Best body fat scale for the money

If you want to get started on your diet plan or measure your daily progress starting now, then we can skip the reviews and buying advice from our researchers and tell you what the best body fat scale is right away. By looking at expert review sites and owner feedback, we have determined that the Greater Goods Weight Gurus body fat scale is the best. It offers all the necessary data you could possibly need for monitoring your health and fitness as well as filing your progress. It can be used with various apps on your smartphone so that you can keep track of all the changes with the help of innovative software. And it is just as easy to use without smartphone applications because sync is not required to view any of the data. If the Greater Goods Weight Gurus is not available, that you can try out the 1byone Digital Smart body fat scale, as we find it to be the second best option.  



Buying guide


People buy body fat scales because they started on a diet, a fitness training plan or simply want to monitor their physical health. Relying only on a weight scale is not a good idea in any of the instances because pounds aren’t relevant by themselves.


The body fat scales use a bioelectrical impedance analysis to reach an estimate of your body composition. A harmless electrical current determines your body density and uses a formula to predict body fat. The measurements vary, because there are major differences in the general population, some due to ethnic features others to body type or activity.

Those devices that include a feature for evaluating the body composition of highly active persons are the best body fat scales for athletes and mark that by an obvious athlete mode tag.  


Better than just weight scales

The percentage of fat in your organism varies based on gender, age, and height. Keeping the numbers within recommended boundaries of a healthy fat is actually the key to a healthy body. The weight scale alone has a good effect on morale. However, it doesn’t give you the helpful information you need.

We know they’re a good choice, but not all of them have the same features, so here are some of the things you should check before dropping your order.



Quite normal, body fat scales are also weight scales, so when you have to make a decision, you could also base it on the total capacity that the product can support. The best scale for body fat and weight should have at least 350 pounds capacity.


Displayed data

The body fat scale you purchase should have a big enough LCD screen so that you can read the data without difficulty. Make sure you can see the writing because there’s really no use in owning a personal device if you have to call a helper to read it for you. Some body fat scales have been designed to be mounted on a wall so that you have the display right in front of you.



Since most of the body fat scales on the market integrate more functions, clear labels for all of them will save you the trouble of trying them out one by one in the hope of understanding which is which. Setting the parameters and changing functions must be a no-brainer.



When your measuring instrument displays the numbers, you’ll want to know how to read and understand them on the spot. Well-written instructions will provide you with the details you need to make sense of the measurements.


Users profile

When more members of the family join a diet plan, you can’t expect everyone to have their own body fat scale, so you should buy one that can benefit several users. If the scale can memorize more user profiles, then you made some serious savings.



The best body fat scale reviews favor the instruments that take plenty of measurements and allow apps to be installed or USB capabilities. Once you take home a device that used to be for clinical use only, it’s only natural you’d like it to do a detailed analysis.

The essential features are weight and body fat measurement, but you’d typically want to get the following information: basal metabolic rate (BMR), total body water (TBW), fat-free mass (FFM), body mass index (BMI), muscle mass.



Top Body Fat Scales in 2018


If you’ve learned enough, we made our list of the best body fat scales, and you can use it to make your pick because it’s showcased below.



Greater Goods Weight Gurus


The instrument provides you with all the data you need for a weight control program of your choice. It measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight and bone mass. Having all of these on a plate means you can monitor your progress having at your disposal all you need to know.

You’ll have no problem reading all of these measurements, thanks to the extra-large, backlit LCD screen. Even better, the product features auto-off and auto-calibration.

It’s also scratch resistant, and you can step on it without hesitation because it is anti-slip.

Since accuracy is the most sought-after feature in this type of device, you’ll be glad to find out it has four precise weighing sensors, minimizing the margin of error to as few as 0.2 pounds +/-.

The tempered glass of the instrument is ready to support up to 400 pounds, and it’s large enough for comfortable use.

One of the great advantages in using the Greater Goods Weight Gurus body fat scale is the possibility to use it with or without a smartphone and a separate secure measurement for up to 8 individual users. The Weight Gurus app integrates with Fitbit, Apple’s Health app, Google Fit and other apps.

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1byone Digital Smart


The scale is essentially setup free, all you need to do to get started is download the producer’s app, and you can step on the scale. Search the 1byone Wellness application on App Store or Google Play or simply scan the QR code in the manual.

The 1byone Digital Smart offers real health management since it gives you eight different health index measurements: besides body weight and body fat, you can check your body water, muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, visceral fat and basic metabolic rate. It’s the body fat, muscle mass and water levels that give you the most relevant information for your health and fitness.

For safety and endurance, the platform is made out of toughened glass, and it supports up to 400 pounds of weight. The four weighing sensors provide high precision, showing measurements in 0.2 pounds increments.

This body fat scale is an opportunity for the whole family since it can be used by as many as ten people, each one with his personal profile.

The data is easy to track since each measurements’ trend line is shown by clicking on the corresponding parameter. That will make you understand your progress and let you know how to focus your efforts.

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Eatsmart Precision GetFit


This instrument offers you instant readings, and it does that without tapping to turn on the scale. It may have bothered you in the past, without noticing, but now you can make it easier thanks to a step-on technology feature.  

The scale has four sensors that ensure measurement for people weighing up to 400 pounds.The product has a durable, slim design that embeds an advanced display technology, consisting of a touch screen interface with a 3.5 inch bright blue LCD screen.

Choosing this item will bring you the benefits of body wellness analysis technology. It doesn’t only measure weight; it also provides a total body composition analysis. It gives you the estimates for your body fat percentage, total body water, muscle mass percentage and bone mass.

Due to these great features, this body fat scale is ideal for athletes, runners, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, data lovers and other categories, including those who want to to take control of their health.

The Eatsmart Precision GetFit makes it possible to keep track of eight different users’ profiles. It recognizes each user by an auto-recognition software, thus making it so much simpler to use. You can operate it in the same way you would a standard weighing scale because you don’t have to select a user.

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