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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best board game? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. Spending quality time with family and friends is important and you also want it to be fun and entertaining which is why we have gathered information from expert reviews, feedback from consumers, activity on social media sites, and compared sales figures, pricing, value for you money and brand quality in order to find the best board games. During our research we noticed that one product continually surpassed the competition due to its fun and innovative rules, ability to play several rounds with multiple players and the simple fact that everything you need is included, which is why Cards Against Humanity is our pick for one of the best board games for adults. We do realize that this product might not be age appropriate for all players or easily available in your area which is why we also recommend looking at Ticket To Ride as a second option. While this game might not be our first choice, it still has plenty to recommend it. It only takes an hour or less to play, includes everything you need to get started and has the distinction of being included in the list of popular specialty games.



How to choose a new board game


Family night activities should be entertaining and should enable every member of the family to participate. Otherwise, it’s just going to be one ordinary night of the week. Thus, the adults in the family should be able to think of something exciting and worth doing aside from just watching what’s on TV or inserting the latest blockbuster flick into the disc player. Think fun, engaging, interactive and really mindblowing. Get a good board game by considering these primary elements in this kind of product.

1.Cards Against Humanity


Value or Significance

Your family may own several different board games. This is ideal, since there are games that are designed for kids while there are those made for older children. Of course, there are those made for players of all ages, providing many hours of entertainment while bringing family and friends together to weave memorable experiences during play.

Some games can get quite boring for adults but be really fun for children. On the other hand, adult board games can be rather confusing, even overwhelming for younger players. Don’t pick out just any game if you are unsure of what it can offer to players, preferably to the entire family.

Some games teach useful skills or encourage the use of vital life skills such as decision-making, creative and critical thinking, effective communication and coping with stress. Board games are also a fertile ground for cultivating patience and strategic thinking, such as when to hold onto your cards and when to lay them on the table. Most board games for children promote math skills such as color recognition, the basic operations of addition and subtraction or even multiplication.



Top 5 board games:


Best board games

GamePriceNumber of playersRatingBuy from:
Cards Against Humanity
Best board games reviews
$$6A+Full review
Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride
$$$2-5AFull review
Rio Grande Games – Dominion
MayFair Games – The Settlers of Catan
Z-Man Games - Pandemic Board Game



Board games can also enhance verbal communication, teach sharing, and promote interaction with others. They can lengthen the attention span of children or teach them to focus by encouraging them to finish the game. The most important value you can get from good quality board games is perseverance, to never give up since your luck could change anytime.

In choosing a board game, think about who will play it and of what significance it will be for them. Who needs a fancy game that uses colorful tokens and cards if the players will just get bored with its repetitiveness or non-value?



Number of Players

Board games show you how many players it will take to complete the game right on the box. The number of players can vary from 2 to 8, but there are those designed for teens older than 17 years to adults and which require between 4 to as many as 30 players. Whether it’s a party game or a traditional or classic board game, make sure there will be enough players on game night to participate. If it’s a game that uses miniature train cars, every player should have enough to use for their exclusive purpose. The board game should preferably offer high replay value and can even come with different versions and expansions.



Playing Time

A board game for families shouldn’t take the whole night to play. Although a board game is supposed to offer hours and hours of enjoyment, nowhere is it a requirement for any board game to keep everyone awake playing the whole night. Even parents need their sleep as much as the kids. This is especially important if you plan to have the game after finishing a movie, or if you want another group to be able to take their turn.Some games can take as short as 30 minutes to finish a round, while others can take from 1 ½ hours to 2 ½ hours, although a playing time of 6 hours may be rare but not unheard of.

2.Ticket To Ride


Game Type

Most board games are geared to be competitive types, which means every player has to have the personal commitment to make it through ahead of the other players despite running into obstacles presented on the board or challenges posed by the other participants. Traditional board games such as chess, Parcheesi, mahjong, Chinese checkers and Cribbage are competitive. So are the many children’s board games, games based on TV game shows, vintage and classic board games and party games. There’s a wealth of choices on designer games, also known as Euro board games, which offer simple gameplay rules and relatively elaborate game boards that use a specific theme.

Other games are designed to promote cooperative interaction among players while encouraging strategic thinking. The players have to work together using their own unique abilities to ward off a specific threat, such as a virus. These kinds of games should be perfect for college students to teach them the dynamics of collaboration with others in the real world, especially when facing a really difficult task.

The board game market has flourished steadily, which makes it quite difficult to find the perfect board game that will spark everyone’s imagination and strategic thinking while providing hours of fun and excitement. We recommend getting the games described below for the ultimate in board game playing.



Top board games in 2018


One way to have fun in the company of your friends or family is to play board games and challenge each other in terms of strategy and cunning. These days, board games cover a large variety of interests so everyone should find a game that suits his/her preferences. You can either go for classic games or try out a new one, either way the market has something for every taste. Be sure to check out the best board games reviews so you can pick that special game which will keep you entertained and excited to play.




Cards Against Humanity


Best board games reviewsEven though this is the second choice, it is still a fun and entertaining game to play with your family and even friends. Not only is this game fun for players of all ages, it is also educational. While it might not have the ridiculous and often inappropriate humor of our first choice, Ticket To Ride will still keep you entertained throughout the game play.






This game is the perfect way to break the ice at a party or to simply have a fun and entertaining evening at home with family and friends. You can have up to six players with one deck, and there are countless possible rounds to enjoy for hours.

As the top rated “gerbil coffin” in America, according to the product description, you know that this game will be fun and easy to play. The cards are divided by color, with the black ones containing the questions and the ridiculous answers are supplied on the white. One player is the judge and reads the black questions, while the others lay down the choice of answers. Whoever is judged as having the “best” answer wins that round.

Since everything you need is included in the box, you don’t have to worry about remembering any additional items. The set comes with a list of regular and alternative rules so you can choose the game play based on the players, along with 90 black and 460 white cards so you can immediately get started.


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Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride


Even though this is the second choice, it is still a fun and entertaining game to play with your family and even friends. Not only is this game fun for players of all ages, it is also educational. While it might not have the ridiculous and often inappropriate humor of our first choice, Ticket To Ride will still keep you entertained throughout the game play.






This specialty game has quickly gained in popularity due to its simple rules that ensure it is fun and entertaining. The premise is simple, visit as many American cities as possible in just 7 days by riding across the country by train. Learn some interesting facts about popular U.S. cities, and a race other players to the trains to win the prize at the end.

Everything you need to play is included with your purchase, including a set of rules, game board, 240 brightly colored train cars and 110 cards. It also comes with scoring markers, destination tickets and a special one day access pass. Cover greater distances for more points and connect cities across the country as you go.

If you are looking for a fun game that will encourage family time, this product might be exactly what you are looking for. You can have up to 5 players so everyone can be involved, and the game usually only takes 30 to 60 minutes so you will have plenty of time to challenge the winner to a rematch. With rules that are easy for children to follow and a game that is fun for adults, it’s not hard to see why this quickly became a popular game.


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Rio Grande Games – Dominion


If you like strategy games and preparing different kind of tactics in order to destroy the armies of other players then you should give the Dominion game from Rio Grande Games a try. This game has also the advantage that a lot of other expansion packs can be fitted to it so once you get tired of the standard version of the game you can move on to another one. The top board games reviews also point out that this game is very easy to learn and can have multiple ways of ensuring victory.




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MayFair Games – The Settlers of Catan


One of the best board games in 2018, voted by happy customers, is the Settlers of Catan which will see you develop your settlers so they have flourishing cities and excellent roads, managing your resources carefully. This strategy game must be played in at least 3 players and it will captivate all of them with the many different scenarios it will develop. Children being preferably older than 10 years can play this game as well, so they grasp easily every aspect which is related to it.



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Z-Man Games – Pandemic Board Game


The Pandemic board game offers a different kind of victory condition when all the players either win or lose, so cooperation between them is key. You must save the world from extinction from a deadly virus and you must do it quickly and with a cooperative strategy. Divide your characters and roles and work together to reach that ultimate goal. Normally the game should last an hour in which you will have a lot of fun and you will have to do some careful planning as well.




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