lynx CC Bars, 3 piece cranks and also Kink Bold FLD stem. This advanced BMX bike is exactly what you need in order to ride without restriction and experience the real thrill of pedalling free.

“The Kink BMX Launch bike is truly magnificent combining some top features with an excellent design and body paint. It is hard to choose my favorite feature about it but I think in the end I would go for the 25-9 gear ration.” – Jason Main



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Kink Gap BMX bike


Do you want to use a great BMX bike every time you ride? If you do, then you should read more things about Kink Gap BMX bike, which provides stability and enhanced power as you ride. It is one of the best BMX bikes under $400, helping the rider to let down his guard and achieve complete freedom on the road. The bike features Kink 20.5” TT Gap frame-chromoly HT, DT Kink Stout Fork-Chromoly Steerer, Kink Uptown Bar-8.25” x 28.5” and also 100% 4130 chromoly mission Paramount stem mission integrated deadest-sealed. Once you start using the BMX bike you will have complete control over the whole ride.

“ Top quality pieces go into the construction of the Kink Gap BMX, like thr excellent braking system or the high quality steel and for these reasons exactly I got it for myself. I get a special feeling whenever I ride it knowing that so much effort was put into making it.” – Frank Wallace



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Framed BMX bike – Not Available


If you are looking for a BMX bike that combines efficiency with affordability, then you should consider using Framed BMX Bike. Considered one of the best BMX bikes under $200 this model will take you from A to B without any problems whatsoever. This powerful and quite elegant bike, gives you complete control over the ride. The bike comes with 1-1/8th Hi-Ten steel, Hi-Ten Steel, framed 2 piece bars, stem framed alloy front load and brake APSE Alloy U-Brake. This powerful BMX bike will allow you to ride without restriction. You won’t regret using the bike on any road.

“The Framed BMX bike was so cheap to get for me and I am so pleased that I am able to ride it through my local area. I even started doing some tricks but I have a long way to go untill I’ll master the really hard ones. I advice others to get one such BMX!” – Eddy Morgan